How to Pack for a Long Trip in a Carry On | 8 Packing Tips for 10 Days or 6+ Months in Europe

How to Pack for a Long Trip in a Carry On | 8 Packing Tips for 10 Days or 6+ Months in Europe

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– [Chris] In these pro-packing
tips, we’re gonna show you how to pack for a long trip in a carry-on. – [Ellen] We use these same packing tips for our six-month long honeymoon, where we went to places with all
different kinds of weather. I mean, we’re talking Mexico in December. (lively music) Germany in January. – People are just so nice here, they even wish you a gute fahrt. – [Ellen] France in February. – And we have baguettes. – And more bread. Spain in March, England in
April, and Italy in May. In a poppy field. All in one carry-on. – Let’s do it. (calm music) Hey, it’s Chris and Ellen, and we’ve been traveling
the world for the last year and a half in just our carry-on suitcases. – So, if you’re into it,
subscribe to our channel for more travel vlogs and tip
videos just like this one. – So, without further
ado, let’s get to it. Tip number one, pack for one week. Whether you’re actually going for a week, or you’re going for an
entire month, either way, just pack for a week
and plan to do laundry. – We spent six months in Europe and only packed one week’s worth of clothes. It is possible and it’s
actually kind of liberating. It makes getting ready in
the morning so much faster and it’s a lot easier to
get out on to the adventure. – You’re telling me. (laughing) Tip number two, make
sure everything matches. And, if it doesn’t match, it doesn’t go. – If variety is what you’re worried about, then this is how you solve that problem. You can go from having seven outfits to twenty with the same amount of clothes, by following this one rule. Check to make sure every
top matches every bottom. If it doesn’t match those pants, then it just doesn’t go. If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can actually pick a color scheme. I usually go with blue
and black and pops of red. – I mean for me, it’s super
simple, just tried and true. Black and gray undershirts
with any over shirt. That way if it’s warm outside, I could just wear the undershirt. Or, if it’s cold or fancy. It’s fancy outside today… If it’s like a fancy occasion, just throw on the over
shirt, and I’m good to go. – Which, brings us to tip number three. Layering is key. When you’re going to different climates, layering is the best way to get the most use out of the space in
your tiny little carry-on. – Itty bitty little carry-on. – Itty bitty little carry-on. – Especially European sizes. – Bringing five sweaters
because you’re going to the German Christmas markets sounds nice, but it’s not the most
practical use of that space when you’re also going
to the beaches in Mexico. So, for our six month trip, I brought one sweater and one cardigan that matched with everything else I owned. And, I could layer it on top. And, because it takes
up so much less space, You can pack a scarf,
a hat, and some gloves to make up that warmth difference. – Tip number four, Packing cubes are awesome. Isn’t it like, – [Couple] Everything is awesome! – At first, I thought they
were totally overrated, and I didn’t understand why I would add another thing to my suitcase. But, then I tried them, and I love them. – [Couple] Cheers to you. – Here’s to you, packing cubes. – Making life easier. – Good on you. – Packing cubes make it so much easier to compress down your clothes
and zip up your suitcase. – Then, when you’re at
the airport, running late, and TSA decides, “Hey, it’s
time to go through your bags.” You’re gonna be really happy you have those packing cubes so you don’t have to refold every single article of clothing in front of a bunch of strangers. It’s the worst. – We may or may not have
had to do that before. – Maybe. – And then, when you’re on the road, they make it so much
easier to stay organized. You can easily separate out
what is clean and what’s dirty. You can easily stick
things under the cubes to maximize space, and not
worry about things like shoes getting your clothes dirty. And, when you get to your destination, you can just take the cube out, put it in a drawer, and
you’re done unpacking. Packing cubes are amazing,
so just go for it. You’ll love them. – Tip number five, Two pairs of shoes max. I’m serious. Only two pairs of shoes. Now, shoes are the single heaviest item on your packing list, and they take up the most space. So, it’s really crucial
that you follow this rule. Now, personally, I only bring
one pair of hiking shoes that doubles as my walking
shoes and my fancy dinner shoes. “Fancy” My second pair is a pair of ever-hopeful running
shoes that I never use. But, you can bring comfier walking shoes, or sandals, or flip-flops, or whatever. Just make sure it’s nothing bulkier than what you wear on the plane. – I only bring one pair of walking shoes, and in the warmer months, that’s Keds. In the colder months, it’s
a pair of comfy ankle boots. My other pair of shoes is
usually a pair of ballet flats. – Are they called ballet flats? – Yeah. – Why are they called ballet flats? – They look like ballet flats. – You always wanted to be a ballerina. – They’re compact and
they fit really small, and I can wear them with dresses, and dress them up of down, if I want. I’ve even worn these
as sandals on the beach when I didn’t want to
bring a pair of shoes just for one location. – I mean, I didn’t even bring
sandals with me to Mexico. I bought them at Walmart
for, like, 10 bucks. So, if you don’t want to
bring them in your suitcase, just buy them when you get there. Which brings us to tip number six. They got stores there. – Surprise. – What I mean by that is the places you’re going have stores. It’s true. And if they don’t have the stuff. – They have markets. – Maybe you don’t need the stuff ’cause they don’t need the stuff. Like, if you’re buying
Mary Kay in the Congo. – Just get on without it.
– You don’t need it. – Get on without it. – Get on, yeah, get on without it. Get on up out of here with that Mary Kay. Whatever you buy, makes a
great souvenir for yourself. For example, I bought a jacket in England. It was winter, I forgot my jacket. Long story short, we’re running late. I didn’t know where my jacket was. – We were living in L.A., so. – Forget it, I’m gonna
buy one when we get there. So, I did. And, it’s a great souvenir now. I bought it for, I went to
Tesco and got it for 10 quid, which is like 12 bucks. Quid is a buck, which sure, sure. Happy days. So, this is the winter coat
I got, I was talking about. These are the sunglasses I got
in Mexico, and the sandals. – And, these are the tennis
shoes I bought in England. And a couple of dresses I bought in Italy, because it’s warm, it’s warm in Italy. This tip especially applies to toiletries. When we’re staying in a place
for a month or two at a time, we can’t really afford
to bring two Costco-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. So, we bring the travel size bottles, probably just like the rest of you. But, we only use them for the first night or two of the place we’re staying. We don’t bring a ton of
travel sized bottles. – No, we get to the
store as soon as possible to get the conditioner. Tip number seven, Bring an anti-sickness kit. Copyright pending. Now, there’s some things
that we always bring with us. Like, Tylenol, DayQuil, Tums, Airborne, ’cause people on the
plane are gross sometimes. Think of the things that you are not gonna want to be without when you first land. Like, there’s always stores,
there’s always pharmacies. But, sometimes they’re unavailable. – Like, when you wake up on
Christmas day with a 105 fever, and the closest pharmacy
is 20 minutes away, and it’s closed. So, thank goodness for
the kindness of travelers, but ever since then, we
always carry our own stash. – Tip number eight. Bring something that feels like home. Now, when you’re far away
from home, cue piano music. When you’re far away from home, no just single cords. – That was bad, that was
bad, I should not have… – Just single open voice chords. Yeah, ready? (Dramatic music) There we go. I’ll play along. Ready? So, on long trips, when
you’re just missing that special place in your heart, you’re just gonna want
something, just anything. I mean, it can’t be your favorite pillow. – I wish. – It can’t be your Snuggie. But. – No fuzzy blankets. – Gosh darn it, it’s
gotta be something, Ellen. – So, you bring a journal, some tea, favorite essential oils, just anything that’s little, cozy, and sparks a little bit
of joy in your life. – So, there you go. These 8 pro packing tips are gonna help you pack in a carry-on
for your next long trip, whether it’s two weeks or six months. – Enjoy where you’re
going, but don’t forget that it’s more important the
memories that you take back than it is what you’re bringing with you. – That’s good. That belongs on a t-shirt. Until next time, what are you waiting for? – Get packing. – Let’s go. We’re gonna show you how to,
we’re gonna show you how to – To places with all kinds of weather. – All kinds of weather. – All kinds. – Sorry, was that bad? I just felt like I needed to contribute. – You said the whole intro line. – I’ve gotta get my motivation right. Nice, we did it! Why is punching my first resort. Did you use this for snot? I see green. – What? – Wait, what’s the joke? Is this clean? – No. – I bet it’s snot. Ready, go. Refold everything in front
of a bunch of strangers. – And then, sorry, sorry. – That was. (lighthearted laughter) – I had one. – Words. – I don’t even know what happened. – You nailed it too. – I’m sorry. – Dead puppies, dead
puppies, dead puppies. Okay, let’s do this. – Should I say we’ve maybe
not had to do that before. – No, it’s fine. Tip number five, two
pairs of shoes, maximum. That’s French for maximum. It’s not French for maximum. That shoes are the single. – I’m not ready. Sorry. I’m all like. – So, it’s really crucial
that you follow this rule. (Tongue noises) Let’s try this take again. My hiking shoes, that
is for a different take. Nice. Punching again. Was that good? – No, I liked it. – Okay, cool. You liked it? – I liked it. – It’s getting late. – This part, this part. See how well I can make it
through that chunk of stuff. – Okay. – This chunk of stuff. What? – No hunchies. – No hunchies. – Got a hunch? – Only hunnies. – Fix it. You like my yokes? – Yeah. – We’re getting eggs tomorrow, so we’ll have more yolks. – Okay, continue. – Ready? Go for it. I’m just gonna sit here and look at you. Nice. – The closest store, pharmacy, sorry. – Oh, it was so good. It was so good. – I’m sorry, we got this. We got this. – We got this. – We got this. – Go team. Tip number seven, bring an anti– – Go team. – This has been a new thing recently. Got the giggles. Dead puppies, dead puppies,
okay, let’s do this. See how that turns out in post. – One more time just to be safe. – Without the piano. And at one in the morning, too. – That it’s more important
what you take back. – Oh no! That was so good! – I’m sorry. – No! Do you feel it? – I do. – I feel it too. Nice! All right.


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