How to Use Self Tanning Lotion : Applying Self Tanning Lotion

How to Use Self Tanning Lotion : Applying Self Tanning Lotion

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Hi, I am Rachel Perelli Randolf here with
Expert Village on how to talk to you about self tanning tips and right now I’ll be talking
to you about the actual process of putting the lotion on your skin and getting that wonderful
glow. The first thing you really want to do is you want to start at the bottom and work
your way up. You’re going to start literally at your feet. You don’t want white feet, so
you’re going to start at your feet and you’re going to rub in a circular motion up in each
segment. So you’re going to spray a little bit on or your gel, pour a little bit on and
just keep rubbing in a circular motion on your way up in segments making sure you got
every spot. You should rub all the way until you can’t see it anymore and some bottles
say rub in until you feel resistance in the skin with the lotion. Also, when you’re putting
on lotion you put on a lot of lotion, you want to put more self tanner on than you would
lotion and remember to be careful, putting it lightly on your ankles because it will
crack and you’ll open, open it up and they will show a lot of mistakes because when its
closed you don’t see that, but when you open it, its going to be white spots in between
those cracks. And next up we’re going to be talking about bronzing.


  1. @MTZ83 u kno then why do u watch these videos wouldnt that be a waste of your time? expetially a vid on HOW to use self tanners?

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