1. How do you feel about Besame Cosmetics? I'd love to see you do a vintage look using their products.

  2. Jackie!!!! Why do I be in my room literally SCREAMING! You’re energy is so infatuating! Love you lots ☺️

  3. Hey Auntie Jackie I am subscribed to your Snapchat but I don’t see anything you post. I am to sad. Wonder why I can’t see your snaps?

  4. I feel like Jackie A. Should have at least 26,835,717 subscribers by now. *just my opinion * 💚

  5. I think I know the answer to this but what would be more appropriate “cute” names for darker foundations? I mean the answer feels like you should just name them with the tone and undertone. But I’m just genuinely curious?

  6. You should try doing like the darkest shade from ten different lines or the third darkest or something!!

  7. I just don’t want my skin refered to as any foods products anymore…I’m not a coffee bean, a nut or milk chocolate…I’m brown damn it lol

    Also, I feel your pain as a fellow yellow/golden undertone darker skin lady…it’s a mine field out there

  8. Can you pleaseeeee update us and show us a full face with this and what it came out like after a long wear? Thx, love you so much ❤️

  9. The shade might not match but it looks smooth and she has pores so blurred it’s like the glass skin trend.

  10. I've committed to a "foundation without concealer" face because my skin can't handle all that product in this humidity

  11. Ok, so in the context you were using it, it would be 'deep dive'. Then using dove for example would be 'he dove into the icy water'

  12. Okay u convinced me i subscribed , cause i always basically sing “ jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie “ 😂

  13. try the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation and the even better refresh also from Clinique!! You will love it!

  14. Brands be like:
    Honey, Warm Honey, Caramel, Warm caramel, toffee, chestnut…🥁🎶🎶 espresso.

    Us: 🤨

  15. I rarely watch you Jackie, I'm not into make-up like that because I suck at it. However, I will subscribe just because I like your personality.

  16. I don’t understand the complaining about shade names being coffee themed. It’s the same for light skin. “Ivory, pale, light”
    If anything I’d prefer that a shade name was an actual visual representation of the shade rather that just saying “light ivory, sand, medium sand, alabaster, etc.” Would you rather be called the color of “bark” or “dark golden” … idk just confused at the one sided-ness.

  17. Girlllll tell me why I just picked up my too faced born this way foundation for shits and giggles and it was chestnut 😭 I’m dead. It’s just crazy that we are both thought to be chestnut when we are easily 4-5 shades apart

  18. Anyone else’s a “🤤fair🤤” girl ………….. you know when you’re so pale skinned most makeups have you yellow ,pink or orange 🍊 and when you finally see makeup lighter you’re like ok I got THIS 😎 two seconds later your a ghost 👻

  19. I know I'mbeing a bitch since being a pale ass, I've got helluva lot of different foundations to choose from, however;; I've such yellow undertones that I have to use then nyx yellow colour corrector mixed with those white lightning thingys to get my shade lmao Would love to see some drugstore yellow foundation since . they're usually pink or neutral. That being said, Snow from too faced is a pretty decont match if I only use it underneath my eyes

  20. See I wonder how they look in person, I know the camera is obviously going to change the coloring slightly, because the liquid to powder on your hand at least looked like it would be a good match. Also I love your videos, because I’m like the opposite spectrum, very pale. But I’m not pasty so I have issues finding foundations with the proper undertone. You give a good description of undertones in general and it’s cool to be able to apply your tips and tricks to myself even though I’m white as shit.

  21. Literally the second I swiped down to click another video Jackie said "where the hell do you think you're going" lmao I was startled

  22. I've seen about 7 shades of folks in these comments talking about caramel and I'd like to add another shade of person and say how tf is this industry so fucked up that all of us have a run in with this shade name

  23. Haha girl you are so funny😂😂love your style, NOT BORING! you are just mood uplifter no matter what you are talkingabout just makes me feel positive)))

  24. Literally can’t watch your videos with head phones because one minute you’re talking normal and the next you’re yelling and hurting my earrrrrssss.

  25. I don't wear makeup alot but I LOVE your videos. Your energy and personality is on point and you remind me of me…… I'm not alone 😁😁😁🤗😍

  26. Do make-up brands even use actual human skin tones to base their foundations on or do they just guess from a color wheel! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. I love Leomie! I was ecstatic to find out she’s now a VS angel. Truly such an empowering role model and inspiration! 🥰💞😇

  28. I liked this idea cuz at least you get to see what the average colour is for all brands (and the colour match turned out pretty good) instead of other videos where they try on each shade with the same name which of course are mostly not gonna be the right shade

  29. Lmfao re: this foundation is so full coverage I don't need concealer. "I don't believe you, shut up, deactivate your channel."😂

  30. The sad part is, is the fact that brands really just can't get consistent on any color. I am light or vanillaish with neutral borderline olive undertones, and literally all those colors are either to pink or orange even ivory gets really warm on me. I mean they get paid lots of coin to do this am I right? Maybe one day they will understand!!

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