How to Make LPS Chapstick and Lotion : Doll DIY Accessories

How to Make LPS Chapstick and Lotion : Doll DIY Accessories

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Hey guys, today I’m gonna show you how to
make some fun little chapsticks and lotions for your pet. Always ask a parent for help
before starting any craft. And for this project, you’ll need: smaller perler beads, or the
straws that come in the popsicle making kits, Q-tips, scissors, glue, paper, and an X-acto
knife. OK, so let’s get started. For the chapstick, take your popsicle stick
straw and an X-acto knife, and carefully cut off a section. Then you can either file or
carefully use your X-acto knife to straighten your edges. Cut off a smaller section for
the lid. Then cut off a section from a Q-tip. Not all
Q-tips are the same size, so do experiment to see what will fit best. Leave excess for your lid. If there is any
excess that exceeds your lid, be sure and trim it. When you know it will fit, glue it
inside. Then punch or cut out a small circle of white
paper to glue. Then another, for the lid. Allow it to dry before placing together. If you don’t have a Q-tip or can’t find one
that fits, you can also just take a piece of paper and then just wrap it, using a paper
clip to help you get started. And then you can see how much you will need. Once you have
your size, glue it. Which is what I’ve done here. So this is just paper rolled up. Or if you have the perler beads, the tiny
little perler beads, glue to onto a non-hollow Q-tip section. The non-hollow Q-tips seem
to fit better. Carefully cut a white bead in half using your X-acto knife. Glue your
lid. Glue a base here, if you have purple paper, otherwise you can just use white. When dry, trim so that you have just enough
for your lid to go on. For an easy, little chapstick. To make the lotion, start with a piece of
paper that looks something like this. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll trim it
as you figure out what you want your lotion to look like. Resulting in a shape like this. Glue the back. If need be, you can use tweezers.
And then if it is not perfectly straight, trim. And the same with the top. Then use a tiny bit of glue at the top, just
inside. Squeeze shut. Then cut off a section from a Q-tip. And you’ll want just enough
room for your bead. Then glue inside in the center. Again, cut out a section for the top. Either
the same color, a different color or just white. And then if you want to be able to
continue to remove your lid, wait until it is dry before placing your lid. If you don’t care about that, you can stick
your lid on now. Since there is enough glue in here, it will probably just stick. For a super easy lotion for the pets. And
finally, if you don’t have fun paper, you can just use white paper. So my 9-year-old absolutely loves the flavored
chapsticks. Just curious guys, what’s your favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments
section. Well guys, I sure hope you enjoyed the video.
Thanks so much for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, check Rainbow Tinkle out on
Facebook and be sure to tune in for my next project. Thanks so much guys, bye.


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