How to Contour Your Square Face | Sephora

How to Contour Your Square Face | Sephora

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Hey there, Jeffrey here from Sephora Pro and I’m here to share with you some quick and easy steps for contouring a
square-shaped face. If you’re not sure of your face shape, I would encourage you to check out the first video in our series to find out which shape is unique to you. Now Gana here has a square face shape. You’ll notice that her temples, cheekbones and jaw line form straight lines and are equidistant from the center
of the face. Our goal with this particular face shape is to round the perimeter of the face and soften those edges and also some of those angular features. At Sephora we have a lot of product options for you to choose from when it comes to
highlight and contour. We have creams, sticks, powders. Today I’m going to use creams. I’ve already prepped Gana’s skin with moisturizer and a lightweight foundation and we’re ready for the second step, which is highlighting. Starting with a cream product and
a small brush we’re gonna start in the center of the
forehead. Using the tip of the brush I’m going to pull straight up… and then bounce down to the chin to elongate the face. To connect the two we’ll draw a small line just down the center
of the nose. Another great best practice is to highlight under the eye. Starting right in the tear duct, we’re gonna pull down and out. Now Gana why don’t you give it a try. A great best practice as well, is to apply just to the top of the cheekbone here. It’s nice to apply a little bit of highlight just on the outer corners of the lip. Now that we’ved lengthened the face with
highlight, we’re ready to soften the perimeter in the face with contour When choosing a contour shade, it’s
important that you pick one that’s not too orange or one that has too much shimmer. That will give a really falsified effect on the face. What we’re looking for is a taupe based contour color. We’re gonna drag that product right along the jawline. Next, scoop right underneath the cheekbone. Using the tip of the brush I can scoot it right along the sides and down to the tip of the nose. Ready to try it? We’re gonna scoop underneath the cheekbone and go right along the side of the nose. So now we’re ready for the next step. We’re going to blend everything together
and soften those lines. We’re going to focus on keeping the points of intensity or the points of light by pressing the product into the skin. Now I like to
start by blending the light first because it’ll be a lot easier to
blend the dark into the light. Now you’re ready to blend, here you go. So now we’re going to blend the dark onto the light, blending in upward motion. You ready to try it? With the jawline, take it and blend it down on to the neck. Perfect. So we’re ready for our last step which is to finish this off. We’re going to use a little bit of a powder to set the cream contour products we used. That’s going to ensure that it’s really durable and it lasts all day. Starting at the top of the cheekbone, we’re gonna roll our brush down onto the face and pat through the rest. Now Gana are you ready to set it? So now that you finished the look you can add a little bit more warmth
with blush and bronzer, but there you have it – contouring for square shaped face.


  1. While I hate my square face, I'm so jealous of this model! She is soo beautiful! I'm sure she'd make other people want her face and features…and it's like oh wait, mine is in the same category and yet…so ugly haha

  2. But what if I like my face shape and I just want to make it looks slimer because I literally look like a fat square

  3. the model is so beautiful. I think having a square face is generally seen as a masculine trait, that's why a lot of people hate it on women. If you have large eyes and lips high cheekbones, square shaped face can look stunning, but if your other features are not up to par then it looks awful. I'm unfortunately in the secound category :,( lol

  4. having a square face shape is a pain in the ass!! i really hate my jawline and everyone is teasing me for having it.

  5. This Girl is not Square. She is a combination; Short Heart ( Length = Width[cheeks]) with a slightly wider V-shaped jaw. Square faces have Forehead, cheeks and jaw all the same width (Length = Width) with flat jaw-line and hairline.

  6. It's so hard to see if these are best practices when the model is so young and beautiful anyway lol, they don't need to be too skilled

  7. I personally think she looks better before all the contouring. She looks less feminine in a way with all the contouring

  8. For everyone who thinks sqaure face shape is ugly let me tell you it's one of the most beautiful face shapes. You see keira knightley and Angelina Jolie with sqaure faces they're gorgeous
    But it sucks when you don't have a thin nose lmao I have a square face with almond shaped eyes and almost perfect lips but my huge nose ruins it All 😂😂😂

  9. Why would you photoshop the face for the before and after. I mean really?!? This is why no one can achieve this look to this ability because it is UNrealistic! I simply measured the width of the face, nose, etc., in the before and after pic and the after is clearly smaller than her actual face. STUPID!!

  10. Some of the most beautiful women have had square jaws: Michelle Pfeiffer, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and countless others.
    I wish it wasn't thought of as masculine because it is not. Square faces are usually the most symmetrical and the least likely to age poorly. Square jaws are usually accompanied by firm, strong cheekbones which prevents drooping, sagging, and the turkey neck effect.
    If you are a woman with a nice jaw line, then flaunt it. It is one of the best assets you can hope for.

  11. It also looks like they added contour at the top of her forehead in the after picture… Also, I think they colour corrected the yellowish tint that was in the foundation, between the pictures at the start and the end. In the beginning, you can clearly see some yellow hues, especially on her upper lip. This is just my opinion though! Some good tips on contouring 🙂

  12. This is helpful but omggg is anyone else dying with all the scooping and dragging and pulling down on her face he is doing 😳😳😱😱😱😱 omgggg !!!! Someone please tell we women apply UP👆🏼 ✨💫🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 dear lord

  13. I hate my square face I get that its supposed to be beautiful but my face doesn’t match it and it makes my jaw look so wide so I wish I had oval

  14. are there any finishing powders that do not dry your skin? I have a dry skin and after a while I can feel this dryness especially around my eye area going to the cheek bones.

  15. i have a square face kind of but unnaturally because i use to bite my nails like hardcore 24/7 and play atound with my mouth and teeth and make beets it and stuff it ruins my face

  16. Yo this guy looks like Justin timberlake

    This is so fricken pretty btw
    Thanks for the tips xoxo
    I have such a baby face. I hate it

  17. These are two colours of contour:
    white and brownish but the contour i have is of two colours, brown and dark brown. why? How should i contour now? plz help

  18. I have a square face and I like it, idk why people say oval is 'perfect', I get all faces are lovely 🙂 But I really dont mind having a square face haha felt the need to say this so other square face people don't feel bad about theirs either.

  19. I have similar features to the model except i have smalllips which makes me look like im always in a bad mood lmao

  20. I have a square face… bt still i got apreciation 4 mah beauty… every person have its own speciality… god creates us n evry one deserveto be loved…❤

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