1. Makeup tutorials give me anxiety, don't know why but I sit through your videos and I actually enjoy them because you're so beginner friendly and a hoot!

  2. I love you my Leo sister! Thank you for this video! You’re literally such an inspiration to all of us. I’m proud to be able to watch and look up to you.

  3. Why fit in when you were born to standout. That's my mantra. Love your video and tips. You can rock Glitter like no one else. Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Ms jackie I wanted to know if you would ever try reviewing some clean beauty brands eg kjaer weis, rms, ilia,kosas etc. There aren't alot of darker skin tone makeup gurus reviewing clean beauty and I think it would be helpful for alot of consumers into clean beauty. Just a thought. Love your videos. Keep being you its better to stick out then blend in. 💖 from Guyana.

  5. Hey Jackie! I have an up and coming lash business and I wanted to send you a pair. Is there a PO box I can send it to by any chance? Thank you in advance! – Kiki from Keen Kosmetics.

  6. I absolutley adore you and your outlook on life, you are literally one of the most real gurus on here. Keep going you makeup Goddess!

  7. Hi Jackie,,,, Love your channel. I have never been big on wearing makeup, but following your channel has helped understand what all of the brushes are for how and why you apply the eye coloring. Plus the candid conversation, while you teach, is what I came back for. You share a lot of sincere advice that I hope those who needed to receive the message received it. On a side note, what lens size do you vlog with? I like the blur setting. Thank you for all you do. Keep on shining ,,,,

  8. Me listening to Jackie from 17:10 – 17:45 and being like, this is why I love Aunty Jackie, truly a women to look up to and view as a role model. Then moment 17:50 – 17:58 happens, and then I remember another reason why I love her, LMFAO!

  9. Hey is it possible for u to do a video on the products that u liked using this year (meaning any products that u use for a full face that u frequently use or use everyday). U are a favorite, and keep going.

  10. Lets just call it what it is and talk about colorism in the beauty community. YOU are literally the ONLY big time dark skin black YouTuber…which is why I watch you. Thats a problem.

  11. Quite frankly black beauty have NEVER "fitted" or has been fully excepted in White Society. Some black beauties are allowed to participate because they can't deny their talent. We're merely tolerated and not truly welcomed in those spaces. It's a shame that this society won't allow it self to except that we ALL add value. "Jackie Aina, doesn't fit in the beauty community"??? ha I can't with these people. When YOU are able to get "Naomi Campbell's" Uppity arse to get Glam with you. ha No pun intend…we all know Naomi ONLY messes with the BEST! You can BELIEVE your skills are at least recognized.

  12. Of course you don’t, YOU’RE A QUEEN!

    (You educate, entertain, uplift, and be a role model for all (black) WOMEN!!!!)

  13. Hmm, I never really considered the notion that the way your parents interact with others can be passed onto you, but it's completely true in my case now that I think about it. My parents don't really have a clique. They get along with a lot of people, but they don't have really close friends that they always hang out with. I'm the same way.

  14. I'm a silent subscriber of yours and I love your contents. I have been following beauty gurus dramas and you're the queen they don't deserve. I love you Jackie and keep up the good work on sending good vibes to young girls and boys.

  15. Society definitely programs us to believe that in order to survive we must find a group. Especially in high school. When I transferred to my current college, I felt so out of place because I was a sophomore, and I felt everyone had already formed their cliques when they were freshmen. But overtime, I realized it's ok to have friends who are not in the same group. I think it highlights how versatile and cool people can be to get along with different people. It also taught me how to be more independent and enjoy things by myself. And sometimes thats more fun than when I'm with people. I love this video and I think you are such a great role model and you are one of the few authentic beauty gurus/youtubers out there. Keep on shining Jackie <3

  16. Jackie, Aina. girl you are perfect as a person, funny, creative and amazing in your craft and in singing if you didn't know that, girl, Don't care about what any haters or non-confident people say, if you notice girl HATERS ALWAYS LACK CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES

  17. i am a beginner beginner with less than 3k subscribers, and i stay away from groups and other people who are also trying to grow their youtube because i don't want to wake up one day and have someone talk bad about me on their channel related to something i overshared from being too familiar and too friendly. too scary…

  18. You are literally the dumbest person on Earth for that quick music mix snack dab in the middle of the video 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just can't with you! Pure comedy

  19. I definitely can relate to this and not fitting in with a certain group. Throughout middle school and high school I never just stuck to one group. I made friends with people that were all in different cliques but I was never really accepted in any of those cliques or felt accepted. In college I made friends but the friendships were more fleeting because the dynamic is different and I did not live on campus so that made it harder to keep friendships. Now I’m very selective with friends because of things that have happened, it almost feels like the process of dating where I have to make sure that that person would be good for me, a good influence. But I’m so glad that I’m not the only one, it sometimes gets lonely as I have moved a lot because of my parents and it’s hard to keep friendships throughout the years. Thank you for your words Jackie!

  20. Jackie, you give me life girl! Do you have a recommendation for makeup brush cleaners? Do you like the electric cleaners or do you prefer to clean by hand?

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