HUGE Douglas Advent Box – Russian Makeup Vocabulary

HUGE Douglas Advent Box – Russian Makeup Vocabulary

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Hello everyone! All of a sudden I’ve decided to make an unboxing video. I guess it will be more interesting for girls because it’s about the Makeup Advent from Douglas. But if you want to learn some new vocabulary about makeup and also learn numbers from 1 to 24, stay with me. The video is in Russian but you can use English subtitles. Here we go! So we begin with number 1. The first… Oh, how difficult to open… First window. The first window is a moisturizing creme. Number 2. Second window. Something purple. These are collagen drops from SYS. Number 3. The third big window. And something pink. This is a hand cream from Douglas. Number 4. The fourth window. I’m tearing everything up… Oh, it’s so big! A mask! Good lord, I can’t take it from there! The mask. For eyes. I guess these are patches. Patches for under your eyes. Number 5. The fifth window. Here it is. How do I do it? Oh, it’s Invisibobble! These are hair rings. Very useful thing! Number 6. The sixth window. Probably it’s mascara. Correct! This is mascara with the volume effect. Number 7. The seventh window. Here it is. What is it? Bath cube. To take a bath. Number 8. The eighth window. Oops, we’ve torn her head apart. AnnaYake? I don’t know it. Ah, a mask. Moisturizing mask for a face. Number 9. The ninth window. What’s here? Something made of glass. Some ampule… Moisturizing skin serum. Number 10 is… something red… Anti-wrinkles creme. I can use it. Here and here… Wrinkles. Number 11. The 11th window. And how do I open it? It’s very large. And a mask again! The hair mask. For volume. Now number 12. The 12th window. Where’s 12? Here… are.. some pills? What os it? This is cream! Anti-aging cream. Such a strange look. Number 13. The 13th window. Here it is at the bottom. Nail polish! Nail polish. Some fuchsia, color. Interesting. Just in time to color. Number 14. The 14th window. Next to me. And this is… perfume. Pour Elle perfume. Then comes 15. The 15th window. What’s this? It looks like cream. The cream for dry skin. Now 16. Here it is, the 16th window. Well, what is it? Something made of glass. Lifting serum. Number 17 The 17th window. A mask! Express moisturizing mask. Super! 18 is… something long. Lip pencil. The lip pencil is very red. Number 19. The 19th window. Where is it? 19 is very poorly packed. And a mask again! Lip mask. Maybe it’s a lip patch. 20. The 20th window. What is it? Wait, something else is stuck here… Another perfume. Mercedes Benz?! Does Mercedes produce perfumes too?! 21. The twenty-first. What is it? This is skin gel. 22. The 22d window. And here seems to be that… Yes, here it is. Big mask. 7-second mask. 23 is here at the bottom. This is… what? Some facial energizer… With bamboo. And the last window. The 24th one. Something very cute. And the perfume again! A little cloud from Ariana Grande. Smells nice. Well, my friends, that’s the Advent I have, the one that I’ve opened on day 1 instead of all 24. I hope you’ve learned some new words. So that was it. I hope you’ve learned something new about makeup, about taking care of your skin maybe. That’s it for today. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you next time. Bye-bye!


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  2. Thank u sooooo much Dasha I didn´t know how to say make up words in russian is very easy ! I love learn of you Dasha 🙂

  3. Hi Daria. Thank you for your lesson. I have a question. When I heard you say “туалетная вода”, I couldn’t help laughing. It just sounds like “toilet water”.🤣 Is it common to call it that?

  4. Спасибо за видео Дарья.
    Я выучил много новых слов 🙂
    I wish they had such a thing for men too, but then with computer parts in it 😛

  5. Вау, какая штука! Пусть мужчины тоже учат, а то придут в Русский магазин косметики и не смогут объяснить, что хотят своей даме в подарок купить 😃

  6. Daria it was so fun! also a great ideia for a gift. And kids have the opening chocolate eggs videos to learn, so why shouldn't we adults have something fun too? 😁 it was great, thanks for the lesson🍎

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