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There’s no doubt that a sleek winged eyeliner, an even cut crease or a perfectly sculpted face can really pull together your makeup look. But the key to a flawless face lies in the perfect foundation routine! Hi, I’m Avantika, and today on Makeup Basics with Maybelline New York 3.0, I’m going to teach you how to create a perfect and long-lasting foundation base using some of my absolute favorites! It’s a well-established fact that not all skin types are alike. Ranging from oily to dry and even combination each skin has its own set of the do’s and don’ts and therein lies the secret to a perfect foundation base! Irrespective of your skin type, go in with a good moisturizer and a primer before you begin your foundation application. If you have oily skin a mattifying primer to fill in your pores is essential. And if you have dry skin, go in with a hydrating moisturizer to avoid patchiness and achieve an even base. The perils of finding your right foundation shade that match your skin colour and undertone are known to all. I’ve faced them too! But here are some quick tips that will help you find your closest shade and filter out the rest! Firstly, look at the veins in your wrist. If they appear blue or purple choose a foundation with a pink tint to it; green or olive – go for one with a yellow tint. The Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation has 16 beautiful shades out of which 220 is my perfect fit for a flawless finish! Always do a swatch test along your jawline and check the foundation in natural light to determine how it sits on your skin and it’s true colour. Now you don’t need to invest in a new foundation every time you tan. Just custom make your mixture and you’re good to go! The ideal foundation should be lightweight, long-lasting and give good coverage. Get your hands on the lightest and darkest shade of foundation from this budget-friendly range to make your own magical mixtures and match your skin tone perfectly! Fair, dusky or dark-skinned this foundation hack has got everyone covered! In spite of religiously following a skincare routine, most of us have fallen prey to pesky pore problems that seem even larger when you have a full face of makeup on, especially if you have oily skin! Cleansing your face at the end of the day is essential to unclog your pores again and let your skin breathe. However, all you need to solve this problem is a matte full coverage foundation paired with a rounded kabuki brush. Take just a little bit of the product at a time and pack it onto the areas that have larger pores while pushing the foundation into them. This will act as a second film on top of your primer to fill in your pores and give your skin a seamless finish! Now you can go in on the rest of your face with a light layer of the same foundation for a natural look. Give your foundation a helping hand by layering it with a full coverage concealer in the areas that require more attention such as under eyes and scars or blemishes. I’ll be going in with a light layer of it with a small fluffy brush instead of a sponge or a flat brush. This is a treasured technique which makes the application process swift while depositing just the right amount of product which prevents the skin from looking cakey. Use a fluffy or tapered powder brush only in the areas that tend to get oily after a few hours like the forehead, under the eyes, chin and nose while dispersing the leftover product on the brush onto the rest of your face for a seamless finish. These essential tips & tricks cover everything you need to know to combat those skin qualms and achieve that impeccable face you desire. So gather these amazing products and embark on the journey to ace the base! Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.


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  2. Exactly that I'm looking for
    Super helpful for me
    Just one question I want that kabuki brush please give me the link or suggest me from where I can get that
    Love glamrs ❤

  3. Wow you are just awesome and your way of explaining every little thing is easy for me to apply a makeup thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖

  4. I use this foundation and just love it. After so long, I finally found the perfect foundation for my skin tone. And I have oily skin, so this is perfect for me with a mattifying primer.

    I'm a 330 Toffee

  5. I've been using maybelline products since 2016
    They are economical and good specially fit me range
    125 and 115 is my shade after mixing them together. Anyhow
    Thank glamrs

  6. I have dry skind around my mouth ..what should I do ?? Any suggested product brand or range ??for hydrated glowing skin.. please

  7. Ma bht Achi videos banati ho ap sa request ha Ka 1 bar mere video KO dekhe agar Pasand I to like aur subscribe kare shukria

  8. This foundation is really great. However I bought the 115 shade for me from nykaa, but it is a little darker then my skin tone, and I look dull after applying because of the shade color. I have a very fair skin tone. Kindly please suggest me a shade which will match my skin tone .

  9. I have really dry skin even if i apply moisturizer before after applying foundation my skin looks flakyy and really really dry … how should i fix it???

  10. My vein is the combitnation of blue and green which undertone I belong to please reply… Should I go with pink or yellow based foundation

  11. Hey glamrs, i have a question it is important to apply sunscreen before makeup but i haven't seen any tutorial who apply sunscreen before foundation

  12. Hey glamrs, when should one apply sunscreen before primer or after primer also suggest a sunscreen that have no white cast

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