How to do Makeup Fast on Mature Women over 50

How to do Makeup Fast on Mature Women over 50

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Hey awesome ones Heather here. If you’re
like me you’re usually pressed for time. You’re trying to run out the door but
you want to cover up some of those age spots and you know put on a bit of
foundation. Well I found a powder foundation and the matching concealer
and it goes on fast. It goes on in a flash and I’m running out the door. So I
really want to tell you about it and review the product and it all starts in
just a few seconds. So I heard about the Estee Lauder powder
foundation and as you know I really like the liquid foundation and I did do a
review on the liquid foundation. And what I’m going to do is put the link to that
video at the end of this video so you can check out the liquid foundation as
well. But in this video I’m talking about this one.
Now this powder and the way that it applies is something really really
different than the liquid. And I know that the liquid it was great it covered
up and lasted all day. But can the powder do the same thing? So you might be asking
hey you know why do you need the powder foundation if you love the liquid so
much? And the answer is speed. I feel the need for speed usually in the mornings I
do and I gotta get out the door. And you know that liquid foundation it’s messy I
just I don’t know I got to do a lot of blending with it I gotta wait for it to
dry and this one I’m out the door in a flash. So I have foundation on now so
let’s do a presto change-o and get rid of the concealer the foundation the
blush and the contouring. I’m just trying to keep it real for all of you and as
most of you know I’ve got these like inner I don’t know they’re purple parts
inside my eyes. I’ve got age spots. I’ve got discoloration in my face. You know
all the lovely things that us older women get. But anyway I’m gonna cover
them all up and with the concealer. I’m doing something just a little bit
different than I usually do and that’s because I’m using a powder foundation.
And some of you might be saying hey you know what Heather I thought you didn’t
like powder or powder foundations? Well I don’t like setting powder. You know that
kind of talaq powder that just sets everything. This is a powder foundation
and it’s more silky and it gives great coverage and and
you’ll see what I mean in just a few seconds.
So the first thing I have to do is my under-eye concealer and it’s very
important that you buy the same brand as the powder foundation that you’re using
and also the same color or very close to the same color. I’ll tell you about
that shortly. So today I’m going to be featuring the Estee Lauder Double Wear
powder foundation and also to go with it is the Estee Lauder concealer that goes
with it as well. Now this concealer it’s very matte
when you put it on so let me just start to apply it just now for you. So this
color is let me just see here, light medium neutral 2N. So let’s just…it’s
got a really nice little applicator. I just sort of took a little bit off the
end there and where’s my mirror and what I’m going to do is you know that purpley
part in here and all along here. Now the one thing I have found out with this
concealer it dries pretty fast. So you gotta be speedy when you’re putting it on
but this whole video is about putting on speedy foundation so that’s good. I’m
just gonna go in here…that’s it…what? And now I’m going to use this handy-dandy
concealer brush and just go in here and along here and that’s Hurricane doing a
little bark over there. Quiet on the set dog. Anyway and you can
already see the difference between…Bill can you see the difference between the
two eyes there? So there you go let’s I’m going to finish off the other eye for
you and I’ll be right back. So while that concealer is drying a little bit we can
put on the powder foundation. And you’re going…what? Wait a minute Heather you forgot
to do all your age spots and everything. And that’s the twist with this powder
foundation is I put the concealer on after I
put on the powder foundation that’s why the concealer color as a match is so really
important. So as I mentioned I’m using this Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in
place matte powder foundation. Okay so that’s what I’m using and look at this
beautiful, I love it this cosmetic case that you kind of get with it you’ve got
the powder in there, you have a mirror and then underneath here you’ve got the
little sponge . And let me tell you that story about the little sponge. The little
sponge is two-sided. I didn’t realize that yesterday when I was testing out
the wearability of this but if you want to soak the sponge and use it damp
you’re going to get more of a sheer coverage but the other side here it’s
kind of furry it’s for putting on the powder when you just want to put on the
powder and not have it damped and that will give you more coverage. And I need
some more coverage so that’s what I’m going to do. Now I want to show you
another application or applicator I guess I should say and that’s using a
big brush like this and I’ll tell you if I’m just sort of going grocery shopping
and yes I do wear my makeup for grocery shopping and I don’t need hardly any face
makeup. I just want to feel a little more confident. I don’t know while looking for
carrots and broccoli. Anyway all I do is I use this brush and they just dab a
little bit on there and I’ll just show you how I apply it. So you’ll notice that
even with this a little amount of powder it starts to really even out my my skin
tone a little bit it’s also doing some coverage. I’ll still need some concealer but
yeah there you go. So let’s make the coverage even better by using this furry
part of the sponge not this part. All right so what I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna put a little bit take a little bit off of there as much as I
want and then since that’s a lot there I’m going to go over those…look at that.
Oh my gosh I’m gonna go over some of the spots that really need some work. Not so
much like, this is the area that I really need the coverage on. Not so much on my
chin, I need coverage on my nose and do not whatever you do do not go underneath
the eyes because if you put this powder on top of the Matt concealer it’s
gonna give you a really wrinkled look. It’s gonna dry it out so don’t do that.
I learned that the hard way but that’s why I do these reviews for you so that
you won’t have to worry but some of the mistakes that you make the first time.
But yeah okay now obviously I still have my spots and now I’m going to use the
concealer. All right so let’s put the concealer over top of those spots and
I’ll tell you I have tried it both ways underneath the powder and above when I
put it underneath the powder when I put the powder on top after a little while I
don’t know maybe it’s oxidizing or maybe the powder is somehow drying out the
concealer but what ends up happening is I end up seeing the dark spot again. So
we don’t want that. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to just take this and
I’m going to use a brush like this it’s kind of a flat brush just take a little
bit off the top now remember this dries pretty fast but it’s just like painting
you know paint-by-numbers or something like that.
Do you remember paint-by-numbers? What did you paint by numbers that mum put on
the wall and kept up there for like five years. I’d love to know anyway if you even
remember that. And there you go. So you can see I mean
it’s not going to take it away completely completely but it certainly is helping to disguise it and this one over
here helping to disguise it this one up here… and I’m just gonna continue doing my
paint-by-numbers and I’ll be right back. So check out the coverage and how its
really evened out my skin tone. Now I do like the liquid it covers even more with
the liquid but if I like I said if I don’t have to do a photo shoot or
anything like that this is working great for me. I’m putting it on in half the
time of the liquid and also since I used my hand for a pallet with the liquid I
don’t have all the mass or cleaning up of the sponges afterwards. Oh and I know
I’m looking a little pale so what I’m gonna do is show you in just a few
seconds how I put on the contour and the blush and let’s put on a little bit of
lipstick too. And by the way if you’re looking for the products that I’m
wearing in this video they’re below in the description underneath the video but
we’ve got something new for you and we don’t want you to keep looking and
looking for the links. So over at Awesome Over 50…no sorry over at Amazon gave us our own storefront and we’re
really excited about that and what we have that’s new is we have what Heather
wore recently in fashion or makeup and if we can’t find the exact fashion what
we tried to do is find something really really similar. So yeah there’s going to
be a link for the Amazon storefront that I just mentioned to you and that’s going
to make things a lot easier for you and then one thing without the makeup too
that I find is if you say hey that’s not my color I don’t really like color…this
estee lauder has like 30 different choices. So just click on any one of them
and then you can pick up the color that you want and by the way I’m kind of
required to say that we do make a little bit of Commission on this and from the
bottom of my heart I really want to thank you for that
because every little bit helps to keep us going with these videos. We’re so
excited to keep on going for another year for you and all of you that are
helping out there you know let us know in the comments. Thank you so much we
really appreciate it but on to the contouring and the blush. So I’m using a
brush like this for the blush. Yeah let’s put on a little bit of blush here the
apples of my cheeks or whatever they’re called.
Now I also like to put just a little bit of blush kind of in the t-zone and down
and here and here because I just find it just adds a little bit more evenness
when you’re doing the blush. Now I also want to do the contouring on my face and
I’m using the city bronzer Maybelline. I think it is number 300 with a little
brush like this and first of all you’re gonna go ah that looks terrible but I’m
going to blend it. So I’m just gonna go down my cheekbones like this, see you’re
gonna go underneath the jowls. Oh my gosh I really still hate that word jowls.
I’m even gonna do a little bit here and you can see that’s really bringing in my
cheekbones nicely here. Alright now I’m going to use a brush like this and just
kind of even it out a little bit so it doesn’t look like a stark line. We don’t
want a stark line we certainly don’t want there line under here but we do
want to hide some of this stuff here. Jowls and a little bit like that. So I put
on a little more mascara and I’m using the covergirl exhibitionist black
mascara. You can use brown or whatever. I love this this is you know so
inexpensive and it really lasts all day and it doesn’t really transfer doesn’t
transfer underneath my eye so and it also washes off really quick
at night. So there you go that’s another little bonus there and that’ll be in the
in the links as well. Now a lot of you like the lipstick I’ve been wearing
lately and I certainly need some lipstick on right now. So I’m just going
to quickly do an outline of my lips, this is rather difficult without a close-up mirror
but I’ll get her done. I’ve got really thin lips so I usually
have to put a little bit like that on there. And now I am using…actually it’s
Dior Addict A-d-d-i-c-k…no its A-d-d-i-c-t Dior Addict and it’s a lovely
lipstick. it’s a little bit more on the higher end I know that but really really
like this lipstick. There you go. And yesterday I had this powder foundation
on for over 12 hours and it really held up…well not as well as the liquid did
that lasted a lot longer but you know I’m really really happy with this and
it’s staying on my makeup table. And I have oily skin so I’m still working with
the Revlon anti-shine. You know I love this product and that’s gonna be in my
purse. I am NOT going to take the powder the foundation powder with me because
the more that I keep applying just to blot the oiliness the more I’m really
going to look blotchy and cakey so you know this is my favorite secret weapon
let’s say for makeup and you can see how much I love it.
Now I’ve had a few of you tell me that you can’t find this in drugstores
anymore. I have a feeling they might be discontinuing it so we do have the link
at our amazon store but i am on the lookout to find something else just in
case they run out of stock. So we can still look a little polished have our
under eyes you know conceal some of those age spots and this is a great
product and with a little swoosh here of powder and a little dab will do you of
contour contouring it’s a great product to have as you’re running out the door
because it gives you just that little bit of confidence. Oh and by the way I
forgot to mention to you that I bought these products the concealer the liquid
foundation everything with my own money. This is not a sponsored video. I have
seen other women doing some videos on the Estee Lauder powder foundation and I
thought well I’m gonna give it a try. I’m not sponsored so what is my review?
Solid thumbs up. I really really like it. So I know it’s a little bit higher end
you know when you go into the drugstore. But I really think it’s worth it and I
think you’re worth it too. And someone else that you give a big thumbs up to is
our little Yorkie Hurricane. And when Hurricane comes on the scene he just
kind of reminds me to talk about upcoming videos and on this channel for
beauty and fashion I’ve got more makeup reviews and also I’m going to be
featuring some of my favorite denim and jeans. And yes I’m going to include some
skinny jeans. A more mature woman can definitely still wear skinny jeans and I’ll
show you all about that in an upcoming video. So I can’t wait to bring
those to you and you know every single day I don’t know if you know this but I
have an Instagram account now and I post everyday and it’s for women over 50 just
just check out awesome over 50 in the search and I also do stories you know
those little videos I do those as well. And over on our other channel we have some comfy home tips
and also some food and nutrition and we’re planning a trip to Italy and we
can’t wait to share some of those videos with you of our
travels and treks in Italy. And in the meantime I’m just so glad that you’re
joining me here. You know I want us all over 50 to feel a little more glamorous
a little bit more youthful and a lot more awesome.


  1. Hey everyone, Heather here… if you're looking for some of the products featured in this video, they're on my blog (scroll down for them while you're on the page) Enjoy!

  2. ThNks for this video and information. Heather, could you do a video on burts bees bb, maybelline dream fresh bb, elf bb creams, please?

  3. Your makeup is beautiful. I use a powder foundation and love it. Thank you for a great video. I love watching you. I learn a lot. Hugs from North Carolina

  4. Hi Heather: I love Maybelline Urban Dream Cover. It's light as a feather, yet, you don't need to build it up for full coverage…amazing, and, SPF 50. I don't usually love Maybelline, as I've been disappointed in some of their products, but, this is magic. So…they'll probably discontinue it soon, lol! 😀 Enjoy the weekend, all three of you. Rosemarie 🌹 ❤ xo

  5. A horse! That looks like an awesome option when you feel the need for speed and it looked great on you! I'm afraid it wouldn't cover my little red spider veins though! I didn't realize I had so many of them until I got a lighted magnifying mirror for Christmas! LOL!

  6. Hi Heather,
    The Estee Lauder powder foundation looks beautiful! I can’t tell the difference between the liquid foundation and the powder foundation in this video. I definitely need the “speed” factor when I’m applying my makeup. The concealer did a good job too. I like the tip, not to cover the concealer with the powder under the eyes because it will make the wrinkles appear. I’d like to try the powder foundation. Hi to Bill and Little Hurricane too! Happiness, Teresa

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  8. Great demonstration Heather! So
    Many of us have had to relearn how to do our faces as we age… you look great in that powder foundation! And love your shirt with those criss crosses…. I may have to be a copy cat! Love to Hurricane!

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