I Got Transformed Into Sophie Turner | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29

I Got Transformed Into Sophie Turner | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29

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Hey, I’m Marissa. This is Beauty Evolution and today I’m being
transformed into Sophie Turner. I love Sophie Turner because I think overall,
she is a complete badass. In real life she’s hilarious, she’s spontaneous. If I could meet Sophie I would probably say,
let’s go get some American fast food, because that’s what she loves and, let’s just have
some beers and hang out, because I think she’s just very spontaneous, funny and awesome. She seems really down to earth. I’ve been told, “Oh, yeah. I can totally see that.” Especially because now she is more blonde
and I’m blonde. So, I think that showcases the similarity. But yeah, I’m really excited. Before we get into the transformation, make
sure you subscribe down below. This first look is from the X-Men Apocalypse premiere in 2016. Her hair is in a side part with beach waves
over one shoulder. With an orange tone blush. Here she has a thick cat eye. And a nude matte lip. Ready? Oh. Oh, my God. This is a look and I’m going to do it. The next look is as Sansa Stark in season
eight of Game of Thrones. Her hair is half up, braided ornately at the back of her head and flowing down her back. Here, Sophie has a no makeup, makeup look
where her eyes really stand out. Oh, my God! Queen of the North at your service. Finally, Sophie, at the Season 8 premiere
of Game of Thrones. This look is super dramatic with really thick
black liner, black eye shadow and the rest of her face is really natural. She has a deep side part here with loose waves. Okay, do I look? Oh, my God! This looks so good. What? I love this smokey eye. As an actress myself, I love that Sophie Turner
saw this opportunity and just went for it. I love her character arc through Game of Thrones. How she starts off as a damsel in distress,
a lot of people don’t like her and then she turns into this complete badass and becomes the Queen of the North. Thank you so much for watching my transformation
into Sophie Turner. To watch more videos, click here and to subscribe
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  1. I love this video
    I love the spill it series it's interesting to see that famous people just carry regular people items
    I was wondering if you could bring in a British celebrity for spill it
    Also she's so pretty

  2. For the actual Sansa look… I feel like if you swapped the wig for blonde she would have looked more like Cersei…. something about the make up look made her look much older than Sansa.The last look was the best for a Sophie Turner make over.

  3. Why do they get a person who just looks like Sophie Turner ! 🙄 this is not transformed into Sophie Turner, bc without make up she already look like SOPHIE 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 why can’t they get someone black or asian or just Not look like her 👎🏽👎🏽

  4. #1 She looks more like Cersi in her Sansa look.
    #2 Why did they go orange with the wig instead of an ashy strawberry?
    #3 The make up looks get the same effect but they are not the same looks at all. The first dark eye was not nearly as dramatic on Sophie and the last one had glitter on Sophie but they kept her totally matte.
    #4 The wigs are terrible. I get it you're doing it all at once but you're promoting these videos, they have decent view counts, put a little more budget behind the props.

  5. They could've step up the game and photograph her in the similar lighting.. That would be so much better for the comparison and overall look

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