How To: Pink Sparkle Makeup Tutorial | Amber

How To: Pink Sparkle Makeup Tutorial | Amber

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hi guys welcome to my channel so today
I’m going to be doing a makeup tutorial on my everyday makeup I do so I’m
actually going to start with putting my hair up in a ponytail because I don’t
want my hair getting in my face when I’m putting my makeup on so I have already
put my contact lenses in. I’ve already washed my face so this is the blank canvas to
start off with and the first thing I’m going to use is my L’Oreal Paris true
much foundation it’s hard to see but this is shade rose vanilla 2.C. I recently got this this is quite new
actually I’ve used it a lot because I think it’s my favourite one – I used to
use a mousey, like a moussey color on I think it was like colorful but it
didn’t really match my skin I just followed what my sister and mum was doing but it
just made my skin look very like you could see the cracks in my skin wasn’t
that great so I’d go in with this brush this is studio London don’t really know
what type of brush and then I just do all over my face and just cover I usually use either one
or two squeezes on my hand one is usually for more like oh I’m gonna lay back sort of day and then I usually use two if I’m going out somewhere so here I got two on. I’m not going anywhere but my birthday is coming up! I just tried to cover everywhere even like above the eyebrows. It looks really terrible now but its not blended in yet. brush is not very good at blending unless
you just do it like a thousand times make sure you get your neck as well so that’s all gone from my hand except
I’ve got this patch now now so I’ll just wipe that off with a wet wipe. or face wipe (whatever you want to call it) and then I’m going to use my spongy puff thing and just
blend all that into my face out of all the foundations I have used
this one seems the nicest of my face like it doesn’t feel like I can just
wipe off the foundation and get it onto my clothes and it just blends so well into my skin so i’m going to be using this one for a while until the next one comes along. that’s my foundation done and then I go
into also on my foundation I use this super stay pressed power this is shade
fawn and so cant really see it on the camera but yeah it’s shade fawn and this is what I
used to use as a foundation (not as this as a mouse not powder) and then I just go over but don’t go too much on that because I
already like how the foundation sits on my face next thing I need to go into is my
eyebrows so I use the Max Factor brow shaper this is shade 30 deep brown
because I quite like my eyebrows dark and then for this one I usually to go from the
start and then to the edge and then I sort of go to the edge and sort
of shape, I sort of shape and follow my line basically. So I’m not the best person at
eyebrows there’s so many other people who can shape it better than me but they sort of just like follow the
line and I do prefer thicker eyebrows I don’t like thin eyebrows so that’s the outline of them done and then I’ll
go in with my revolution focus and fix brow shaping kit so this is medium dark
I think I got this from Superdrug I’m not sure, it was quite a while ago. Then I usually go into the darkest brown there is. and then I start from the arch and go outwards with the deeper colour and then I come in a lot more lightly with the same colour. usually I go through with the brush end
of the pencil and just go through it and then I go up at the beginning and then I go downwards at the end. I prefer it that way. I will also wipe any excess eyebrow pencil off my face. It’s also good to check from a distance what your eyebrows look like. and then I just go over it with pencil. Just in case there are any areas which have zigity zaggy bits. Then the next thing that I go to is my eyeshadow I’m going to be using Jeffree X Shane’s Conspiracy palette. I’ve been using this quite a lot lately because it’s got such a range of colours in. they come out so easily on my eyes. So I’m gonna go in with, I really can’t read this but its a brush and its got an end like this. A normal eye shadow brush. Then on the other end its got a smaller eye shadow end. I really like this one, it’s
not like rock hard on your skin and not jabbing your eye out. so I’m gonna go in with the shade pigment the piggy one and I am going to put that all over my eyelid. so after I’ve done that I’m gonna go in
with the shade I’m gonna go with the shade ranch it’s the top and I’m gonna
use this small end of my brush Then very lightly into the corner of the eye. Then sort of blend it into the pigment shade. so here I usually just play around with
this part of my eye because it’s so easy to make it look terrible so I do like having a lighter colour in the corner.
So the next thing I’m going to go into. One again using the thicker part of the brush i’m going to go to shade Trisha this one’s really sparkly and then i’m going to go into the end just like this part. so I don’t go to the end. so this color comes out so well it’s
like probably one of my favorite colors in the whole pack that’s what my eyes
look like at the moment and then I’m going to use the smaller end of the
brush and then go in with pigment once again just put tiny bit on this one is I’m
gonna go under my eye like not on the eye line but just under it. Just go to the halfway line. so now it’s like halfway. and then I go in with the shade diet cola at the bottom this one. and once again this end. Make sure you wipe off the excess colour. Otherwise you’ll be getting that colour all over your face. which I do like this shade as well and then
you go from the front end to meet the middle. But when you do it try to blend in half way so you can just go just onto the pink a bit.
because it’s not showing that one ranch is probably like one of those colours
which I find a bit chalky but like I like the brightness of it
so after that I’ve got my eye shadow done. shadow done. I might actually go in with a bit more Trisha and just blend it to the front a bit. I have finished with the eye shadow. So I am going to go in with the mascara! I have like different mascaras but I’ve been
using Max Factor fusion mascara. It says false lash effect. I just go over my eye. I have been told I have really long eyelashes I don’t
know if that’s just the amount of mascara I put on. I like to put a lot but I don’t like it clumpy I’m find without mascara and if I just
left eye shadow on it would probably look terrible but then with mascara just
brings out so this is what my eyes that like close up. So the next thing i’m going to go onto is. probably highlighter so the highlighter I do
really like to use is the freedom this is freedom
professional London pro highlight so I do really like this but it I find I’m
not sure if it’s just me but I just find it doesn’t come out that much into a
brush so I’m gonna use this brush I don’t like I have no idea where it’s from
I’ve had it for ages and I’m just gonna go into it it doesn’t come out much on
the brush but that just might be me I think it’s cause it’s a really light
color it doesn’t come out much on my face and I have to put a lot on the brush for it to
show up on my face but I do really like the colour when it does show up. so a lot of people
saying you go towards your mouth I think but I usually go to towards my nose just
because I feel like that matches with the shape of my jaw I also have a light coming from here but
just a window so I think that might be why is hard to show this side is wrong and I also take the same one I use my
finger I never use a brush because it just works awful. and then I put the tiniest amount on the tip of my nose. And then I take the brush and sort of blend it out. This is studio London once again. so this is how my face
looks like with all the eye shadow done and the highlight. Because i’ve got pink eyeshadow on I might add Tanya Burr Cosmetics pink highlighter. so this is her pink shade I do really
like this shade that what it comes out way better than the freedom
so I’m just gonna go with this brush again and then I might just go a little
bit above where I’ve done just a tiny bit the freedom highlighter. Just to give it that pinky flavour. I also sometimes put eyeliner but I just dont feel like it. I don’t usually put lipstick
on the ones I do have some like this Rouge Edition which it does stay
but I just don’t really want to put I just don’t feel like no so I usually
just do like Vaseline so if I do go I do usually
just use a little tiny bit and then it’s like on the inside so I do have lip liner but
today I just don’t feel like wearing it this is usually makeup that I
use if I was just like going out anywhere or like usually maybe dressing up for
something but if I’m in the mood I like I don’t even wear makeup every day that we
do it something that’s something like this it’s not if I’m having the really
lazy day I probably won’t even I sure don’t I just go straight for mascara so this is look so my hair is quite wet because I did have a shower. is like against light so I’ve got my I quite like actually I’ve had pink on my
eyes before but not had it like this yeah yeah I guess so this is what the
look looks like I feel you enjoyed the video and I hope soon you


  1. Love the video!! I recently made a makeup video with my sister on my and her channel. Lets just say I did her makeup and I have never done makeup before so I'm sure you can guess how it turned out lol.

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