How to Make an Avocado Facial Mask | DIY Spa Facials

How to Make an Avocado Facial Mask | DIY Spa Facials

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Avocado as an ingredient is really important
for the skin. It really makes the skin very hydrated. As you may know just from nutrition, avocado
contains a lot of really healthy good fat for your whole body. But for the skin that just translates into
a more hydrated skin which everybody could use, especially in the winter when your skin
feels really parched. So the three ingredients that we’re going
to be using for this mask, warmed honey, four tablespoons worth. I like to use warmed honey just because it’s
easier to work with. It blends with the other ingredients really
well. I’m going to use one egg yolk. And I’m going to use about four tablespoons
of avocado. So I’m going to start by cutting my avocado. So you can just kind of dig the meat of the
avocado out and add it to your bowl. Four tablespoons is roughly half of an avocado. And now I’m going to add my egg yolk to the
mix. So it’s all in there together with the honey. I’m going to use a fork actually to mush everything
together a little bit. All I’m doing is pressing down on the avocado,
giving it a little bit of a twirl to get all the ingredients nice and blended. So now that all of the ingredients are blended
together, you’re really just going to apply a very thin layer of the mask. As you can see, it has a nice paste consistency
so all the ingredients are really going to stick to the surface of the skin nicely. Which means that all of that good fat, all
of that hydration is going straight into your skin. This is a great mask for wintertime when you
have like really dull lifeless winter skin. Put it on for 20 minutes. You’re going to rinse it off with tepid water. You’re just going to be amazed. Your skin is going to really be revitalized. And, you know, you’re going to kind of have
washed away that dullness and that gray look that your skin gets in the winter. And it’s just going to make your skin look
really dewy, very glowy and you’re going to look like your skin is absolutely incredibly
healthy even though it’s kind of the dead of winter.


  1. It did not work with me. I have sensitive and dry skin. When I began to apply the mask my skin burned for about 2/3 minutes. I let it act for about 10 min. When I took in off my skin felt dry. I put moisturizer. 5 minutes later again that dry/tugging sensation : / But thanks for sharing, I'll try another recipe 🙂

  2. I am loving how these are regular household items that are used and I am about to try this and hope it will work because it really is the dead of winter right now and will post the results and see if it works or not on my skin

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