How to Use a Beauty Blender | Tips & Tricks

How to Use a Beauty Blender | Tips & Tricks

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hello gorgeous welcome to my very
requested video from you guys my how to use a beauty blender video so this is
not just a simple how to use the beauty blender it is a how to do your entire
face makeup regimen with a Beauty Blender I think you guys are gonna learn
a couple things with this because I don’t typically use the Beauty Blender
for everything in my videos this is at first and I’m really excited because you
really do not have to have a makeup brush to get this entire look eyes
that’s a different thing but face I did everything with a Beauty Blender so if
you want to see how I got this look keep watching guys so first off I’m going to
talk about the Beauty Blender and you always have to use it wet ok so this is
a Beauty Blender wet and this is one dry you can see how different it is if you
apply your makeup with a dry Beauty Blender it’s never going to look as
flawless as it would if it’s wet and I’m going to think what it’s damp you put
you you soak it in water and squeeze out all the moisture so that it’s just damp
there are a couple of ways that you can go about things first let’s start with
my under eyes I start with concealer before I do foundation but you can do it
however you want you always always always need to do primer first to look
for on a little primer so for primer today I’m using cover FX V primer all
over my face so for my under eyes I have super dark under eyes and I’m going to
use a peach toned concealer to actually cancel out the dark now you have two
options when you’re using a Beauty Blender and I personally don’t like to
dip this into the product and put it on I like to do it with my finger but you
can absolutely put it on with the blender so for this I actually used
Bobbi Brown’s concealer and it’s in light to medium peach and as you can see
it’s actually darker but I’m cancelling out the purple undertones and with the
blender the Beauty Blender to get in right underneath my eye I’m going to use
that pointed and I’m just going to push that into my skin now if you use a brush
this is the difference between the blenders the Beauty Blender sponge and a
brush this is just pushing it into the skin like so if you’re using a brush
you’re actually applying it like you’re painting a camp
and I thought what we want to do we want an airbrushed just beautiful all
together finish on our skin so we want to use a sponge and get it in there
really really nicely so before we go any further I want to talk about this
particular brand I personally do not like any other brand of makeup sponges
not the little white cosmetic kind not any other knock-offs
Beauty Blender for me is it you can see the design of it it just gets in all
those places that you need to get and it just feels good on your face honestly
like it just it feels comforting to your face if that’s weird I don’t know okay
so next I’m going to go in with a little bit of foundation again so you guys can
apply it directly on I’m going to show you the difference so I’m going to use
my damp Beauty Blender and I’m going to put a little bit of foundation on it and
just apply it this way so you just dab it into your skin like so get in there
really well and you just get an overall beautiful finish on your skin so this
side as you can see the foundation has been applied and look how beautiful and
just flawless that application is and I’m using drugstore brand I’m using the
Maybelline fit me foundation in 230 and then this side it hasn’t been applied
yet so you can I mean I have the two dots but you can see the difference in
my skin it’s just so pretty and even and then here you go let’s do this side and
match it up okay so I know this from trial and error but I’ve actually tried
to use a Beauty Blender dry it does not give you this beautiful flawless finish
like at all it just drags and pulls in your skin and it’s just it was not
designed for that it was designed to be used wet so always always always wet it
down first or else you’re not going to get the finish that you’re looking for
so let’s talk about I’m applying first of all my NARS creamy concealer under my
eyes it’s the radiant creamy concealer and
I’m using it in light which is um Chantilly but in regards to storing your
Beauty Blender after you’re done using it for the day I just you keep my
original container and store it upside down like so and let it dry out and it
just gets air from all the different directions this one’s about ready to be
replaced as you can see I’m starting to get splits it kind of tells you after
you’ve used it for a while it lets you know that it’s time to replace it
because it starts to break open a little bit and tear so I’m just going to use
this technique I’m going to stamp it in right
under my eye and get it really beautifully blended out so I’m not going
to walk you through the entire highlighting and contouring routine you
guys know I’m like the highlighting contour Queen at least in my own head I
love it I’ve done three videos already for you guys so if you want to watch one
of those a link one over here and all three of the videos that I’ve already
done are going to be listed below for you this is for this look if I was using
my Beauty Blender I would probably pop in my cream contour which I love cover
effects for for the contour I like n 110 and for the highlight I like G 30 but
today I’m going to toss things up a bit and I’m going to show you how to use the
sponge the Beauty Blender sponge actually with powder products then I
don’t know if you guys knew that you can use it for that but you absolutely can
so first off I just finished my concealer and you can see how
beautifully highlighted I am I’m going to use my sponge and apply just a little
bit of brightening powder under my eyes to set that in place and I’m actually
going to be using the Laura Mercier it’s the secret brightening powder one so I’m
just going to take the tip of my Beauty Blender which you can see is good and
dirty now and I’m just going to dab it into this loose powder knock off any
excess that I have and just pop it under my eyes like so
and I’m just pressing that right into my highlight to get a really gorgeous
airbrushed finish under my eyes is this great it said it right in place and it
looks so flawless and airbrushed okay same thing I’m going to highlight I
highlighted my high plains on my face with my NARS creamy concealer just gonna
dab that in place with my Beauty Blender and set it with my brightening powder
next I’m going to apply some bronzer and yep gonna use the Beauty Blender this is
the whole beauty of our blender look and middle-out Beauty Blender the whole
Beauty Blender look I’m gonna use my chocolate Soleil bronzer you guys know I
love this and I’m just gonna apply it with my Beauty Blender add a little bit
on the puffy end and pop that right into my contour I mean look at that
guys blend it out what do you think pretty great contour right do the other
side okay so we want to contour our nose right that’s where the skinny end of the
Beauty Blender comes in so we’re just going to circle it around in our bronzer
like so so you can see how the very tip of the Beauty blenders has the bronzer
on it and just apply that like so under your lip and then we’re just gonna blend
it out with a little bit of Pat so no makeup look is complete without some
blush right so I’m using my Amazonian clay blush and glisten and again Beauty
Blender let’s use the rounded end for this Pat it Pat it on your cheekbones there you go guys pretty stinking
flawless if you ask me I mean like look it is so fantastically blended right
into my cheekbone I don’t know if you guys can see the shimmer on camera the
way that I can see it in the mirror but it is just gorgeous last but not least
is highlighter and I’m using my Physicians Formula nude wear highlighter
because it’s my favorite and we’re gonna put we’re gonna get really specific so
pointed end I’m gonna go in the two lightest colors just drag it right
across or punch it whichever way you want
I like punch is the best and I’m gonna take it right down the bridge of my nose
to get a very highlighted bridge I get excited every time I use this this
highlighter it’s so pretty I’m gonna do the same thing right across the two
lightest colors and right onto my cheekbones all look how pretty guy is it’s so brave
okay you can’t forget your Cupid’s bow because we will always want bigger lips
I’m going with the lightest color here right here popping it on and the thing
that we can’t forget is that you’re supposed to always highlight the high
plains of your face so wherever the lights gonna hit is the High Plains of
your face so always your forehead bridge of your nose cheekbones and your chin so
we’re just gonna punch a little bit on here we don’t want as much on our
forehead and chin as our cheekbones so maybe just like you know get a little
bit of the excess off but we’re just gonna apply a little bit on our forehead
a little bit on our cheek arms our chin so pretty so guys what do you think I
personally think that using the beauty blender for the entire face like I did
in this video it’s just such a flawless beautiful
airbrushed look like it just is I don’t think that I could have gotten any more
perfectly highlighted contoured everything with a brush like a brush
just cannot give this flawless finish so I am a sold-out hardcore fan of the
Beauty Blender and if you haven’t gotten one it is worth every penny I know
they’re a little bit pricey I feel like they’re like nineteen fifty or twenty
dollars it’s worth every penny because you seriously can get this entire look
you saw I did not use a single brush on my my face not even once eyes are a
different story you’re not going to get you know a great eye contour color or
finish or whatever with it with the sponge you have to have brushes for that
this is the be-all end-all when it comes to face makeup it really really is and
it’s that’s it for me that’s all I need I don’t I think I’m happy with life now
that’s all I needed um but yeah I was so excited that this this turned out so
great and I hope that you guys learned something new because I had a lot of fun
doing this and if you have any requests for any tutorials or anything you like
to see for me let me know in the comment section below on Facebook there was a
pretty big response if this was the video that you guys wanted to see so I
hope I did not disappoint make sure to visit me over on Angelo Lanter comm
because I post every day there and everything that I used in today’s video
will be listed down below in the description bar as well as on my blog
thanks for watching guys and I love you so much or blah
hello gorgeous so today I have a very simple and easy makeup look for you guys
that I use whenever I’m running out to do errands or just you know going


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