How This Dentist Crafts $80,000 Veneers For Celebrities

How This Dentist Crafts $80,000 Veneers For Celebrities

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This is Michael Apa. He spends most of his days
flying between New York City and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He works on the smiles
of Hollywood actors, reality-TV stars, fashion
models, and even royals. He’s most sought-after for his
boutique porcelain veneers, which cost clients $4,000 a tooth and up to $80,000 for a
full smile reconstruction. So how did Apa become the world’s
leading celebrity dentist, and what makes his
signature veneers so pricey? Michael Apa: So, when I first
started in cosmetic dentistry, one thing that was being taught was something called smile design, which was a golden proportion of the mouth and tooth form to create an ideal smile. And I think that’s where the term “chicklets” and such came from, is because everybody kind of had this cookie-cutter, perfect smile. Narrator: According to Apa,
what makes a perfect smile is actually, well, an imperfect one. Embracing the imperfections is key to Apa’s signature method, called Facial Aesthetic Design. Here, he’s using Facial Aesthetic Design to create a straighter,
more confident smile for his client Andrea. Andrea Ahern: I find that my
teeth are a little uneven, they kind of slant this way, and I don’t like my gumline, and they’re uneven underneath. Apa: Maybe four veneers on
top, four veneers on bottom. And we would be able to
straighten the teeth out, and we would also be able to use a laser where we would reshape some of the gum so that you wouldn’t see as much to make it more proportional to the rest of your teeth and your smile. Narrator: The method uses a client’s unique facial features to determine their most flattering smile. This personalized way
of designing the smiles means no two are the same and is just the first reason
why they’re so pricey. After the number and shape
of veneers are decided and the client undergoes
any preliminary dental work, like fillings or gum reshaping, Apa takes a mold of the client’s teeth. The mold will be used to create
a set of temporary inserts for the client to
test-drive their new look. Andrea: That is insane. Apa: Looks like big fake teeth, right? [Andrea laughs] Andrea: That’s amazing. Narrator: Once a client
is happy with the results, their smile moves into the
hands of Apa’s in-house team of master ceramicists. Having an in-house team
at this skill level gives Apa full control
over how each smile is made and is probably the biggest contributor to the teeth’s price tag. Apa: When you talk about this process, it’s almost like we’re
creating individual jewelry for the teeth, and that is the
level at which it’s crafted. Narrator: The ceramicists shape the teeth out of a special blend of porcelain, applying it carefully layer by layer with attention to pigment. Apa: The interesting
part about white teeth: There’s really no such thing as white. It’s all a matter of value and opacity. Narrator: While bright-white veneers may have four to five shades, Apa’s teeth use 17 to 20
different shades and opacities. The deepest pigments are layered toward the base of the gum,
becoming gradually lighter and more translucent toward the tip. The overall effect so
closely mimics natural teeth that, when inserted, there’d be no reason for the average person
to believe the teeth are anything other than real. The custom teeth are typically
ready in under a week, but those from out of town can get a new smile in
as little as 24 hours. The convenience is a major plus for his high-profile clients
with jet-setting schedules. The bespoke level at which
Apa’s veneers are designed isn’t the only reason
they’re so expensive. It also comes down to the method in which they’re actually inserted. At any other dentist’s office, Apa says a client can expect to set aside an entire day for an insert. But here, it’s in and
out in under two hours. Part of what makes Apa’s process so quick is what he calls a
minimally invasive approach. Apa: So, when we talk about being minimally invasive
in someone’s mouth, it means cutting away as
little tooth as possible and saving as much
healthy tooth as possible. That in turn is what makes
the veneers last longer. So, the less invasive
you are in the mouth, the stronger the bond of the
porcelain to the natural tooth. Narrator: This minimally invasive method is supposed to cause less
pain and discomfort, too. Apa: I’m gonna lip-assist you, because you’re really numb. Smile. And now you can pull it up. Andrea: Oh, my God. Apa: Right? Andrea: Oh, my God! Narrator: With proper care, clients can expect their
designer smiles to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Andrea: I feel extremely
confident with my teeth now. I’m smiling more in pictures, I just seem to be opening
my mouth a lot more and not closing my lips. It’s just life-changing.


  1. I follow this talented doc on Instagram and was intetested in using him. Now that I know how much it actually costs, I can forget it.😕. This is what I may end up looking like because I cant afford it 😃. 😜

  2. when my teeth looks better than these veneers lol. lesson here kids is , brush and floss everyday and avoid soda…/….

  3. Im gonna tell my boss he’s getting ripped off with how cheat he does his veneers cases… 😅😅 and he does an excellent job!

  4. Why would you mess up your teeth like that? At that price tag and the damage you are doing to your teeth, pull the teeth and replace them with screw ins.

  5. lol, you need to change all veneers after 10/15 years. it is not a forever job. and they often get infected, even with a good dentist.

  6. This isn't just a video showing how expensive veneers are made, it's an advertisement for this doctor who has paid the Insider to broadcast it online. Pathetic

  7. Whatever happen to, “how God made you” now ppl, especially with $$, have put $$ into these doctors hands giving them the mental that they are “God like”🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. My teeth may be a bit fucked up but I would never have my own teeth shaved off just to plaster on some new and perfect teeth.

  9. False genetics 🧬 . Now ugly people are getting laid more due to surgical procedures. In 50 years we are going to have the ugliest unhealthy kids lol 😂

  10. The worst thing is that they have healthy teeth! How can a Dentist do something like that!?
    I am shocked! The risk of getting any problems with those teeth is with this veneer much higher than before!

  11. Basically every celebrity and public image figure has fake teeth like this. It’s virtually impossible to have perfect teeth especially as you age. Look at Trump for example. Perfect teeth, and a fat wallet. This is unaffordable for people like us.

  12. Good for her I guess but her teeth prior to having the work done are probably 10 times better than the majority of the world. The sad part might be that she thought she needed to do something about her teeth that already looked great.

  13. Damn. If i could study dentistry in another country most preferably in the northern American continent i'll definitely focus on Aesthetic dentistry. It's my favorite specialty of my profession. Is there anyway to train under Dr. Apa?

  14. I am a dental technician ( i make these things) This is how they rip you off selling hot air. This is far overprized and not that special.!! It is actually worth 1/6 of those prices.

  15. I need my teeth repaired and will go to India. Some great dentists there and they charge a more reasonable price without having to sell a kidney.

  16. He's doing what an average dentist does. You're complaining his price tag, but that exactly what his success is, shaping up a brand and drawing the celebrities. He does not need your money, he's just focusing on those rich guys..

  17. No thank you !I am very happy with my teeth .no tooth decay ( never had any ) no yellow teeth , nice alignment. Just an electric toothbrush, floss twice a day , visit the dentist twice a year ( my appointment lasts 10 min ) . I am very blessed !

  18. Dentistry is one of the biggest scams going… Sure, it has it's place for good things but it is flooded with greed and lies.

  19. My goodness, as soon as this putz opened his mouth I started to dry heave. He is such an opportunist and a jackass. Put your collar down you fool.

  20. He and his team does great work and I can understand wanting a beautiful smile but she should have been focused on getting implants to replace those molars with all those fillings as well as the front four top and four bottom teeth fixed. Cause that's a lot to pay for the front then have to turn around and fix the back of the mouth. Heck she was better off getting dentures or a full mouth of implants. It would have cost less and last longer than those veneers.

  21. It's pricks like this guy that runs the price for dental care skyhigh and prevents the poor from not being able to afford dental care! There is a special place in hell for these dentist that want huge amounts of money for there services! It should be open season on dentist and I say this at 3 o clock in the morning trying to stop my tooth pain!!!

  22. It is beyond me why someone would want to remove completely non-regenerative healthy tooth structure for absolutely no reason. It’s the same as wanting to remove your own perfectly functioning arm or limb for a bionic one with a “selfie” feature, which I’m pretty sure will be a thing in the foreseeable future.
    The whole of scope of dentistry is progressing towards regeneration and conservation of your OWN teeth, because absolutely nothing is as good, functionally and esthetically, as the real thing.

  23. Well I'll jus have gums some… str8 pink gums r dentures before I pay that much for some crafted teeth jus too make somebody else's pockets fat ijs

  24. People complain about the price in the comments, nobody forced anyone to pay this, its a choice. Same way nobody is forcing you to make minimum wage, which often is a choice aswell. Relax.

  25. Bullshit dental work,no rubberdam,no digital smile design,and not minimlally invasive…hollywood is all fake,also smiles…keep your teeth healthy,and ignore stupid harmfull trends

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