HOW TO AVOID OVERPACKING [it’s all about the mindset]

HOW TO AVOID OVERPACKING [it’s all about the mindset]

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Hey everyone. If you’re new to the channel, I’m Mary
Jane, full time traveller since early 2018 and definitely an expert in extra light packing. In this video I’m going to give you the
mental tools you need to stop overpacking your suitcase. Cause we’ve all been there. I’ve been an overpacker too, before being
able to pack for 3+ months of travel in a carry on. All you need is to switch to the right mindset
and make a little bit of practice: you’re going to become a pro. First of all I’d like to think for a second
of three people you know who have an overpacking problem and consider sharing this video with
them if you think it could be useful. What you hear around to avoid overpacking
are doubtful methods like “prepare all the stuff that you want to bring with you and
take away the half”. Yeah but half of it is going to be enough
or is going to be too much? No, no, no, listen to me. It’s all in your mind. The problem with travelling is that we deprive
ourselves from our comfortable daily routine, so we feel that we have to be prepared for
anything that’s going to happen. And bringing with us the stuff that we have
around every day gives us a comfortable feeling. We all experience these sensations when we
are preparing ourselves for a trip, but if you wanna learn how to not overpack, you gotta
fight those feelings. And I’m gonna tell you how. You have to focus on three things. 1. “Necessary” is only your passport and
the clothes you are already wearing. You may add the wallet if you are not hardcore
as I am, but that’s it. “Need” is a very overused word nowadays. Let’s take a moment to recall awareness
on what is truly necessary to live and what is not. I think this is a good preparatory exercise
for packing. Unless you forget to put your pants on or
to take your passport with you, nothing really bad is going to happen if you forget something. 2. DO NOT PACK FOR THE “WHAT IF” SITUATIONS. You’re going to spend a week in the Amalfi
Coast. Nice, eh? I picked one of those trendy touristy spots. You’re packing sandals, shorts and swimsuits. What if you’re going to get bad luck and
it’s going to rain? Should you pack an umbrella? NO! If it’s going to rain, you’re either going
to buy an umbrella there, or you make holes in a garbage bag and wear it for that few
hours, or you simply chill at home or in some other covered place. For you, female overpackers. What if you meet the love of your life and
you go on a date while travelling? Should you bring your winning sexy dress and
high heels, just in case? NO! Chances are that if he’s the love of your
life that one cute day to night dress that you brought is going to work just fine for
you’re going to find everything you need in loco. If you really forgot something/didn’t bring
something that now you feel it would make your life way easier, you can just go to a
local shop and buy it. You decided not to bring the iron and now
your shirt is all wrinkled? Just go to a dry cleaning place, with a couple
of bucks they’re going to iron your shirt for you. You forgot your mosquito repellent and now
the mosquitoes are torturing you? Don’t you think that the locals are tortured
by the mosquitoes as well? Go to any local shop and just buy it there! What’s the problem! Also remember: buying things on the place
you’re visiting is a great way to support the local economy, way better than getting
accommodation at one of the luxury hotels of the area. There are two kinds or items that we pack:
the consumable ones like shampoo, toothpaste, food etc and the durable ones, like the clothes
and the electronics. Why do we pack a suitcase when we travel? It’s either to avoid having to buy the things
in our vacation place or to avoid buying clones of something that we own already. So in general, packing should be done to make
our life easier. But if you pack too much stuff you’re going
to spend more time packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, you’re going to spend more time
choosing what to wear or what to use – it’s such a relief to not have o think about it
when you’re on vacation -, you’re going to be more likely to leave things behind and
you’re going to be less comfortable moving around if you have a bulky luggage. Don’t complicate things. Pack the bare minimum and leave for your trip
without thinking too much about your luggage. Uh wait! I almost forgot about a super useful tool
that I prepared and I give you for free: it’s a packing planner with all the general essentials
to bring in every trip – like flip flops, deodorant, plug in adapters, earplugs and
so on – and the cool thing in my opinion is that it’s interactive so you can both mark
each item and customise the list by adding your own peculiar items
for each category. You find the link to download it in the description
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  1. Lets support this channel ☺️
    And yes bag packing is really an issue which most of the people cannot tackle properly.

  2. Se penso a certi bagagli fatti.. Mamma mia… Portavo via l'armadio… Sono la donna del "what if" come dici tu🤯

  3. Senin her türün ayrı bir zevk
    Meri Jane Meri Jane Meri Jane
    Seni istiyorum yanımda
    Bu durum beni mahvedecek

  4. I watched the full video and it’s Great, really like it 👍🏻#66! 😊
    I invite you to visit my channel.

    If you would like to Subscribe to my channel, let me know it writing a comment to my video and I will be glad to subscribe back 😉

  5. Very good video Mary Jean 🙂
    I love ultralight packing. Imagine, I've just traveled with my 6 liter tiny backpack for 16 days. And last year I did the same thing for 19 days 🙂
    So yes, ultralight packing is possible and very comfortable. It gives me a sense of security at all times. It makes traveling so much easier, too.

  6. I've traveled extensively and you are the first youtuber who actually gives useful but not obvious advice! You are soooooo right! You don't need the "What if's" I have never been anywhere in the world that I couldn't get what I needed. However!!!! The one exception is if you need "What if" medicines, then TAKE THEM with you and keep them with you at all times!!

  7. just discovered your channel, loving all the minimal packing tips, looking forward to more videos on this topic!! Subbed😁

  8. Going to be traveling for 5 days and so glad to have confirmation that travelling with one bag isnt so crazy after all. 🙂

  9. Great videos and I've learned a few things. BUT I'm bringing an umbrella! There are many compact umbrellas out there that weigh next to nothing and take up little space plus by the time I need one I might already be wet! My wife and I just did a trip to Italy where we did all carry-on and it was great! You get off the plane and just go…no waiting around the baggage carousel (and no check-in bag fees).

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