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Today I’m going to
show you how to take your makeup from light
coverage to full coverage. We’ve already prepped the
skin with a little bit of moisturizer. So we’re going to
start with a little bit of our Natural Radiance. I have it evenly spread
everywhere so that all the skin texture is exactly the same. I’ve been around
for a long time, and so has Mac Face and Body. It gives the skin almost
a plasticized texture, but there is a little bit of
a trick to using this product. You want to warm it up. I prefer to do
this with my hands, but you can always do this
with a brush, as well. It starts to get sticky. Then I know it’s ready. So I’m going to start in
the center of the face, and work out towards the
jaw line and the hairline. I’m going to take a
little bit onto the neck so that everything
looks even and the same. I’m going to gently
tap the excess product right underneath her eye. And, again, around the
sides of the nose and I’m going to gently just buff
this product into the edges. I’m using the Pro Longwear
Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in Shade
Nc35 and I’m just tapping this product in where
Bonnie needs a little bit more coverage. And for most people, it’s
in the center of the face, around the eyes, and around
the edges of the nose. For balance, I’m just
going to take whatever’s left on my brush and
just kind of gently tap it around the
edges of the face. And we want to get
into this little area where she’s red outside
the corner of her eye. So I’m going to use
a smaller brush, and this gives me a
little bit more control over how much product I’m
putting onto the skin. She’s got a little bit of
grayness around her eye, so I’m going to use
the Prep and Prime Highlighter in Bright
Forecast, which is a beautiful, light peach shade. I’m going to gently
tap the Bright Forecast in a subtle
triangle underneath the eye. This is going to help to
brighten, color correct, and add just a bit
of light to the face. You can even take this
onto the cheekbone. Shine is a beautiful
thing on skin, as long as it’s in
all the right places. So I’m going to use some Prep
and Prime Translucent Powder, and using a very
soft brush, I’m going to come in and tap the
powder in areas where I want the skin to be less reflective. So I’m going to lighten
up my powder choice color. I’m using NC30, and just
use this in circular motions on the perimeter of
the face and down the center to give her a really
even, velvety finish, leaving the shine on the high
points of the face. So on the eyelid, the cheekbone,
and the center of the nose. We’re going to just sculpt out
the cheekbones a little bit. So I’m just going
to come in right under the natural cheekbone and
work the brush back and forth in a semi circular motion. I’m starting right under the
highest part of the cheekbone and working back
into the hairline. So to add just a pop
of color into the face, we’re going to use
a cream color base. So we’re going to start
at the very highest point of her cheekbone,
and I’m just going to press a little
bit of this color in. You’ll notice that
it’s quite vibrant and also because we’re
using a dual fiber brush, you see some texture in it. The best way to remedy that
is to use a softer brush, and just gently tap the color
until it blends into the skin and to the intensity
that you want. I’m going to take just a
little bit onto the forehead and again, gently
buff out and I’m going to brush just a little
bit into the crease of the eye. Using Shell cream
color base, we’re going to add a little
bit of highlight. I’m going to just dust it right
onto the bridge of the nose. So I’m just going to dance
this under her cheek bone, a little bit under the brow. You could do a little
bit on the eyelid, and then it’s just a
tad on the cupid’s bow. And last but not least, the
magic wand of makeup, mascara. I like to apply to
the bottom lashes first because if you
start with the top, you’ll get black mascara
all over your eyelid. And now the makeup is complete. We’ve taken it from
a very sheer coverage to a very full coverage
with just a few easy steps.


  1. blush on her forehead 😨 that was not pretty .. n it felt like the highlight dint do anything.. she looks shiny all along.. I love ur products..

  2. I find it so interesting watching MAC's videos compared to the YouTube 'gurus' videos as far as technique goes. Very different and very informative.

  3. I like mac products ,but I still found her face still looks shiny… like if she was sweating. Idk. maybe its all the gurus and their baking.

  4. Somehow it's a funny fact that the real pro's are applying make up so differently that the most beautyguru's here on youtube and still these tutorials look amazing.

  5. It looks nice but… thats how shiny I look almost at the end of the day if I set my makeup right. Its too dewy for everyday imho. it looks almost like she came back from working out or a sauna.

  6. She's very pretty! But if she had acne or pimples, that technique won't work! They will still show, not mention that the face would look extremely cakey, because you're layering too much products!

  7. Whoa! She's going so fast, I have to keep stopping the video! Why is she using a foundation, then applying another powder foundation on top? And aren't you supposed to use a "finishing powder" AFTER you applied all the makeup? I agree with the other comments here. Looks like the model needs a matifying moisturizer and a matte foundation to tone down the shine. Also, the Studio Sculpt Powder is supposed to be used as a setting powder, not for contouring, although it is used that way. I guess it's okay, but it's supposed to go over the entire face. And WHOA, blush on the forehead?! No, just no, no, no!! No blush on forehead and certainly not on the eye lids!! A bright blush like that on your eyelids will make you look sickly. I love MAC cosmetics, but this demo, Um, NO!!

  8. Noooooo oh my god this have me such anxiety 😂 from putting foundation on with ur ENTIRE hand to Blush where highliters supposed to b 😭

  9. She looks lovely,but I'd rather find one or two products that will give me the same type of coverage rather than using their whole line to get this look. Good way to sell their products though but I still love Mac!

  10. Love all the MAC videos! Thank you! PLEASE could you do a video/demo on how to color correct MELASMA. The problem with melasma is that there is always a greyish tint peeping out from under even full coverage foundation. I am so desperate to be able to pull off a super natural look that is long lasting, with no greyish looking skin. You will be my HERO, as I only use MAC foundations :)xx

  11. My skin is combination . But not terribly oily . I use this and it doesn’t get more oily . Looks like beautiful second skin. But again I’m a GODDESS .

  12. What a beautiful makeup look, like a fresh breath after watching so many beauty "gurus" caking with powder and putting so many products. Very nice to see a makeup tutorial showing how to do real and beautiful skin for our daily routine.

  13. Loved this video! This natural look is gorgeous with a nice glow. I just practiced this technique tonight and it’s gonna be perfect for my job interview tomorrow. 😍

  14. I tried applying my foundation with my hands and it's a gamechanger! Blends into skin way better and you can build it easier because the first layer is fully buffed in. Weird at first but worth a try!

  15. Gorgeous look ,I hope those product will work for me I think my skin is fine but I look pale thank you very much for your Video

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