How to Remove Acrylic Nails Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

How to Remove Acrylic Nails Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

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Today we’re going to show you how to remove
an acrylic nail. We’re going to start off by taking the top
layer of the nail off, because it’s got a gel top coat on it which
won’t soak in acetone. We’re also going to take the length down because
there’s no point soaking excess length. We’re going to be using an electric file today. Because we’re doing a one finger soak off
we can use just a dappen dish. If you were going to do a full hand soak off
you would use a glass bowl. Fill your dappen dish up with acetone tip
remover, and then your client can place her finger
in for a good ten minutes. This nail’s been in this acetone now for about
ten minutes so we can give it a check. Use your cuticle pusher to scrape any excess
off. So when we put it back in the acetone it’s
not working on acrylic that’s already been removed, and that can go back in for another five minutes. This nail’s been in for another five minutes
so were going to give it another check. It’s nearly off, it’s just got a thin layer
left on it, but still put it back in the acetone. Don’t be tempted to file or pick it off. This nail should be ready now. If there’s any little bits left on, any little
bits of glitter, don’t worry because we’ve got to buff this nail. So we’re just tidying up the shape. Remember this is a natural nail now so one
direction only, then very gently just buff off any excess
– just a few little bits of glitter that are staying there. Get rid of your dust. and we’re going to finish this nail off with
a little bit of cuticle oil.


  1. Will this method leave the nails more sensitive and weak because there's no layer of acrylic to protect it, or will that be partly based on how thinly it's buffed down st the time of application?

  2. I love your videos thank you very much, I appreciate how you tell me what your doing and name the tools while working.

  3. Omg you're so nice and gentle😱whenever I get my nails done the lady throws my hands around everywhere and files my nails like she's sawing wood😂

  4. few questions if you don't mind, I'm a newbie lol, which lasts longer an acrylic build or a gel build, which is more tolerant of hard work, I'm a nanna but I'd like to have pretty nails 🙂 which I've never had in my life, better late than never, and can you soak off the gel like you do in this video? oy sorry bout all the questions, you should have seen what I asked about makeup, and are still asking, poor team rolls eyes I probably drive them batshit lol anyways, thank you and blessed be

  5. oh and I say build because tips and fakes just wont do it'll have to be a good strong build for my lifestyle, ie…gardening, washing dishes, trimming hedges and cooking, not to mention playing games and doing homework with my grand daughters, the youngest is just starting, I dont want to have to worry about me nails, but I would like pretty ones

  6. So many people below have had bad experiences at salons. 1) you're going to cheap salons, they cut corners to make a bigger profit, and don't pay the workers well. 2) They don't take the time to ensure a good soak off because it's cheaper to electric file. 3) Deep down they don't really care about your nails, or your pain. They pull off nails, or cut into your nail beds because they have quotas or don't make enough money to take their time. 4) some times people talk shit to them or about them to the point they stop giving a flip.5) Like any service job its not always the fault of the service workers but many times people get run down and burnt out. My approach is to always be kind, ask people their names, being on first name basis with someone who is going to apply hot wax to your face is crucial, be respectful to the human being in front of you taking off your cruddy nails. Tell them what you expect from them, respectfully, and I assure you'll have a more pleasant experience. Don't forget to bloody tip them! I get my facial hair waxed for $20USD and tip her a $10USD because we have an understanding that I choose to come here for her specific skills. I priced it at other places I would be starting at $30USD for just my brows! I'm not rich but nor am I a fool. I expect my brows to be spectacular, no sign of a mustache or chin hair. And she delivers every time!

  7. I got inpatient and couldn't wait until the end of the video so I pulled them off…. I regret my decision

  8. When I was about 13 I went to one of those cheap nail chop shops (not knowing that at the time) and asked them to remove my acrylic nails. The "technician" took a new plastic nail tip and jammed it under my acrylic nails ripping them off very quickly. It even ended up cracking one of my nails down the middle. So painful and very unprofessional. I'm very glad that 10 years later they are no longer in business.

  9. I have fake nails… and there way too long. I wanna take then off again… I bite the gel off my nail. And every time I get them off I get gel polish within the next week..I bite it again

  10. What bit are you using on the electric drill? I've recently ordered from you guys and I'm so excited for my delivery! X

  11. finally someone who explains the process thank you so much for making my life easier while im learning my nail technology :-*

  12. Who else was cringing at the fact that it looks like the clients nails look like they have been just done and then she is taking them off? Is it just me?

  13. Does the acetone damage the normal skin of the finger around the nail? Is the skin protected with oil or vaseline before or does nothing happen with the skin? The acetone dissolves the acrylic, so it must be a bit aggressive. Does it not damage the skin?

  14. My nail lady just takes cuticle clippers and tries to pry pieces off with brute force, sometimes accidentally going under my actual nail. When I suggest soaking in acetone first she doesn't understand english…

  15. doesn't tht Dipping of finger in d acetone for sooo long harm the finger skin? wanted to know really. …do reply …pleeaaseee

  16. wow good job when I went to get my acrylic nails removed the lady that worked there just teared my nails of worst experience ever.

  17. if I don't have the acetone tip remover would it be okay if I just used nail polish remover since it has acetone in it ? 😭

  18. Now that I know the difference between mma and ema acrylic, this looks like it removes so easily compared to cheap crap mma.

  19. Hi Kirsty Meakin, uou have to be the goddess of beautiful nails. Love your videos, very informative and educational, with a good dose of humour. Xxx

  20. That looks Painful!!!! Does it hurt?
    Is there anything I can ask for for it to be completely pain free? Never mind, just tell me where she can fix my nails…

  21. I wanna get acrylic nails but I'm terrified on how it will effect my nail bed! I've seen so many gross pictures of the aftermath form acrylic nails so I thought I should watch an acrylic nail removing video. You do it so swiftly and gently but from the comments people say that nail techs just rip them off and it doesn't sound very professional or cared for so I'm so nervous to get them 😂

  22. Isnt the acetone harmful for the natural nails? Doesnt it dry them out? Im trying to grow out my nails and protect them from this dry california weather i need answers pleaseeee lol

  23. I’ve seen nail techs soak off the acrylic by wrapping the nail using aluminum foil and a cotton ball soaked with acetone. Does it harm the skin to soak the entire finger in acetone? I’m thinking it dissolves hard acrylic resin … what is it doing to your skin?

  24. I want to go for nail extensions but right now my nail growth are good so just want to know that is the nail extensions harmful for our natural real nails does thy get very affected from this or not . Plzz advice

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