How to do Halloween Snake Makeup Tutorial/Special effects

How to do Halloween Snake Makeup Tutorial/Special effects

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guys welcome back to my Channel today I will show you how created this halloween look. for that you just make up. so let’s get started i’ll start with primary in my eyes . I will use these concealer afterwards all of my eyelids and i will blend it with damp Beauty Blender. at first I decided to do green winged liner for this look, but then I changed my mind on black so but i will keep the bottom lashline so here i am putting green and then i’m blending this green very well with the nude color. for this look i’m using Kat Von D palette “mate & metal” and right now i’m using nude color and blend it with these light yellow color. next I will use this brown color and little angled brush. I will create cut crease. I will look straight forward to mirror and I will outlying my cut crease. right now I don’t use bright color i’m putting lighter color and when I see the shape then i will put darker and darker I will take my time on that to make it look perfect I will add color and then I wi’ll blend it and then will again add color and blended so this will take me awhile but Cut crease will look really pretty at the end. for that i’m using really little brush that I have. Right now with concealer I’m cleaning up my cut crease. i’m going right under that line i created and my brushes really define as you see. and now I will put glitter for these step i use DUO glue and just normal glitter from walmart it’s the craft glitter, because I’d have anything else so I will put DUO eyelash glue little bit at the time and then with a little brush I will put glitter on top this glittering little chunky but still working fine and if you want to do faster you can even use instead of brush your finger. and now with the brown eyeshadow I will create little bit of more define lines and clean it up. as you see my i still have to be very green and you don’t see my eyeliner. now i will just go over with a gel liner and will put black the look I was planning to create it’s a snake look. to create a snake skin I will get this eyeshadow. it’s a liquid eyeshadow i got at walmart and it is REVLON. very easy to apply. after i’m done with this liquid eyeshadows I will get my powder eyeshadow. any brand of eyeshadow will be good for this look. so I will use green on some spots and then on some spots I will use yellow. I wish I added browns and maybe darker blue but I didn’t think about that so right now i’m adding glitter it is the same liquid eyeshadow and then I have little bit of blue i found and this pencil i will use for inner rim this is the COLORPOP pencil. now I will put false eyelashes on to finish the look. now I’ll put mascara on my bottom lashes and that will blend my natural lashes with the falses as well. I will clean up fallouts, because i have a lot of glitter and eyeshadows on my face and I’ll outline my lips I want to keep part of my lips pink and part of it green. for that I will use eyeshadow blue and green and for blending line in between the colors I I will used highlight that i’m using for high cheekbones just any shimmer. I absolutely love how nice and blended they turned out so this is a final look I think it’s very pretty and easy to create you don’t have to buy costume just few staff from walmart and yeah it just look very very pretty! and I wish I add more colors on my skin for that snake looking skin I wish I have more blue, brown maybe dr. blue but oh well maybe next time. after i was done wit this look, my husband came home and he said that I need to put glitter all over my lips. I agreed to try so i put eyelash glue on my lips and I put glitter and its turn out very cute so let me know what you think. guys if you loved this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for fun makeup tutorials. see you soon! xoxo


  1. The cut crease in this look is fantastic and the green colour looks amazing on you. I also really like the effect that you've put on the lips, this look is flawless. I've also been uploading Halloween videos if you want to check them out, even though your video is much better lol! Really loved this video 🙂

  2. so beautiful loved this hun thanks for sharing..hope you doing great, i posted a DIY Halloween special hope you could check it out and let me know what you think, thanks my friend 🙂 have a good evening x

  3. Wow! I love that ombre lip and the Walmart craft glitter looks amazing on your eyes!! Fun idea for Halloween!!

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  5. I absolutely love your videos!! I'm so glad that you found my channel. I'd love for you to sub back so we can support each other!! XOXO

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  7. Green is really pretty on you. I'm all about glitter its's all about the sparkles! and the lip the two one cute!!! and the snake skin awesome!

  8. Deserve a massssive sub ! I love love love this look – you smashed it ! Thanks for stopping by my channel and now we can support each other – thanks for subbing !

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