How to have a natural makeup look (first date makeup tutorial)

How to have a natural makeup look (first date makeup tutorial)

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Hey fashion sisters! Im Marina de Giovanni,
welcome back to Not a Model TV. Today Im going to show you how to do a natural makeup
look for a first date. This ones going to be for daytime so if you love it and you
want to see one for night time please leave a comment below and let me know.
So Ive asked my boyfriend and all my guy friends what kind of makeup they like on girls
and they all told me the same thing, they told me that they like girls without makeup
which I just think is ridiculous because they dont. Well I dont think they do, I think
they just dont know that we sometimes wear a natural makeup look so good that we look
like were not wearing makeup when we are. So Ive come to the conclusion that guys
like girls with makeup that looks like theyre not wearing makeup. So Im gonna go with
a really natural look today for a first date makeup because nobody likes a cake face.
So when it comes to daytime makeup you want to keep it really light. I dont suggest
on a the first date that you anything for the first time. If youve never used, I
dont know, lip liner, do not do it on a first date. If youve never used false lashes,
dont do it for the first time because if youre nervous and you try to do things,
youre just going to be paranoid about things all night. If youve never worn something
before so just dont go there, just stick with what you know and just go really simple.
So lets get started. First Im going to prime and Im going to use one of my
favorite primers, which is the Benefit Porefessional, which I love the names that they use. So just
putting a bit on my hands and rubbing it all over my face. Its a mattifying primer and
I just love it. I feel like Im rubbing silk all over my face.
Now on to foundation. Please do not use a crazy heavy foundation for a first date makeup
or even for day time. You just make sure that you use something thas really light weight
and really natural, unless youve got really bad skin and thats something that you really
struggle with and you find that a heavy coverage makeup works really well. But just be really
mindful, especially if youre gonna be outdoors and youre in the sun. You dont want
something thats too heavy that makes you look like youre completely different from
your neck and things like that. So I often use full coverage foundation. I
use MAC studio fix when Im shooting fashion posts for the blog, and its great because
its great for the camera. But for everyday outdoors kind of normal make up look, I use
just a medium coverage. Im almost running out of this, its the Chanel Lift Lumiere.
Ive been using it for actually a couple of years. Ive been using Chanel Makeup.
Ive tried different types of their foundations. Diors good too, if you cant afford that
you can look at something like Loreal. There nude foundation is really good, my girlfriends
got it and I just tried it the other day. Im gonna make sure Im gonna buy that
in my next drugstore shopping spree that Im gonna do. Lets not tell my boyfriend about
that one because he thinks I have too much makeup.
So just squirting a bit on the back of my hand just about a pump and half and Im
going to take my MAC 190 flat brush. This is going to give me a really even flawless
finish but its also going to give me a really good coverage. I also have a round
brush which is the Optical Blurring brush by Urban Decay and I find this really good
when Im in a hurry, it gives me a very lightweight natural finish. This just gives
me a slightly heavier coverage, ever so slightly. I just love using it because it really pats
in really well. So I just take a bit on the brush, just bit by bit and I work out from
the nose, outwards. You can do it whatever way you want as long as you get it on evenly
and use a brush, do not use your fingertips and if youre gonna use a sponge, use it
once and toss it away. So you just get those cheap little sponges from the supermarket,
theyre so cheap. Toss them away if you dont like using a brush. But it is good
to work with a brush. So its good to invest in a really good one, they last a very long
time if you look after them. So thats my foundation done and as you
can see Ive got a really lightweight flawless finish. I dont look like I have too much
foundation on and this is what you really want to achieve. The key is you can use lightweight
foundation. Dont use too much of it, Ive made that mistake before. Sometimes, years
ago I was using Dior Pure Light when it first came out and I would put a lot on because
I was just used to using something that was so light and then I was wearing too much.
So really thats the whole key, is you wanna just look, you just wanna enhance what youve
got, especially if you dont have super super bad skin. If youve got relatively
good skin then just a little bit of makeup goes a long way.
So next, Im gonna take my Dior Skin Nude Concealer, Im in 002 and Im just gonna
use a little bit of it under my eyes and in any spots that Ive got a bit of redness.
Im actually running out of this one. So its good concealer. Ive been using it
for a very long time. But if theres something you love and you swear by, its a lightweight
one as well. Ive got the MAC pro longwear. So if its something lightweight that youve
got and that you love please comment and let me know.
So next, Im going to fill my eyebrows in and if this is something that you dont
do, please dont try it out for a first date makeup because you might just turn out
looking like, I dont know, like really bad.
So now its time for eyeshadow and Im gonna prime my eyes using my Urban Decay Original
Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love that its called potion. So just a little bit on your
fingertips and then straight over your eyelids, not too much just a little bit. Very creamy,
so youre only gonna need a little bit. This is like a 24 hour eyeshadow primer. Sometimes,
I struggle to get my natural makeup look off at night. It is so good, long lasting, so
if youre looking for a long lasting one They actually had a deal and they had 2 for
twenty dollars and one was anti-aging which I dont buy anti-aging and I should be because
I mentioned the word fine lines the other day. I just turned 28 and I think I have fine
lines. (The early signs of anti-aging.) So the two packs for 20 dollars! That was awesome!
Because one I think is like $21 so now I have two, which theyre great. Really good, long
lasting. Especially if youre going out for lunch and then you might have a drink
after, and you go out for a very long time, youre makeup is going to look very set
all night especially your eyes, for all afternoon. So Im gonna take some really natural looking
colors that are also a little bit shimmery. You dont want to be too shimmery on a first
date but theyre just gonna make my eyes look fresh and bright and, happy eyes. So
Im gonna take my first color. Im gonna use my Urban Decay Original Palette and Im
gonna use this color here which is Virgin as a base color. Im gonna take my MAC 227
brush. (My MAC 227 brush, did I show you that, I cant see my mirror isnt very high
today. So just once over my eyelid with that. Maybe just a little bit on my brow bone just
at the end, you just want just a tiny bit there. Okay so that is what were doing
first. So now Im gonna take a slightly darker
color and its really not that much darker. Its just next to Virgin its called Sin.
Its just a bit of like a pinky shimmery color and Im going to use my MAC 217 brush
which is my fluffly blending brush and Im just gonna pop a little bit just in the socket,
just to give my eyes a little bit of definition. And Im also just gonna take my MAC 228
brush. I dont know if you cant see, but its just a little flat brush its
quite tight and Im just gonna dab a little bit on the outer corner of my eye, and then
also underneath. Then Im just gonna take one color from
my Naked 3 Palette which is this color here which is Factory with my MAC 228 brush. Just
a little bit and again Im just gonna go over just a little bit in the corner of my
eye and just underneath ever so slightly, just like a tiny bit.
So Im gonna get my lashes next and I already have curly lashes. I do have some straight
ones on the ends that drive me nuts. But I also sometimes like a little bit of extra
oomph in my eyes so Im gonna use my Revlon sparkly eyelash curler. And its gonna be
nice to open up your eyes a little bit more. So even if you do have curly eyelashes, opening
your eyes a little bit more with a curler is gonna look really good.
So for Mascara, Im going to use my Dior Show. I love this Mascara, its dramatic.
Its very thick but I think you can pull it off during the day. I used to use it during
the day. I do love this for everyday look the MAC in Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara.
But I just love what this does to my eyelashes. Sometimes they have samples at the counter.
So if you wanna get it, you should try it first because I absolutely love it.
So even though this is quite a thick heavy mascara, I wouldnt do anything more crazy
than this. Sometimes when you put too much mascara on, they look really really mascara-y
and I just hate that look. You want to look really natural and enhance what you have.
That is gonna look much better than any overdone makeup look.
So Im actually not gonna use much blush today. Im gonna use the Benefit Bene tint
and this is in the Rose tinted one and Im just gonna dab 3 strokes on my cheeks and
then using my pinky just rub that in just over the apples of my cheeks. I just really
want a soft look and not too shimmery. So if you find that if you do use a blush, that
you might look a little bit too glittery. So I find my skin can get a little bit shiny
after wearing this foundation for a few hours. So I do like to set it in with my Dior skin
Loose Powder. This is a really light weight transparent powder, one of my favorites and
Im gonna use that with my MAC 150 brush. It is sooo lightweight. So just a little bit
on my forehead and a little bit just over my cheeks as well just to kind of blend that
cheek satin in and then my nose and there we go.
And now we do lips. So dont do red lips on a first date. Because if youre going
out to eat and drink and do things, and youre out and youre talking and you forget to
go and reapply, it can just fade out and look really bad. Alright first, Im gonna put
a bit of Baby Lips just to moisturize my lips just because theyre a bit dry today. And
Im gonna wear, I think this is a good color for a first date. This is a lipgloss from
MAC, it is Angel. I also have it in a lipstick but Im not gonna do the lipstick, so Im
just gonna do the lipgloss. Because you dont want, you wanna be really natural, you dont
want to have too much happening, so just a little light lipgloss.
So this is what you want to look like for a first date, not this. That was really bad.
So thats it. This is my natural makeup look for a first date makeup for day time.
If you do wanna see a night time one please leave a comment below and let me know. If
you like this tutorial, please give me a big thumbs up and you can find all the products
that I used today in my Beauty Box and I�ve included a link below this video. Ill see
you soon. Bye!


  1. You look great Marina!
    That's one of my biggest problems when I have to be outside for a long time and I can't retouch my makeup! 
    It's being difficult for me to find a fluid makeup for that days. At the end my skin looks too dry and with different colours, if you know what I mean. I need a moisturizing and non greasy cream 
    What do you think about BB creams? 
    I love this tutorial 🙂 have a nice day 

  2. You re so pretty! Thank you for this lovely video!
    So happy to find you again after my hospitalisation.
    have a fan sunday!

  3. oh wow i l just checked out ur video i have to say i really love how your channel is coming along! 
    I’ve been on youtube for a while but just restarted posting videos again! wool exciting! maybe we can be friends 
    feel free to check out my channel too :)!!!!!! xx
    its nice to meet more people on here 🙂 hehe
    you can contact me via my Facebook page linked on my channel i always reply there 🙂

  4. Loved this video! Could you do a video on products you suggest for acne prone skin?? Would be much appreciated ! ❤️

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