How Should A T-Shirt Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Crew Neck, V-Neck, Designer, Cheap

How Should A T-Shirt Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Crew Neck, V-Neck, Designer, Cheap

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  1. Hey Ashley your videos are very helpful. Since I haven't a video of you covering it yet here is a suggestion. Im wearing suits to work and sometimes my tie rolls down a little bit it's nothing mayor just annoying. I'm using a half Windsor knot and it's tied properly with a dimple . Could you make a video dedicated to ties and if there is a way to fix this.

  2. +Ashley weston Hey Ashley, As always awsm. video. I have learnt a lot from your channel. Please Could you cover a video about white sneakers from different brands which a guy should own.Thanks a lot 🙂 Keep doing the great work. #RespectfromIndia

  3. Obviously this woman does not know anything about what gay men find attractive. She makes men into prudes. Tell women the same thing about trying to be sexy, like don't show legs or boobs. Naive that many straight men have taken over the same aestheics. Ashley… get thee to a nunnery.

  4. I am one of the most fashionably challenged male's on the planet, i might have to start checkin out your video's.

  5. Hello Ashley, I appreciate your opinion and tutorials. However, I do NOT understand why men should not show some cleavage while women do, isn't that sexist? I also saw your opinion on skinny jeans below; what's wrong with wearing leg- hugging pants if one embraces their body shape? Thanks for your perspective!

  6. But what if you have a good lean physique, a shirt that is a little tighter or higher on the sleeves, can be more attractive, better looking etc. Not too tight of course.. However I think u really can't claim one certain style three so many other styles that are even more modern and clean looks. Not hating but just one guys opinion ! Cheers

  7. Ashley you are now my beautiful, adorable and sweetest Menswear Personal Stylist, I met your channel and loved.
    Congratulations and best wishes.

  8. Find tshirt that falls in middle crotch is like find water in desert. Almost impossible especially if you a short guy.

  9. what if .. your belly is big but NOT huge
    BUT… your love handles are HUGE ;__; honestly this is why i wear oversized shirts
    it's my darn love handles ='(

  10. Why do english people always measure in inches, I always have to look it up xD.
    By the way, a very nice playlist! I recommended it to my friends 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for the great video! I've been on a hunt for the perfect t-shirt for a while and I just fell head over heels in love with the James Perse brand you recommend on your post. They were $60 at Nordstrom's but well worth it as I will probably wear these shirts daily.
    Cheers. 🙂

  12. What is your opinion on the new LA inspired long t-shirts? Should men wear them or is it just a fad that little boys like Justin Bieber endorse? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  13. recently bought a tshirt that i can pinch 1 – 2 inch on stomach but it ends below crotch and it seems fitted in the waist area. Should i have it altered? thanks

  14. Hey Ashley , I know this is an older video , but I'm still going to ask in hopes you answer. You mention getting the sleeves tapered and say it's cheap . Can you give a rough estimate? Like is it under $10 or $20 . I don't know what you consider cheap lol

  15. mid bicep? no no no. cut just above your tricep. deep cut v neck have their place under button up shirts where you want to expose the first 2 buttons worth of chest and keep the sweat off the exterior shirt in the pits as well

  16. "Have the tailor slim the sleeves."

    If you're a guy and your arms are swimming in a t-shirt that's your size, then your arms are puny. If you want to look good in a t-shirt, stop being a twig boy. Hit the weight stack and put on some muscle. Then your t-shirt will fit your shoulders, chest and waist better and you'll actually have guns so your sleeves will be tight around your biceps and triceps.

    You'll get more looks from women and compliments like that.

  17. I have a huge chest and it always makes shirts extend outward in the front way past my stomache so it looks like i am way fatter than i already am. how do you fix this? also my t-shirts cost $2 each.

  18. Ashley,
    I’m the height and build as Dorian. I just tried on an H&M polo shirt. Feels great, except the armholes, they’re freaking huge, even when I try on a small. I can’t image Dorian being able to fit his arms in there, so, do you buy h&m polo shirts and then tailor the arms?

    I’d be really curious to know.

  19. you're right that form fitting looks more attractive but a looser fitting tee shirt is just so much more comfortable

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