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Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel as you can see, this is another English makeup tutorial I know you liked it a lot when I did it the first time so we’re gonna follow it Makeup tutorial it is the video of one of my favorite youtubers Tati. We’re gonna follow Scott Barnes, which is J Lo’s makeup artist doing makeup on Tati It is bronze and glam and tan and glowy so it’s gonna be fun, but I’m gonna say it Right away. It is a process because it has a lot of steps. I love products. Let’s get started If you haven’t seen it I’m gonna link the original video down below I’m skipping the chitchat parts. “How obsessed I am with J Lo’s makeup and highlight… They’re all obsessed with J Lo.” 3 hours later. Apparently he has a real different makeup style. He’s starting off with contour which is not the first step in my makeup routine, but we’re gonna give it a try and let’s See what happens? No, he’s actually starting off with concealer. He’s using Urban Decay’s All Nighter I’m using Mac 24-hour smooth Fair concealer and the shade NC15. This video is sponsored by Cambly kindly again. Cambly is a mobile app that you download to your phone or you can use it on your computer too that you can speak with native speaker tutors about anything you wanna talk about you can use it simply by pressing a button or you can make a reservation for a certain time in advance according to your own schedule There are hundreds of people I mean to tutors with different proficiencies and features and different interests. Things hard while I’m talking… I use it before and they’re all so friendly, so please don’t get intimidated The thing is you can improve your speaking you can how we speak in the speed of your speaking which is an important thing for me and You can also prepare for exams like TOEFL and IELTS “Sometimes you see really bad nose contour and it looks like they’re behind bars.” He has a point he’s kind of contouring the nose with the concealer I Hate these kind of brushes These are like old-school foundation brushes, which I only use for applying face masks right now, but He’s using this blend it out I mean for me as an influencer being able to speak English and understand when I with other people talk about and also when it comes to trends or when it comes to you for any other channels, it is really an advantage for me to Understand right now. I’m speaking English and filming this video and mess this nose counter up but So what I recommend is please give Cambly a try and See what happens it’s fun basically you don’t know the person you’re talking to there’s no need to be embarrassed or Be shy or I don’t know you just can have fun with a stranger, I guess. This is not blending out, right? This doesn’t look good at all. I always say this, but you should never feel embarrassed or never feel like Somebody will laugh at you because you pronounced something wrong or you speak slowly It doesn’t really matter if you understand someone and they understand you back you can download Cambly for free with my code on the screen and you are going to get a Fifty five percent discount, but it’s only for a limited time so be quick. And by the way, you can find a link down below in my description box maybe I should try my trusty Tarte Shape Tape “Let’s get crazy busy” Bob Ross said let’s get crazy some adding some Tarte Shape Tape on top of everything. Hated this like a beard and This isn’t light enough. I mean her concealer is like white and this is the lightest I have I guess “I guess we have whiter one?” It’s a Kat Von D you remember that but no This is legit, like painting like paintings something on my face, but not concealer I Think I don’t have exactly the same brush and a similar in shape. So he’s using a Kind of orangey but a dark Cream color, I’m assuming he’s using a foundation stick in a dark color, but I don’t have any Let’s pretend nothing happened. We’re signing off, but the Jawline here Yeah, this is working “Oh, You named this look?” “Yeah, it’s called snatural.” “Snatural?” “It’s snatch but natural.” “I love that.”I don’t see any natural when I look at my face This looks like a beard. This feels so wrong. I don’t have a V from my neck I guess I was fresh out of shower before this video and God I feel dirty now. “People ask How do you deal with the haters? How do you deal with trolls? like and that’s one of those things early in my youtube career that so many people… “Do you have haters?” I’m tired He is using an angled An angled brush. I used these kind of brushes for eyeliner or for my brows But he’s using it for contouring the nose The lines are very close together so I don’t trust myself at this A nose contour doesn’t look good on me. It doesn’t suit me. I’m realizing that I don’t have a symmetrical nose I think it took me like 28 years to realize this but.. All right Moving. I think I’m gonna like the step. He’s using the same things to contour your lip I think it’s gonna make my lips look fuller I haven’t tried this technique this full on but I’m using like These kind of shades To contour underneath the lip and the Cupid’s bow. I Mean it shouldn’t surprise me because my body and face Won’t look the same color if I don’t put on foundation to my chest, but I have never put foundation on my chest Like ever. This is a lot pink here. This is More yellow. Oh I Have something else I have this fancy La Mer foundation and I remember it was too dark for me and it’s an excuse for me to use it. He is using a duo fiber brush Something like this. I just big and fluffy. So I think it’ll do the job I’m kind of confused because I don’t have anything on my body Like I didn’t have a moisturizer or primer on I don’t know how it’s gonna blend. I’m hoping for the best I’ve never done this before Feels Sooo weird, this is not makeup Scott. This is body painting and it’s hard, too. All I want to do right now is hop into the shower This is a weirdest place to put on foundation but I have to And wait What about my back? I can’t do my back. Well, can you blend they sell my back? I mean no one’s ever gonna see it I have to go to a dinner party tonight, but I don’t know if I leave the house with this on. “But were you there blush up?” “Yes, of course.” So was I.” “Were you?” “But I was screaming like a little girl in the audience was…” Can’t tell if he’s putting on foundation on her face now or he’s just blending before that. I Don’t know. I think he is using a little bit of this shade on her forehead like the perimeter of Her face when he says that he is Using a lighter shade for the center of her face I took Mac Studio Fix fluid in NW 10 I think this is the lightest shade in my collection and I’m putting this. This feels so wrong I need my Beauty Blender. It would help this is dry Still dry “Be the difference between some of the artists that you see that are dominantly on Instagram or just photoshoot and then someone like you…” He is putting foundation on the lips too Which is something I hate. This brush is too big for my face. I think that’s the issue I mean that’s not the only issue but… So what’s left on the brush I’m just Taking it over to contour But I’m just patting it over not like so swiping because we don’t want to cover Everything we’ve done. I’m just patting Everything in we’re taking things to the next level by painting our heads “Oh Yes!” “Not okay” “Dramatic before now.” “You know what? It is – and this is nothing to do with age It has to do with your skin tone.” Things are sticking to my hand like dog hair, Makeup brush hair, something I don’t know… This is necessary. I get it This looks good So this is going to be my everyday makeup routine from now on I hate this hand I’m so tanned. I just came back from Maldives. You know, I can’t get this off We gotta do what we gotta do so we are onto the blush now, I think I’m gonna use this cream color from Chanel and it’s like a natural neutral color It kind of Blends everything together. But another duo fiber brush. I hope this is the last step of blending No, it’s not. He is putting on some cream foundation under her eyes. I’m doing the same thing With this Make Up For Ever Ultra HD stick to brighten, I guess. Yeah, it definitely helps. “Okay powder” Wait This is still Here and her’s is not whatever I missed. I’m gonna figure it out. No, and they just edited it out. It’s not my fault It is a pressed powder as far as I can see, but is it a shimmery powder it’s a matte powder or translucent I don’t know. This is my powder basket And I’m setting my eyelids with this one too He set the places that he highlighted before but he didn’t do anything to this part of the face Still have fluff all over the place. I’m gonna mesh everything to get her to these shades. It looks somewhat gold On the face, not that it doesn’t get to me Give me something else (Scott Barnett talking) that is like a stripe in the center of her nose. Under the brow bones “Like all over the place” Putting some in inner corners”It’s a Transformer” but I don’t have a SPF spray. So I’m going to use some mists some face mists on my body So this situation makes me wonder what if I select or I can’t go to the bathroom because I Cannot wash hands.” We’re just putting a little bit of highlighter bronzers…” On to the bronzer. I think he’s not using the same brush. Oh I found something a My bronzer which the work I guess so This is NARS Laguna bronzer about it in a different packaging . “Burke with the curves of this brush I created this so that you I hate when that looks like there’s a stripe. So let’s toast the edges.” I’m stamping the Potter Into my skin. I’m kind of blending and at the same time Taking the bronzer To the mouth to the corners of the mouth I haven’t seen my face this structure ever “Oh, it’s the jam are so so good.” How can I do it when I don’t see it. I’m just blending it real quick I’m a dog mom, Okay? and then he takes a brownie nude color This is one of my favorites. This is Nick’s moon walk and following the Line, he did it before “It’s kind of like around I think what is really matter…” filled and the outer part To again to make the lips look bigger This is too dark. And now I realized that he is finishing all everything except the eyes. I’m taking a clear gloss He didn’t use a lipstick he use Foundation for a nude lipstick which is again interesting, but it works and then he’s doing a trick like this He’s not putting the gloss over The line that we did earlier, he’s just pushing the product inside out like this Okay onto the eyebrows Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder since we have a lot going on the face. I Really need to fill in and define my brows because otherwise they look Unfinished and to spice for this look my back hurts and my arm hurts, but it looks good So it’s worth it. I mean it’s not worth for an everyday basis, but for a special occasion For a special picture. Maybe I don’t know what a special picture means, but hey It’s been 80 minutes since we have started the film He’s using a shimmery brown gel which Is questionable In my opinion but I don’t have any so I’m using my regular brow gel. He is cutting jawline İçinde biraz ışıltı olan… Aaa Türkçeye döndüm My brain stops working sometimes. All right. I’m taking a pressed powder which is a bit shimmery and a Big brush, so he’s blending this upwards like this Finally we’re doing the eyes this crease brush kind of looks like this. This is from Inglot It looks similar to this shade, called Cayenne from Naked Heat Pallete “Brush If you’re just doing a very easy look in a few different colors, and you just get all…” so I’m building to color up with circle motions “See those so if it helps I almost work it in a circle now still one color.” This is an amazing brush It does all work for you. Just one eyeshadow in one brush, but it looks very dimensional I think he uses a dark brown shade on the lash line. It’s the manual way of cleaning brushes… He’s using a peachy shimmery color with his finger onto her lid This is spot on the same color I’m proud of myself right now. “That’s like nobody looks like that it’s abnormal now I’ve…” he is doing something weird again, and he pulls the mascara wand down It’s like back combing your hair throw your lashes, and I don’t understand it I’m scared to poke my eye with the wand. It’s like teasing the lashes. He’s gotta put false lashes on away so what’s the point I don’t know maybe fake ends to lashes, but I don’t see much of a difference I found these false lashes in my bathroom and a questionable place But these are the only ones that are Fluffy big and dramatic enough to use for this tutorial and looks similar to what he uses on her so I’m gonna put on The lashes and be right back for the finishing touches. He just takes some brown eyeshadow and I’m doing an eyeliner, but kind of Bringing upper and lower lid to get my lashes are so back. They’re making me sleepy. I’m going to use a shimmery powder for this step because I don’t want to mattify and and cake this area Anymore it’s already too cakey for My liking but it looks good. I’m kinda excited for a photo. Do I look like J Lo? No? “Yes” Really? You’re just saying this because we’re filming for two hours. It looks very bronzey, tan glowy and shimmery, I like it, but it’s too much We all know this is too much but it says that this is for red carpet and for music videos And I look at my skin up close my under eyes are too cakey and and they already started to Separate, so I guess that’s it for today if you liked it Please give it a thumbs up and please encourage me to do more English videos It’s channel if you haven’t seen my previous videos with Cambly check it out order and please share your Experiences with Cambly with me in the comment section down below you can subscribe to my channel, please subscribe Çeviren: Şimal Yenigüllü


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