How to Grow Facial Hair & Beards – Grooming, Styling, & Shaving Tips for Men

How to Grow Facial Hair & Beards – Grooming, Styling, & Shaving Tips for Men

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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
Today, I’ll be talking about how to grow facial hair and beards. Why grow facial
hair? Throughout history, the sight of a man with facial hair or full
beard commanded respect. Beards have been seen as a symbol of
masculinity. In the modern world, we see men with clean shaven faces in business
or leaders and politics, however, a well trimmed beard has been seen as a
professional extension of a man’s style. There are a number of different benefits
to having facial hair or beard, one of which is a general sign of masculinity.
If you take a young boy, for example, who’s around ten years old and then look
at him when he’s about 20 years old, you’ll see certain differences as he
ages. His voice will change, his height will change, facial hair growth is just
one other way to show that he is turning from a boy into a man. Having facial hair
or beard has also been seen as a sign of fertility. Also, by having facial hair or
a beard, you’ll also notice that people will sometimes view you with a sense of
leadership or wisdom. Take me, for example, I certainly notice a big difference in
the way that I am both approached and treated when I’m clean-shaven or if I
have a full beard. On multiple occasions, I have seen people approach me
differently simply because I have a beard. Sometimes they seem to think that
I have knowledge about something that I don’t
or that I’m managing an apartment that I don’t manage. One added benefit of having
facial hair or beard is I instantly will look older if you have a young face. This
added facial hair adds a complete different level of maturity. Also, older
men might start to look younger. For an older gentleman, having a beard or facial
hair might help take the viewer’s eye away from those unique features and help
them to pay attention to the gentleman, overall. Now, for more information on how
to better grow a beard or facial hair properly, check out our in-depth guide
here. In the beginning of first letting your beard grow, you might notice a few
things happening. One of the first things that some
gentlemen will notice when they first start to let their beard or facial hair
grow in is that it starts to look a little bit patchy. Has this ever happened
to you when you first started letting your facial hair grow in? If so, guess
what? There’s nothing wrong, your beard is just growing. Here’s the deal,
beards take time to grow and everybody is different. Now if you know from
previous experience of letting your beard hair grow that your beer tends to
grow and a little bit more slow, we would recommend that you would let your beard
hair grow in without shaving a good week or two before going on a vacation or in
the upcoming holidays. Ideally, by doing this, once you return to work, you’ll look
much more distinguished with your facial hair rather than looking disheveled and
like you just forgot to shave the day before. During the first month of not
shaving, you might start to notice that your facial hair will grow in without
the patchiness. This, for a lot of gentlemen, will be happening within that
first month period. A month is average but please remember that we are all
different and it might take a little bit longer before you start to see a fully
formed beard. Now, beard growth is something that requires commitment. If
you’re looking to turn heads with that beard, please stick with it, it will take
time! Itchiness, it’s the worst. I promise you, it’s extremely frustrating. Having
coarse hair, your significant other will not like it. I remember when I first started
growing facial hair and I was giving a hug to a relative and I nearly stabbed
them in the face by how coarse and tough my hair is feeling. Also, you might have
to deal with a few onlookers and people who just can’t keep their comments to
themselves about how you’ve lost yourself or you look a little rough
around the edges but after you made it through those awkward weird stages at
first beginning to let your beard grow in, there are some steps you can take to
make sure that it always looks healthy. Number one, wash it regularly. Keep your
beard hydrated but don’t over wash it. Use a beard specific wash, especially one
that’s got some great organic ingredients. This will be beneficial to
nearly everybody, especially if you are a person of color. Organic washes contain
fewer harmful chemicals which are known for breaking down hair.
Number two, begin applying beard oil. Stuff is incredible! I love this stuff!
The beard oil helps add a shine and a softness to the touch to your overall
beard. I also find though it helps me make sure that my beard looks
darker and fuller. Beard oil also will help make sure that you don’t feel
excessive itchiness throughout the day on the skin underneath your beard. Next,
you can always use a beard balm. Now, a beard balm is something that’s going to be
really beneficial to somebody who has medium to a longer length beard. The
beard balm can also aid in moisture retention. Next, use a proper beard comb
or brush. We don’t recommend using the same brush or comb you might have used
on your head. Typically, the products you use on your head shouldn’t be used on
your face or vice versa. Also, you wouldn’t want to spread germs from your
head to your beard and as far as products go, the scalp is usually able to
withstand more than the face can, therefore, you should always make sure
that you’re using things on your face that are intended and geared
specifically for the face. Depending on the texture of your hair, you might find
a comb or a brush to be better suited to help you make sure that your beard and
facial hair look great. Now, some of you might find a brush to be a great way to
make sure that your beard growth is still falling in line the way that it
should and that you can also avoid tangles. We recommend using a brush while
your beard hair is shorter and using a comb when your beard hair is on that
medium to longer stage. Now, I happen to have thicker, coarser hair in my beard so
I tend to use both tools. I found that when I let time go by or I forget to
comb or brush my beard hair out when it is longer, it can easily start to look
matted and feel extremely painful with the itching and the scratching but
depending on the beard style that you’re going for, you can do what’s called the
lineup. Once a week, you can take a pair of hair scissors or a beard trimmer and
line up just along your lips around the mouth and also at the base of your
cheeks. Just remember, don’t over trim, growth is the goal. It’s okay to get the
stray hairs you might notice at the top of your cheeks or at the base of your
cheeks or around the mouth but growth is the goal so we don’t want to over
clip and trim and cut, we’re trying to get this to grow full and grow long. Now,
there are some common myths that are attributed to beard growth. One of which
is people thinking that the beard is growing too slowly. No, your beard is not
growing too slowly, it typically is growing at the same rate of everyone
else’s unless you have some kind of outstanding skin condition. Also,
sometimes, people tend to think that the patches that they’re starting to see
during the initial part of beard growth is due to the thickness of their hair. Well, this isn’t true either. Here are some of the reasons why your hair might
appear darker or denser in certain areas. Now, for those of you who might feel that
your hair looks a little bit thin, if you happen to have lighter colored hair, it
might appear thinner on your face than it would on someone who happens to have
darker hair. And then check the hair on your head, as well, is the hair on
your head thick or thin? Thicker hair always tends to look a little bit fuller.
Now, there’s no known way to make your hair grow faster but you can do things
to make it look a little bit fuller and a little bit thicker. Number one, stop
shaving. No, not forever but contrary to the myth, shaving your beard does not
make it grow back thicker or fuller. The only way to really let your beard grow
and make it grow the way you want it to is simply just to let it grow. Number two,
exercise. Exercising and losing weight helps you increase blood circulation and
raise testosterone. This has an effect on overall facial hair growth. Short and
intense workouts will help boost your testosterone levels. Number three, go to
sleep. We are not Energizer bunnies and our bodies do require rest to be able to
fight off illness and be able to grow. A study performed in 2011 by the Journal
of the American Medical Association so that if you sleep five hours or less,
your testosterone levels could drop by as much as 15%. Number four,
do your best to minimize your stress levels. High stress levels have been
shown to constrict blood vessels and also lower your testosterone. Now, this
kind of stress and anxiety can prevent beard growth. Number five, make sure
you’re eating well. A healthy diet is a major factor in proper and healthy beard
growth. Remember, what you put in your body is always going to be reflected on
the outside. Vitamins, minerals, and protein are all key factors in making
sure you have a long thick full beard. There are some supplements on the market
right now that are geared for beard growth.
Please remember, always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
Make sure you give yourself a break. Remember, genetics play a major factor in
beard growth. Genes play a very big role in determining our height, how long the
beard might be, our eye color. Did you know, hair loss is actually determined by
your mother’s genes? Don’t stress yourself out regarding beard growth
or trying to compare your beard growth to someone else’s. It might take a
while to grow that Gandalf styled beard you’ve been dreaming of but stick with
it, you can get there! If you’re not growing any facial hair, this could be a
medical issue and you should always consult your doctor. Now, some of you
might be thinking how do I fix these obvious patches that I have on my face
right now? If you happen to be an impatient person like sometimes I know I
can be and you have those patches, you can always choose to trim your beard
down to the lowest patch on your face and then let your beard grow in
from there. By doing this, this will prevent the hair
from growing that much faster but it will help improve thickness and overall
density. For an in-depth look at the products we recommend to aid in beard
growth, those are listed here. In conclusion, remember beard growth takes
time for some gentlemen. It might take upwards of two to three months before
they start to see a full beard begin to form.
Don’t give up! Remember, give it time half patience and you will get there. Today
I’m wearing a navy suit jacket with a notched lapel and functioning
buttonholes with this really unique burgundy lining with blue polka dots
there’s a matching Navy single breasted vest that I’m wearing below that and a
white dress shirt I’ve got this great burgundy tie on from Fort Belvedere and
this really unique grid pattern slacks from penguin I’m also wearing black
wingtip boots from Cole Haan


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