How to Mix Xanthan Gum

How to Mix Xanthan Gum

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Today we’re going to show you how to disperse xanthan gum – the Silverson way. Xanthan gum is widely used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in foods, cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It provides critical functionality to the end product – and dispersing it correctly is the key to a successful process. Although xanthan gum only makes up a small proportion of a formulation – anything from 0.1 to 2 percent in the end product – it is often prepared separately at higher concentrations. If you’re using xanthan gum you probably know how difficult it can be to do this. But it is a simple process if you use the right mixing equipment. With a Silverson mixer you can add the xanthan gum quickly and the high shear action of the mixer will rapidly disperse it giving a uniform and agglomerate-free mix. The Silverson Ultramix is ideal for this application, it’s designed for higher viscosity mixes and will rapidly disperse and hydrate the gum, providing an agglomerate-free dispersion,
time after time. We also offer a range of high speed powder/liquid mixers for larger production volumes. Allowing you to rapidly disperse and hydrate the powder, without forming agglomerates with minimized aeration. To find out more visit our website,


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