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so since I'm going to be doing a one print makeup tutorial using signature cosmetics I decided let me go to Newtown I'm going to new talk because that's the story that I saw that has a lot of stock which is also quite near to me so I am after Newtown and I'm just gonna vlog what I'm going to buy and I'm just hoping these guys at Newtown are actually going to allow me to vlog in their store so yes I'll be taking you with me and I'll show you guys the items that I'll pick out and how much money I'm actually going to Spain [Applause] let me buy a present over keep this super achievement for me Oh but you ain't for these extreme all of us know bein nice ones in particular met with the mayor in science English the two new colors in one we will once water with port now understood if I find if I buy this buy this like get this [Applause] my basement we shout out oh I'm back home and I'm just gonna quickly show you guys the stuff that I bought in how much it ended up costing me all right I put this foundation there it's chock full coverage Foundation and I paid ninety five grand I'm not so sure about the color but we will talk about that is I go on with the video and then I also bought the primer which is this one and I paid eighty five friends and I also got their signature translucent powder which is in such a really nice packaging I really liked the packaging and I paid something tonight grants for it and then I also got their setting spray which is in this little bottle and how much did I pay for it 55 friends oh my god I'm bad I'm not mad about uprising but let's just see how it's gonna work and then I also bought a lipstick which which was three day four and and I also bought the clothes which was Teddy for eyes and then I didn't buy this because I already had it but it's it's I think it's 85 friends or 79 runs my short day I didn't buy it I already had it and then I also got their pencil which is to any a trans and then I put their blush so we're running a sale like if you buy a blush you also get like an eyeshadow palette so this is what I'm going to use as a highlighter because I swiped it and it looks really nice for a highlighter and then I also put these concealer which I paid 45 run for and then the last thing that I got was alright this very cute action of palette very very nice as you know palettes the packaging is to die for really nice packaging and also the colors are news mostly but they are very nice as well so without and that I do let's just get right into the video we are not trying to make this video any longer than it should be yeah let's get into the video so I'm gonna go in with the primer and let's just see how this face feels very nice I don't see that my pores have been blurred because I do have a lot of pause here on my nose area but whoa so far so good before I fit in my brows I'm gonna go in with a translucent powder it just sets my eyebrows how do you open this the packaging is very nice but now I'm confused like how am I supposed to open this okay okay okay don't panic we got it but obviously we made a mess so we're gonna have to clean that but anyway I'm just setting my brows in to fit in my brows I am going in with this pencil and it is in the color dark chocolates whoa oh my god I love this it's such a nice dark brown and also it's so max but not too soft and mushy you know liking their concealer stick and this one is in the color fudge and move on to the foundation and it's an extra cover foundation for meaning that it's a full coverage foundation so I'm trying to pump out the foundation it doesn't want to pump out we're gonna have to take it out you know more like this I don't like this smell this smell kind of reminds me of those cheap foundations but anyway it is cheap so in the story this is what the hit that was really close to my complexion I tried Earl all I had other foundations and nothing was actually making me so I had to just pick up this one and hope that it was gonna work but as I'm applying it I can see that it is so edgy oh why is it so patchy okay the the the Beauty Blender is not working let's try to use the brush the nation nights after amazing night millions of Australian jaws so for eyeshadow I am going in with this palette it's called delectably lavish palette and amazingly this is very nice this feels very good on the skin the pigment is not too crazy so it is actually very great if you're someone who doesn't really know how to work with eyeshadows you can work with it because a pigment is not too much it's really control of controllable on the brush okay I'm gonna quickly set my face with the translucent powder before I become a mess because I can see that I am creasing fast I am creasing so bad it's unbelievable this looks super white so I'm really praying that I'm not gonna get any flashbacks from this because I would really hate to have flashbacks in like I'm using their simple eyes our eyes shadow but I swear she did I really liked the gold color that it has and for lips I am going in with a matte our signature lipstick oh it smells really nice it smells like bubblegum Beijing looks like lime crime though I don't know who copied the other like was it lime crime hookup a signature or a signature I don't know but anyway these days everybody is good like the same packaging so to finish off my face i'm going in with their fixed perfect makeup setting spray and i'm just gonna spread that all over my face so this brings us to the end of the video and this is the face that i managed to create with all my signature cosmetics items and honestly i am not mad at the face they are a sight and they are some items in the collection that i didn't like just like with any makeup brand you find some hints you find some misses you find stuff that is great and you also find stuff that is not really good i was really crazy about the eyeshadow that i used as my highlighter that is very nice it's very shiny pigmented and very soft and buttery i was also crazy about the silly spray it gives you like a dewy finish and i also really like the eyeshadow palette and what else did I like I also really liked like the matte lipstick I wasn't crazy about the other items like the foundation because it's definitely not great for my skin type but it also wasn't a great match also wasn't really mad about the concealer you guys saw that but overtly I will give this brain like six out of ten oh I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel I love you guys for watching me today and I will see you in my next video 5


  1. I loved this..I recently bought a few items from them wanted to try the foundation I guess I will not anymore

  2. thanks for the review, i always wanted to try their products but was scared. I'm definitely subscribing

  3. I am new to the make up industry. Initially, I tried out Signature products and I didn't succeed but your video gives me hope because you look really good at the end.

  4. o ba zamile hey😂😂😂… your reaction to the foundation was eeeeerthang… you finished me😂😂😂

  5. Signature products have highs and lows. The foundation is a huge NO. When I wore it I had a rash all over my face the next day. Never again. Their other products are amazing tho

  6. I am so shocked that the only foundation shade she found closed enough to her skin was still a bit light and ashy. Like what shades do they have in the store?????

  7. I love your Vlog I just wish you could kindly put the details of the products in the description.. I am trying to learn how to do my own make up

  8. I love you so much😍😍😍❤ the video was fun to watch😂😂 I love their eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and that Escape perfume😍❤ foundation showed me flames😂😂💔

  9. You are stunning. The foundation actually really worked for you. Do a follow up on how your skin reacted to the products.

  10. Please reply with the eyeshadow you used as highlighter, the eye palette, the powder and the eye pencil. Full names, would like to purchase.

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