I Got A Glass Skin Facial In South Korea | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

I Got A Glass Skin Facial In South Korea | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

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We’re like jet lag, who dis? Who dis, ugh that’s the best part. Hey, guys, it’s Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty
with Mi. South Korea is a bona fide skin care hub, and
South Koreans know a thing or two about super dewy skin. I am super excited because I got a glass skin
facial while I was in Seoul. If you guys are unfamiliar with glass skin,
it is essentially a term popularized in South Korea that refers to super bouncy, hydrated,
dewy skin, that’s so dewy and so glistening that it semi-resembles
a pane of glass. That is the objective of this facial. And in South Korea, where dewy skin is a very,
very, very covetable thing to have, this facial that we got was directly designed to create
that effect. So right after touching down in South Korea,
I met up with Sarah Lee. She is the co-founder of Glow Recipe. And she was kind of my guide for the week
that I was in Seoul. I am so excited to get a facial with you. You’re the expert. What are we getting today? So we’re here at Oracle Derm Clinic. This is my favorite spot to get a facial treatment,
especially after flying from New York. So you want to get over that jet lag, but
still get that glowing skin. They’re known for glass skin facials, and glass
skin is the most popular skincare trend right now, where people want that smooth, poreless,
translucent skin result. Let’s go. Step one began like most facials do with a
very thorough cleanse. Mm, smells good. The hot towel is the best part. It’s so good. For the next products to infuse really
well, she’s going to use some intense treatments. So this is a way to prep my skin for that. She wet this cotton pad with water. And I’m holding onto this so that this whole
electricity flows through this. I thought there might be a little bit of a
shock sensation, but since I was holding that electrical grounding thing, I didn’t feel
anything. It felt amazing. It tingles. Is it tingling you, Sarah? It’s tingling a little bit. But it’s really gentle, right? It’s almost like ticklish, almost. And it’s kind of a cold sensation. So that’s really nice. We did that for about seven minutes, and then
we moved onto an LED treatment, which helps to renew the skin, calm and soothe the skin. She said it’s really great for people that
have puffiness, and that’s gonna be for eight minutes. LED time. This in particular, with this yellow light,
is great for hyper pigmentation, dark spots. It’s really a part of this glass skin facial
to make sure that the skin tone is even. And before this treatment, she applied this
aloe-infused gel so that the soothing benefit is boosted. So it’s kind of like an all-in-one. I get the soothing, the calming, but also
even tone and texture through this. So she’s going to apply the watermelon mask
now. It’s really cold. I love it. It’s really satisfying because when you wash
your face after masking, it reveals your soft, baby soft skin. She’s wiping it off now, but she’s going to
wash it off with a cold towel. It’s kind of like a double step. Yeah, it is cold. It’s actually really nice. My face was feeling so puffy and bloated from
the plane. It’s icy cold. And then we moved onto a vitamin C serum. She’s applying the pineapple C bright serum
because she wants to give that extra glow glass skin result. And this is a very gentle vitamin C treatment. Smells like a vodka pineapple. Just what my skin needed after a 14-hour flight
across the Pacific. And then after that, she’s going to do the
rubber mask, which is the last step of this routine. Usually rubber masks are made with algae,
which is amazing for antioxidant power and also soothing effect. So this is not only gonna give me the soothing,
but also just stronger skin overall. Typically, they leave this on for about 10
minutes and then peel it off. It’s like 10 to 15 minutes max. I’m going to try and touch you. Oh, it’s so bright. How do you feel? Oh my god, it feels amazing. It’s so, I don’t know. There’s something really exhilarating about
the peel off experience of a rubber mask. Once that was done, we ended the entire treatment
with a healthy dose of SPF. You got to have SPF. And we went on our way. Am I finished? Yes, you’re all done. Thank you for your hard work! That’s it, guys! Honestly, so nice to get this right after
the flight. I think my skin looked so much dewier, so
much bouncier. It did have that kind of glistening glass
skin effect. It costs roughly around $120 for
the facial. I will say, though, I had an awesome time. It was really cool to see what techniques they use. And it was even better that I got to do it
with my friend. Thanks so much for watching, guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29, and
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  1. I know its hard to appreciate when her skin is pretty flawless anyway (bless) but the results ARE pretty obvious and it looks GREAT. I definitely want to do this

  2. So they basically exfoliated several different ways, moisturized several different ways, and applied a sunscreen. Got it.

  3. I want to go to Korea just to do their amazing skin procedures. They are so ahead of other first world countries when it comes to skin care.

  4. First of all, she already has clear skin. I don't see any hyper pigmentation or any other flaws as well.
    Secondly, this facial only used Glow Recipe products? Is this sponsored or some collaboration?

  5. i was playing games and the video was playing and i switched window and saw 3:30.
    Me: how did they turn her into Simpsons?

  6. She didn't have a single spot, dark circles, freckles, blemishes or puffy eyes unlike mine so almost no difference is visible except for the glowing skin.

  7. I was super excited to see this, but I highly doubt that spa normally uses Glow Recipe products in their facials. I'd love to see a video about skin clinics in Korea without a brand representative tagging along.

  8. those facials are removing the natural oils, even if you think you have dry skin, it’s removing the natural exfoliating oil layer on top of your skin and you shouldn’t be doing these facials so frequently. once a month is fine but you upload them videos often, no hate, just a warning.

  9. My broke persons daily routine which saved my acne scarred skin
    1st st Ives coffee coconut scrub
    2nd neutrogena foaming facewash
    3rd equate collidal oatmeal cream

    Can only speak for my skin – it’s clearer, looks healthier and am happier

  10. All these facials and you still have decent skin like I see acne and black heads not hate it just shows it takes more then facials to have nice skin

  11. All you keep saying she had perfect skin already and real talk is that she doesn’t. I can see some blemishes and some acne but her skin is still good though.

  12. Me thinking I could do the bootleg version of this at home, and then they start bringing out electricity probes and yellow lights and stuff😅

  13. Korea skin care is a joke. There was no facial massage. In American we will ask if have any health product before using machine. Not every machine is meant for everyone even pregnant

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  15. I hope this doesn't sound rude in any way because it's meant as a compliment, I just want to say I think you look so much prettier without makeup on!

  16. I'll apologize now, but if you're reporting on beauty, don't you think you could put a little effort into your appearance? Your hair always looks greasy, your clothes are frumpy and your makeup looks like leftovers from the dollar store. Zero class.

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