How to Smooth Out Lip Lines (Microcurrent Facelift Secrets)

How to Smooth Out Lip Lines (Microcurrent Facelift Secrets)

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Good morning, afternoon, whatever it is
for you, microcurrent fans. Christine Byer here.
I have relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana. I am still setting up shop, but wanted to do a quick video
on lip plumping with microcurrent. Now, I have a lot of clients. You’ll see a lot of clients
that have this problem where they have a lot of
lip lines through here. The circular muscle that surrounds the mouth can get really tense on a lot of people, especially people who are
public speakers or your boss. You know what I mean? They talk a lot. [chuckles] Just kidding. What will happen is this muscle
will stay in spasm, so you’ll get the little lines,
that’s never a pretty thing. We want to learn how to plump this. I’m just putting on a water-soluble mask. It’s very cold, but it feels very good. Turn on my Jade Machine. We’ll start from the middle,
we’ll want to smooth out those lines. We’re just pulling one,
keeping one stable to the side. You’ll do this a couple times, maybe 10, depending on how deep those lines are,
then you’ll do the other side. It should actually feel good to them. When I lived in Austin,
I would do this move to a lot of singers. When we released their mouth
from their chin area, their whole face looked different.
It was like an added volume to the bottom third. You’ll do the same thing on the bottom. Don’t push too hard because it’s their teeth. Some people have sensitive teeth. Then I like to hold just slightly
above the lip for about 10 seconds. This is where you get the plumping action. Here, it’s just that little area
where we lose fat. If people have lip injections, they’ll go,
they’ll have them put right there. If the doctor, the injector, is really good that it’s an art, having your lips injected. He knows exactly how much
to put there, it can transform a 30 or 40-year-old’s lips to near 20. I wouldn’t say exactly 20 because
nothing imitates youth that well. Microcurrent does a pretty good job. Now, remember that you’re going to
want to lift the cheeks as well. because when you get a lift
through the cheeks, you get a lift through the mouth area a bit. The chin can be released
in many different ways, but you just put it down and pull it apart. You can apply some pressure here. This is an area people hold
a lot of tension as well. You won’t believe it.
Once you release it, you will see it. Then always seal it in. This is what I call sealing in. That’s it. That’s my lip plumping method. There are other ways you can
lift the lips like this one, shorten this little muscle here that comes down through the nose,
inside the nose. There you go, lip plumping. If all else fails, lipstick. [chuckles] I don’t have any on right now,
but I hope this helps. If you have any questions, post them
in the comments and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for watching.


  1. I love your videos! Wish you luck in your new location. Just wondering where you found your Jade machine? I've been searching and haven't had any luck.

  2. I found my Jade machine from a Miami company that is now defunct. Try contacting Phyllis Smith in North Carolina. 919-418-4865. She trains for them and has worked with the inventor of the machine.

  3. I am just a layperson, but sure do enjoy your videos. I live in West Texas and am sad to see you leave the state. I think we have lost a treasure, but wish you all the best in the move!!

  4. I am just a layperson, but sure do enjoy your videos. I live in West Texas and am sad to see you leave the state. I think we have lost a treasure, but wish you all the best in the move!!

  5. Becky, thank you! Yes I am missing Texas and all my friends and clients there, especially after all this snow we've been having up here. If you are looking for an Esthetician in Texas who does microcurrent I'm sure you can find someone! Microcurrent is very popular out west. It's becoming more popular here in Indianapolis. But s l o w l y, unfortunately. It's so Antiaging and so much better for your face than Botox and fillers.

  6. Sharon, hello from Indianapolis. The spa where I work doing microcurrent facials (and all sorts of antiaging facials) used to sell them. I think they do work. Make sure you buy the newer ones with the wands.  Placement is key!

  7. Hi  I'm really enjoying your microcurrent tutorials.  I'm an esthetician and I would like to get a microcurrent machine.  I've looked into the Jade and also the TAMA.  Have you heard anything about the TAMA machine?  Thanks

  8. I keep hearing you tap the probes together – they aren't supposed to touch as that shorts out the circuit ???

  9. son muy didácticos y bien explicados tus videos y te agradezco, pero podrias enseñar el aparato que utilizas porfavor o la información de donde comprarlo, gracias

  10. Hi Christine, I have lip lines on my upper and lower lip and on my chin I also have open pores that look even worse. My lines r very deep not just thin lines but deep. Is there anything I can do? I hate them plus the open pores one my chin make them look worse and deeper. Can u give us a video than we or at least I can use?. Everyone has something different for this and nothing seems to work. Can u help???

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