How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : Smiles & Facial Expressions at Cheerleading Tryouts

How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : Smiles & Facial Expressions at Cheerleading Tryouts

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Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village, here to talk about an introduction to cheerleading. Now we’re going to talk about
a couple of things that are really important in tryouts. They really have nothing to do
with your skill level as a cheerleader, but they can definitely make a difference of whether
you get picked or someone else can get picked on the squad. You can walk in there and have
the most cheerleading skills out of anyone in the room, you may not get picked, however,
if you can’t remember to smile and give good facial expressions. First and foremost, in
your cheerleading bag, it’s always important you want to keep your toothpaste and your
toothbrush and your floss. It’s really important to keep good dental hygiene in general. You’re
going to be having your mouth open pretty much the whole time, yelling and screaming,
close quarters with other girls, that’s really important. Second of all, we usually want
to use a lipstick that has a blue or violet base, because that’s going to make your teeth
look a lot whiter as opposed to one that has a pink base. So first and foremost, you want
to keep smiling. Second of all, facial expressions are very important, especially while you’re
cheering, dancing, and stunting. So we want to make sure we do proper facials and not
obnoxious facials. A proper facial, some good examples of, a lot of girls like to do the
kissy face, which would be … that’s really good if you’re doing a stunt, especially,
it goes good with the muscle arm stance. We never want to stick our tongues out, because
that’s just not attractive. Nobody wants to see that. The open mouth facial is really
good if you’re cheering, you can emphasize a word, say “Go.. Bobcats!” So we definitely
want to make sure we want to keep those facial expressions. They want to be tight, solid,
it’s OK to give a little head bob now and then, show off our cute ribbons and our pony
tails. So make sure you’re very expressive in your face when delivering all of your cheer


  1. @smiley0grl when you come back around from the pirouette, maybe make a surprised face like "i didnt expect myself to do that". It works really well, same thing when doing a hip roll or something of the like. I did that at my last try out and i made the team!!

  2. Is there any other facials than smiling kissy face and the open smile thing?? I'm in the front for most of my routine and my coach says i look bored cause all i do is smile…HELP!!(:

  3. @Presley246 There are lots of fun things to do to make yourself more exciting to watch. Remember its an attitude thing. Be FIERCE on stage. You have the A,E,I,O,U's. Mouth those letters with big eyes and and exciting face. That is always a go to when you feel like you are boring. Also winks here and there are fun. But remember, it is more them a smile, its an attitude. The best cheerleaders know they are awesome and it oozes from every pore in their body. Have fun and good luck.

  4. thanks that really help make a better cheerleader i hope that if i use those ill make the cheerleading team cause tryouts r monday gosh cnt wait

  5. @smiley0grl I'm a dancer and usually facials for a pirouette I usually just smile. I use the kissie face and smile alot. Smileing goes with any move you are doing. 🙂 Hope that helped. 🙂

  6. @CAMSLAM230 spacing in your teeth has nothing to do with hygiene O_O. she looks like she brushes her teeth and whatnot, why pick on her?

  7. So im gonna be a sophmore next year ad this is gonna be my first year ever trying out at a new school with my friend. but what moves do i need to know? i only know how to do a roundoff but i need to practice still on the landing and keeping my feet straight. and i cant do cartwheels anymore 🙁 i used to do them so good but i havent done them since i was 9 (im 15) now.

  8. I'm so scared this year my school has a lot of talent so I'm beyond scared this cheer… It's hard for me to just smile though

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