How To Do Facial At Home | Salon Quality Results | Step By Step Facial

How To Do Facial At Home | Salon Quality Results | Step By Step Facial

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Hello Friends Welcome back to my channel Hope you are all doing well Today I am doing this video in Bengali but for international viewers I have added English susbtitles Hope you will like this DIY Facial video Today in this skin care video tutorial I will show you Step by Step How to do facial at home to get Salon quality results There are different kinds of facial treatment available in beauty salon Unlike beauty salon I will not use any harmful chemical or bleach to do a Facial Today I will show you a basic facial You do not need many skin care products to do this facial at home All products used in this DIY Facial video are products easily available at any pharmacy, chemist or superstore For your convenience, I will also suggest product alternatives where possible I will also briefly explain what each product is used for I hope you will like this Facial video So lets start We need to follow 7 steps to get the Salon quality Facial results at home Steps are Step 1 : Cleansing Step 2: Massage Step 3: Exfoliate Step 4: Steam Step 5: Face Mask Step 6: Toning and Step 7: Moisturising First I am removing all jewellery and rings and I have already washed my hand Now, I tied my hair back with a hair band using a headband to keep hair off my face First I am taking a cotton pad these are easily available at any chemist or any makeup store Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution which is also available at any chemist or drug store put a few drops of Sensibio H2O on a cotton pad, and remove all face makeup Always remove makeup before facial and it is an important part of facial routine Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution water is very good for sensitive skin Now, it is time for Facial Step 2 : Massage I am using a Facial massage cream please check this video description box for full product details You can use any face massage cream Take some of the massage cream around 1 tablespoon place it in your palms. Now rub them together, so that the cream becomes a little warm. This makes the massaging very easy. Begin with the chin area and make your way up When the cream has been spread all over the face, you can begin with the actual massage. Using both your hands, you should gently massage your face in an upwards direction. During face massage Always do clockwise face massage to lift your face Don’t do anti-clockwise face massage Continue with face massage with soft hand Next, use two fingers of each hand and massage gently below eye area Using both your hands, you should gently massage your face in an upwards direction. Always apply upward pressure to help lift the skin instead of dragging it down. I will repeat the same massage process for throat During massage don’t skip the throat massage Now I will show you Finger Scissors massage technique Doing the “Peace Sign” with your two fingers which basically resembles a pair scissors. massage around chin area I will continue massaging my face and neck for 5 minutes Soak two facial sponges in cold water You can use a wet towel if you do not have facial sponge I am removing facial massage cream with these wet facial sponges Now it is time for Exfoliate, which is Step 3 of this Facial routine video To Exfoliate I am using The Body Shop “Vitamin C Facial” Cleansing Polish If you want to, You can use any scrub or you can make your own scrub at home Please check my Facebook page (Pretty in Pink Shimul) DIY photo album, for more DIY Scrub recipes I have added my DIY Scrub recipe links in this video description box Please do not forget to check my Facebook page I am using only a small amount of scrub and gently massage my face to get rid of dead skin cells it will also make my skin more bright and fresh Exfoliate Tips massage your face with the scrub same way we massaged our face with the massage cream this time massage your face for 2 minutes massage very gently and softly gently massage your face clockwise in an upwards direction. massage nose area to prevent blackheads do not scrub eye socket area Now I am removing scrub from my face using wet facial sponges as I said before if you do not have facial sponges you can use wet towel Step 4 : Steam – Bring a small pot of water to a boil. You only need a few cups of water to do a proper steam. Pour the water into a bowl and Hold your face over the steaming water for at least 5 minutes allowing the heat to awaken your face and open your pores. This is a Double Ended Blackhead Remover from The Body Shop I will use this tool to remove whiteheads You can buy this tool from The Body Shop or from any other makeup store and it’s very cheap Don’t forget to sanitise the blackhead remover tool before and after each use You can use use alcohol wipes to sanitise or as I did boil in water for 5 minutes You have to sanitise this tool before using it. Removing whiteheads Important thing to remember while using this tool This tool is to be used for whiteheads or blackheads only Do not try to pop acne or pimple using this tool Never use it on acne or pimples If you use it to pop acne or pimples you will end up with permanent acne scar on your face Only use it to remove whiteheads or blackheads So, take special care while using this tool So if you do not want permanent acne scar on your face do not use it to remove acne pus Now it is time for Step 5 of facial routine: Face Mask You can use any face mask based on your skin type and condition In this Facial at Home video I will show you Face masks from Superdrug store in the UK These peel off mask are very reasonably priced I have added product details in the description box I am using one of the Superdrug peel off mask I love peel off mask because it makes my skin more fresh and bright Carefully apply a thin layer of the mask over all facial areas, avoiding eyes, eye area, hairline and eyebrows. After applying this mask try not to talk eat or drink. Just relax If you prefer, you can use homemade DIY face mask Please check the description box of this video for homemade DIY Face mask recipe Allow mask to dry completely (about 15-20 minutes). Gently peel mask off, starting at contours and slowly peeling until completely removed. I will not wash my face now I will just apply rest of the products on my face But if you do not use peel off mask and prefer to use homemade DIY face mask then rinse your face with water Now for my lips, I am applying Lush Bubblegum lip scrub this bubblegum scrub will scrub away dead skin This scrub will my make lips look more pink Lip Scrub is not a part of a Facial routine but as I am taking care of my full face I prefer to scrub my lips too. You can very easily make a DIY Lip scrub at home Not necessarily you have to buy the Lush Lip Scrub I have added a DIY Lip Scrub recipe in this video description box Please do not forget to check the DIY lip scrub link After 2/3 minutes of scrubbing my lips I am using a wet tissue to wipe my lips Now I will apply lip balm I am using Strawberry lip butter from The Body Shop It is one of my favourite lip butter It keeps my lips soft during winter season Toning Step 6 of our Home Facial routine I am using The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner So many of you have asked me Why and How to use toner Use toner twice a day to reduce the size of pores Before applying toner, wash your face first and pat your face dry with a clean towel put few drops of facial toner on the cotton ball or pad so that it glides easily over your face Move the cotton pad gently in small circles across your face, paying special attention to your chin, nose, cheeks and hairline. Avoid your eyes and mouth. Moisturiser – Final and Step 7 of our DIY Facial routine To moisturise my face I am using Clinique dramatically different moisturise crea Now I am using Eye Gel You can use Eye Cream if you prefer I am using Yves Rocher Hydra vegetal Hydration Fresh Eye Gel Please check the description box for details Apply a small amount of eye gel to the tip of your ring finger. Gently touch the tips of your ring fingers to the soft skin under your eyes can help you remove under eye wrinkles. This is the end of our step by step facial at home video So, we done with the facial Hope you have enjoyed this Facial at home video Please do not forget to Like Comment and Share with your friends and family If you have not Subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet Please click on the Subscribe button to Subscribe If you would like to see more DIY Skin care makeup tutorial or hair style tutorial video Please leave your tutorial request below Thank you for watching See you next time… Bye


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