1. TBH, i like her natural look than the plastic surgery one.. it just looks weird for me

    Edit: its just my opinion

  2. i like korean girls, i dont need to choose anyone bcs they all look the same 🤙😃😎, might be a bit bluffy at the morning, but thats fine, give them some time to get kit out 💄😎🎶

  3. It's like orthodontics for her face. She deserves that change and I don't even call that plastic surgery.
    Wish her all happiness ❤

  4. Is it common to have such humongous chins in South Korea? not wanting to be offensive but I never see such things in white people..we have crooked noses..huge foreheads..receding chins but never ever I have seen such a huge chin especially in a woman? and trust me I ve watched a lots of plastic surgery tv shows in Europe or USA..whereas it is very recurrent in South Korea tv shows..when it is not for instance in Japan.

  5. She is an angel to his brother. She is beautiful inside, and even beautiful outside.

    Surgery should not be an issue to those who do not like it but just cheer for those who got it. Instead of making her world negative, start making her life positive from your own kind words.

    Don't be bitter by being bitter to her. Let's make this world happy, starts from your own positive comments.

  6. So let's talk about genes, what if she got a baby…

    Me: E=mc² %&$35643##&8())+-%$4*$%&:%54
    Calculator: Syntax Error

  7. Hairline surgery, hair removal, calf surgery, etc. in Korea. The ratio is high.
    And the number of Korean women is almost 20 million, but only 770,000 cases of surgery are piggy.
    And this number could have been multiple.
    Every year, 100,000 Chinese people get plastic surgery. crying

  8. im happy for her. she did it not just only bcoz she wants to be pretty but i know that there's a deep reason why she decided to do it unlike others who just want to look pretty just to please others and to fit the society's standard.

  9. At first i hate plastic surgery , but i saw her happy and i know it will change her life and she deserve it ❤❤❤
    Plus she has a beautiful heart

  10. Should everyone had plastic surgery need to be a model in korea? I'm from Malaysia..
    Plastic surgery have side effect or no?…It can be permanent until get old?

  11. To be honest? I think plastic surgery is TOTALLY okay! I mean of course there are risks and you should definitely overthink it pretty well but as long as you feel better or prettier for YOURSELF and want to spend your money I don’t see a problem!!

    I don’t quite understand why so many people think it is SUCH a big problem to get plastic surgery! As long as you’re true about it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    there is a difference of being a bad role model for younger people AND just having plastic surgery.
    For example in my opinion the kardashians, megan fox and lots of models (or celebrities in general) are a bad role model because either they pretend to never had any kind of plastic surgery done or they present it as the non plus ultra beauty standard which without you’re basically not worth anything and don’t even mind speaking against it (a little harsh but you know what I mean) or just reducing themselves to their bodies.

    But If you’re true about that and say If you for example read all your instagram comments where people compliment you for your good looks and say stuff like „When I grow up I want just to be/ look like you“ that this is definitely NOT the goal they should go for in live and explain why you got plastic surgery and that they should not look up to them just bc of their looks because they actually couldn’t handle their problem otherwise / the pressure from around was too big .. whatever !
    At least you EXPLAIN it.
    Explanation, Talking, Caring, Responsibility and Honesty is the key and should definitely be the task of every person who is in the public eye !!

  12. I think she deserves this…
    Must feel hurt to be teased all the time, i have experienced it myself, even tho i will never undergo surgery, i am really happy for her

  13. i have a long chin and because of that i receive bullying and that hurt me so much
    i wish someday i went to korea

  14. I hope someday when she get married and give birth,her children won't look like her old self.Otherwise her husband will suspect her for having an affair.

  15. korea has the best plastic surgeons in the world unlike those overpriced wanna bes in the usa whose work a lot of times turn like shit !

  16. What makes me even happier is that she has caring and awesome friends. People with looks that are not up to society's standards are often bullied which I'm sure she probably has been, but to have two friends who accept her before and after, just makes my heart smile.

    Now that tomboy…😍 lol

  17. Happy for her…
    How i wish they could change my lips also to boost my confidence.. I'm really different from my picture.. Thanks to #beautycam for beautiful effect evedytime i do selfies 😢

  18. Hope she stays humble cause your looks will fade again with age. Your character, kindness and positive actions is what people will remember you as.

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