How to Install a Flush Mount Vent in a Hardwood Floor | City Floor Supply

How to Install a Flush Mount Vent in a Hardwood Floor | City Floor Supply

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Hi, I’m Joe Glavin from Philadelphia Floor. Today we’re going to install flush mount vents in an existing hardwood floor. To install the flush mount vent in the existing hardwood floor, we’re going to use the Festool TS 55 circular saw with the track, the Fein SuperCut saw, Primatech glue gun, and the Bostitch gas air nailer. Position your vent frame over the duct opening to strike your line. The Festool TS 55 track saw is a zero clearance cut. Place the track on the line for a no-chip, clean edge in the existing floor. Use the Fein SuperCut saw to square the edges where the circular saw leaves off. It really allows you to get underneath boards, and the bimetal blades on the Fein SuperCut saw really make it a versatile tool. After squaring off the corners, take a chisel and remove the freed up floor pieces. Clean out any loose debris with a vacuum and dry-fit the frame. Apply hotmelt adhesive from the G100. Hotmelt adhesive has a good open time and allows for positioning the frame. Install the frame in the opening and set it as flush as possible to the existing floor. While the adhesive is still pliable, nail your frame. Any Brad or finish nailer will do. As you can see, we’re using the Bostitch gas nailer for the convenience of not having a hose or compressor. Install the vent and sand everything flush with the existing floor. Once sanded and flush, you’re ready to seal and top coat. Here are the key points for installing a flush mount vent in an existing hardwood floor. To purchase vents like this or any of the tools shown in this tutorial, go to


  1. But how to install in a finished hardwood floor? Got a huge living room where they only installed 2 vents before buying the house, but needs 4 or to make the 2 vents larger.

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