How To Film A Makeup Tutorial By Yourself

How To Film A Makeup Tutorial By Yourself

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Today I want to give you some film-making tips to make your beauty videos even better first let’s talk lighting the easiest option is natural light so find a window and film in front of it the sunlight gives a nice even tone for make-up videos I’d start with a master shot for your entire tutorial of a Medium Close-up Like this one the trouble with window light is it can change and if you’re filming at night well, there won’t be any an alternative is a photography flood light you can use this at any time of the day and it gives you more control it also give you a bit more light You can get these of amazon and they’re really cheap compared to dedicated film lighting and it’s always okay to add extra lights Showing products – you can just hold up the product in your master shot A lot of people hold it close to the camera and wait for autofocus. My camera doesn’t have autofocus It’s always nicer to get dedicated shots of each product as a Close-up You can film these after you’ve filmed your tutorial These shot are good and well lit, but what if you want to spice it up a little? This is a rotating turntable that we serve chips and nibbles in Removable the bowls and place a flat board on top and give your Cutaways that really professional feel Close-ups! What about those super close shots in the intro they’re great for really showing the detail and colours and the type of brush you’re using. All you need a simple tool called a macro extension tube Attach it between your lens and the camera and you can focus super super close For really macro shots, you might be very close to the lens, so make sure you use a light closer to your objects and be careful with the focus – it’s really sensitive Last, but definitely not least – Thumbnails! Don’t forget to get some fun stills for your thumbnail – I always forget Subscribe for more videos about filmmaking and directing and musical feature film making!


  1. Love your sound track in your videos… very good tutorial. You should keep doing these kind so we can learn how to… fabulous

  2. well aren't you the most freakin adorable thing i've ever seen!! so so so so appreciate this video!! I'm trying to start up a channel and struggling really hard with the setup. question – how do i set up an external monitor so i can see myself in the frame? does every camera have an input for one? i'm looking at a Canon 70D and want to make sure i can input both a microphone and a monitor!!

  3. This was good thank you. I'm just starting out; how do you make a thumbnail with a video clip? How do I film with a phone a closeup of what I'm doing, say on my eye makeup? You have to do your makeup in a mirror but how do you keep the camera out of the way? Haven't quite figured that out yet… Much thanks! Enjoyed!

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