HOW TO PACK efficiently and EXTRA LIGHT for ONE MONTH trip | Hand luggage only

HOW TO PACK efficiently and EXTRA LIGHT for ONE MONTH trip | Hand luggage only

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  1. really good video. my only concern is the toiletries, you packed them in the middle of everything in a regular toiletries bag. in hand luggage all liquids must be in a clear 1 litre bag and must be taken out of the backpack during security check at the airport. so you need to pack them so that it's quick and easy to take them out.

  2. This is great! I’m going to Canada in fall and I’m traveling with only hand luggage too. Most of these videos only show how to pack for tropical weather which is much easier then packing for colder weather? Anyways I’m a dress kinda girl so I think I’ll just bring a couple of (casual) dresses with leggings and a big vest and then some shirts to wear under them.

  3. Panty and sock roll, Awesome!!! I'm one that loves to bring extra, this way I can and still pack lighter. Can't wait to try it myself. Great video!!!

  4. I roll most of my clothes when I travel, but never rolled my socks. I tried your way, and it does keep things much neater. All I travel with is a 35L backpack, and a purse/camera bag. I have a 50L backpack but gave up on it… it held too much ha ha

  5. I think this large capacity expandable backpack may be more suitable for you.,and can get it from amazon:

  6. Hi there! Just curious what type of backpack is that? And where did you buy it from? I really like it and wanted to order myself one just like that.

  7. How many kilos? Most airlines allow up to 7kg only for cabin baggage or hand carry. your back pack have a lot of space. Good packing tips.

  8. love your sharing for the light packing tips!
    Can you share how you dry the clothes during your trip? I'm about to backpack travel to Italy and is quite bothered by this issue.

  9. Thank you, actual really helpful and refresing between all the ‘me too’ video’s! Thought I packed light.. but then again, I’m not someone who likes to wash my clothes while away. (: So I like to pack like 30 panties, 30 pair of socks et cetera. All in a carry on trolley and a duffel bag.

  10. Everybody often shows how to pack light for a long trip but nobody actually mentions how often they would need to do the laundry.
    I need to go for 3.5 weeks across France & VN it may not stay anywhere long enough to do laundry. Therefore how to pack light?

  11. Great video! Can you please tell me what's the model of your backpack?
    Also, great way to roll small items; that was a new one for me.

  12. OMG! The socks & underwear trick is awesome! I thought I'd have to lessen my packing load but not when it's packed like this. Thank you! Subscribed!

  13. Thanks for showing us how to roll the panties and socks I would’ve never thought of this and will be using it in the future. Great 👍 tip😊❤️

  14. Hey what company is your backpack from? Do you have the dimensions? Love your video. I can't wait to start rolling my panties!!

  15. Great packing job. I love the rolling tip for underwear. Good to see someone who doesn't recommend packing cubes – I don't understand the point of them. Your toiletries bag is huge. Hope you had a great trip.

  16. Nice video! Great tips. Question… isn't the sleeping bag an extra item? Is it allowed to hang it that way? Thank u! Greetz from Amsterdam!

  17. In my opinion there's still so many things that you really don't need in the bag you showed us !
    If you take two pair or leggings, why also bring a jogging ? You can use one legging for sleeping and chilling and the other one to work and treking.
    One pair of shoes and one pair of flip flops if enough. 4 white tops !!! Why ? And just a Jean is also more than enough. The hair dryer …….
    I didn't even had that many clothes in my one year travel bag ! I think you Can really make it better but it's a good start anyway

    Still it's really nice to show how light you can travel and how little you need to feel confortable and face any situation. Even as a woman (for those who still doubted 😉)

  18. Thanks for the tips!
    What's the brand of your sleeping bag?
    I'm also looking for something super light but couldn't find!

  19. Thanks for sharing….no more overpacking or paying for extra luggage😀 tip put the socks or extras in the boots or sneaks🙂

  20. nice video . but the same as a hundred other similar videos out there . and what they also all have in common is that even though they show you how efficient you can get everything into carry-on hand luggage . not one of them addresses the issue of weight restrictions of carry-on bags which is normally around 7kg

  21. Mary Jane, Thanks two millon for the panties' rolling demo. Perfect speed, perfectly explained, did like and suscribe.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🤗🤗

  22. Normally we like to go dancing or for dinner to a nice restaurant, so no clothes for that! Nor high heels! Mmm, ok, perhaps I can hang them too instead of the sleeping bag!

  23. Need a hair dryer? 🤔
    Hair dries well in the air or at night, if you throw them above the head😅. Or you need another small towel for absorb that water from the hair🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. While I know that this is an old video, you might see the comments and I just want to add a few things. Packing light for cold weather: if you can find silk long underwear, they are very thin, light and pack very very small but you wear them under your clothes and they keep you very warm. I have used them at 14000 feet during a snowstorm and stayed very warm with only a long sleeve T-shirt and a camisole. They are not as common and often cost $50-$100 per set (top and bottom) but will last decades. My daughter has an old pair of mine that were my mother’s before me and they have to be over 50 years but still look fine. And work fin. They roll to the size of a pair of ankle socks. When you fold your jeans, tuck one leg in and fold the other leg about 4-5 inches from the end and tuck the jeans into the pocket you created. Try to alternate which sock you fold over. If you cannot tell the difference of one from the other then you are already doing this. But if one sock is looser than the other, tuck the loose one in and fold over the other. Socks are the worst for stretching out and then they slide down into your shoe. Sometimes I will pack my clothes into an entire change per roll so I can grab a roll to go shower. I will do this if I have to go to another building to shower and don’t really have the space to pull everything one at a time. Dorms, hostels and similar. And pack extra socks and underwear in side pockets. When I wash clothes, I repack in the same way.

  25. This is a really useful video. I've already been in few places but my last trip was special at all (to Italy btw.), maybe because now I'm a more open-minded person and after that trip I can feel that now I'm able to have more enjoment and I can gain more experience from travelling. I'm writing all these stuff because I'm going to Sweden and then (I hope so) to Jordan and now I'm looking for some tips, hints and everything what can be helpful for a traveler and viedo like this is really into it!

  26. Why two jeans? Each pair of pants should be different. You suffer from cold and jeans are very cold in winter and too hot in summer.

  27. Love it! And cute youtube name!!! "what a shame mary jane." gosh theres so many things to consider when traveling, is it by plane? is it hostels or hotels? do i buy the soap there? do i buy more soap when i get there? will the plane take my stuff. this helped though

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