How to Use Self Tanning Lotion : Preparing Your Body for Self Tanning

How to Use Self Tanning Lotion : Preparing Your Body for Self Tanning

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Hi, my name is Rachel Perelli Randolf and
I’m here with Expert Village on self tanning tips and right now I’m going to be talking
to you about how to start this process. The first thing you want to do is the first and
foremost and everyone does this pretty much everyday I hope, is take a shower. When you
take a shower you want to make sure you lather up and shave for women, men you don’t have
to shave, but women you should shave. It also is a part of the exfoliation process but it
gives you that nice, smooth, clean layer that you want when you apply everything, it goes
on great when everything is so even, it works out really well. Shaving is very important,
and you also want to apply a lot of soap to your legs and after you shave you don’t want
to do harsh rubbing because you don’t want to cause irritation because on top of the
irritation you’ll apply the tanning and then it will cause burning and use gel at least.
That’s really important, don’t forget to shower and next up we’re going to be talking about


  1. This might be the worst video I have ever seen on YouTube. Stop reading from the paper that is laying next to your right leg. The only thing I heard the entire video was "shave".

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