i’m attending Vidcon.

i’m attending Vidcon.

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Hey, I’m wearing glasses so I look smarter did it work? I have filmed this video 100 times. Where are you going manager off-camera? Who’s making sure I don’t say dumb shit Guys, I’m in Orlando right now for digi con I spent the entire day meeting all of you and celebrating the release of my new song facetime Did I mention I released a new song called face time? Well, you’re all viewing this fucking video I might as well mention that I released a new song called facetime I mean like the convention mode, let’s stop conventions girl every video on my youtube channel at this point has become an announcement video Sorry, I’m just preparing my serious voice I’m kidding. I actually just have a serious voice, but everyone thinks like otherwise Um up until now I’ve really hated talking about this or bringing this subject up it’s Hannah Cohn is one of those things that I once everything was figured out really just wanted to Erase and I’ve spent the last like nine months really figuring out how I could grow from it and move on and become a better Person and kind of doing all of that off of the internet because I felt like for a while coming on and being like look I’ve grown is like not what you do in a situation like that You know and while it was the worst thing ever and I wish I could just erase it I am very grateful for the person it has made me right now Um, and I’ve sat down to film this video a lot and the other day I was filming a short version of this for MTV but of course I have to like draw it out for 40 minutes on my YouTube channel because that’s what this is and I was Sitting there talking about what I’m about to say. I just got so nervous and I was Reminiscent of when I sat down to film that Infamous fuck VidCon video and I was like, whoa, I actually do feel like years older than that girl I couldn’t even watch that video. Now. I have not watched that fucking VidCon video since I put it out pretty much Because I’m a little embarrassed for that girl I don’t regret that video But obviously I’ve said it before I think things should have stopped there and I let a lot of pain and a lot of anger And a lot of spite take me to a really really place and like I said previously of course I wish I could erase Tana Khan and all the things that happened, but I can and it did it did happen Jordan has chlamydia But I am happy with how much I feel like I’ve grown from that entire situation, you know And I guess that brings me to my next point Which is what I’ve been doing since Tana Khan and I think there was a part of me with Tana con even once things were figured out that felt like unfinished business and obviously I’ve started talking about MTV But I think they play a really big role in this that I haven’t really talked about yet and that is MTV is owned by Viacom And so I started going to meetings at MTV and working with them and eventually they came to me and they were like hey Viacom also owns VidCon and they really want to talk to you. Oh That’s how it felt I will never forget that I remember sitting there and Paula one of the CEOs and MTV literally saying hey and by the way VidCon wants to talk to you. I was so convinced that they literally just wanted to like have me in their office So everyone could come together and like point and laugh at me, you know what I mean? I didn’t ever think after the things that happened with Tanic on that VidCon would ever be open to a conversation And I am so grateful for that, you know Like pain and anger and frustration and hurt and shit that I wanted to talk about But I felt like I had done something so wrong That it things could never be mended, you know, like why would they even want to talk to me? And that was a very weird full-circle moment too because it was kind of like wow everything happens for a reason Like maybe MTV was the the reality show company that we chose Like so that this conversation with VidCon could be open, you know, like it everything. That was the first moment Months and months and months after Tanic on where I felt like I was beginning to be in the right place again I had grown to get to this point, you know, so I went in to talk to VidCon I have this reality show now with MTV that’s literally owned by Viacom and VidCon is owned by Viacom and they want to talk to me and like all I ever wanted was to Be a featured creator at VidCon was to be accepted in this space that I so badly Wanted to be accepted in you know Just because I threw this shitty fucking convention doesn’t mean I still wasn’t deep down longing for that same Acceptance and validation that I always was if anything, I threw the convention because of that, you know, Emma Can you imagine their maturity damn like when VidCon was like? Okay, let’s fucking talk that was the moment where I was like that was where I was put to the test of like have you grown are you gonna Continue to be spiteful and angry or are you gonna say? Hey we’ve both fucked up some a little more than others But uh, let’s turn a new page and the fact that they were willing to do That was very cool to me, too because it was like I still stand by a lot of the things I said in that video video at that time they were doing a lot of shitty shit and to see that they got a whole new team and that they’d grown to was like inspiring to me in a way in fact their new CEO Jim Louderback Facetimed me to be like, hey, I’m like stream face time to be like hey We want to have you at VidCon and we’re still sorry about the shit that like happened in the past and for me to have Thrown a fucking whole ass convention in spite of them and the new CEO to be like hey We’re still sorry about this one time. We really fucked up. Let’s make amends. Let’s come together This could be epic come announce your reality show. Come have an hour Mainstage Q&A at VidCon like oh my god. I just got full-body chills Like you don’t you don’t even eyes and the little girl and me they just wanted a fucking badge around her neck is now being Offered a mainstage Q&A to announce a reality show at this convention like to say I’ve grown and not do that Would be so hypocritical, you know, all I ever wanted to be it was featured fucking creator you know and to be able to erase all of these years of The safety hazard shit and the fucking putting my face on a billboard and then telling me I’m not allowed there But also allowing me there and all this this mess to erase that and move forward was sick to me It’s not just about the featured creator title It’s VidCon decanas show the growth of making the room for that The outcasts was the moment where I was like damn and I know I keep saying this it sounds redundant but it’s like if this giant fucking company is showing this much fucking growth and they want to have this conversation and they want to come to the table and they Want to end all of this, so do I I’ve been doing all of these things to grow. You know, the second thing I really like sat at home after tarragon. It was like wow I have a lot of growing up to do I started doing everything in my power to grow up as much as I possibly could in every fucking way and learn from that shit because that’s all you can do from a giant ass mistake like that is learn as much as you can you know, but I felt like there was this this section that I was just like Suppressing like and pushing down this anger this hurt this frustration I don’t want things to end like this, you know We got so many convention offers from giant companies that probably would have gone well But it didn’t it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like it was the thing that would actually feel like growth It didn’t feel like it was the thing that would actually mend this This friction is pain The only place that that could really come from was VidCon and at the end of the day We also were both sitting down with the same goal Which was a safe and comfortable environment for creators like me to meet their fans and when you’re a featured fucking creator VidCon security is really really great. I mean it’s their tenth fucking anniversary They’ve been doing this longer than I’ve been in this industry. Of course, I would much rather Suck up old pride and be a part of this than try to compete with it. So yeah VidCon and I are friends again With this reality show with this partnership with Viacom It only felt right to do it at VidCon You know to be walking into Viacom every single day having these meetings with MTV feeling like family It’s like your ex-boyfriends next door. You know what I mean? Like knowing VidCon was next door my god. Can you relate to that? And this is something I never ever wanted to talk about I just think that I’ve kind of realized that The last year for me almost which is crazy to even say has been about Growth and growing up and the next year is gonna be about growth and growing up and I felt like I was growing so much From all of this, but this was still a thing. I didn’t want to talk about and this conversation with Viacom Forced me to but I think that it was the final step in growing up and actually moving on from this seriously sitting here literally right now in this moment is the first time where I actually feel the like Heartbreak from Tanic on the pain. I don’t know. It’s not about me That’s not what I mean But I mean inside of me beginning to like meant where I actually feel like I kimby Tanna again without that Baggage and I’m excited again and not excited with all this baggage on my back but just excited to fucking go to VidCon and announce this fucking reality show and do all I ever wanted to do which was fucking Meet you guys and hug you guys in a place that is safe and has really good security You know, I finally get to do that if anything this moment is what that VidCon video is for just with a really bad convention that I ran it between And of course, I I hate Tana Khan And I regret the fuck out of it and I wish things would have gone so differently But I think that everything happened and I’ve grown so much as a person from it and I’m finally in a place where I can honestly say like in my shoes when I look in the mirror at Night, like I’m happy With who I am. I’m happy with how much I’ve grown I’m starting to look at myself and be like wow, like you’re turning into like an adult and like a real one Not a fake one, you know I have assurance. I Am health insurance and I’m a featured fucking cream It really sucks that I’m doing this video and it fucking Tana sure didn’t even realize that now I just look like a nurse assisting asshole Yeah, I put my face on my shirt So, um, I’m gonna be a future creator at VidCon and I’m really excited about it And that’s what this video is all so tickets to Gianna Connor linked below. I Also want a personal note want to say thank you to MTV and ayuh Calm and Jim Louderback and VidCon for helping me grow and if you’ve made it to this point I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ridden with me through this who has kind of been on this journey with me or even the people who Acknowledge that I fucked up and will really mad at me and step back and gave me some time to grow and came back Thank you Come back. Fuck you. No More subscribers that button doesn’t have an off switch. So just keep clicking it Thank you for helping me grow thank you for calling me out on my shit Thank you for supporting me with all of my crazy shit crazy ass life And I think this tanner right now is the best Anna like that sounds little cocky But I just mean I’ve never felt grown up like this So a lot of growing to do though pre-emptive apology for anything I fuck up in the future This is the first moment where I am coming on record to say I feel like I’ve grown from Dannic on and it’s weird to say and it scares me but here’s to the future Here’s 2019 here is continuing to fucking grow and grind and grind It’s every day, bro, bitch. I love that saying I wish it was mine It’s everyday how imagine it’s everyday bro remix what it’s me. And it’s it’s everyday, huh? Yes, write it down Here’s to fucking MTV Tanna turns 21 Which should be titled Tana grows the fuck up and VidCon and no more shitty conventions. Yo I’m gonna shut the fuck up now I’m going to VidCon, but I felt weird coming online and just kind of being like I’m knowing that Kanye I wanted to explain why I’m going to VidCon. I’m trying to keep this video as the thing You think you think you I love my fans? I’m trying to keep it as little that as possible. But thank you. Thank you. Thank you Bye Can I go me as me literally asking Jordan if I can go


  1. Tana! I just saw you were doing a lip injection giveaway on your Insta!! I DM'ed you 🙂 I have an appt with Joanna this friday 6/21 @ 2:30 it would be amazing if you picked me!!! It's my first time going in for any injections <3


    also Tana: I’m attending vidcon


  3. You should try make proper Tana-con – with less amount of tickets. With everything checked beforehand to the fullest.

  4. I watched your video on fuck vidcon. I would never ever attend that convention. Your selling your soul to the devil

  5. PLOT TWIST: Vidcon does the same thing this year as the last two years to tana and promises she will be a featured creator and then when she gets there she’s not

  6. Who else came to this video after watching “Not attending VidCon 2018” 🖐🏻 SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Let’s be honest, that lamp in the background matched perfectly to the walls and bedding. Whoever designed that room deserves some recognition cause that shit is hard to do! 💡

  8. okay. i've spent my day watching shane's series, tana's hour long video, the original tanacon "announcement" video, and other youtubers perspectives on the whole thing. i have many things to say. first of all, i truly think tana has grown so much from this whole experience. you can tell by the fact that she accepted vidcon's invitation, she truly is a was sorry for everything that went wrong at tanacon, and i truly believe she never wanted it to happen and she didn't know what was going on elsewhere during the convention. i completely side with tana and i didn't make that decision hastily. hearing how the former vidcon ceos and other officials treated her is disgusting. i don't care how loud and obnoxious she may have been, she got them money, she was misled so many times, she was let down by the people she looked up to as a kid, and most importantly was told that neither her nor anyone else in that building was cared for. hearing that the new ceo reached out to her is heart warming and amazing. she didn't deserve that and now she should be able to have a good time at the place she's dreamt of since she was young. i hope you have fun tana and i hope they're so much nicer to you this year. 💕

  9. wow tana really has grown or is at least more mature than me because I would’ve said “no thanks i’m good” just in spite of how fucked up their treatment towards tana was

  10. i was one of the people that left and is now coming back. you really do seem like you've grown a lot and i hope you continue to grow and be a person that i really like.

  11. Ur are gonna get hacked at vidcon by project zorgo if u don’t believe me search project zorgo on youtube

  12. You’ve literally got no integrity. It’s all about money and it’s so sad that you can’t stand by anything.

  13. Anyone have updates on if Tana and her company paid ppl back for Tabacon? You know what would be dope? If the tickets from Tabacon go to tickets to her section of Vidicon

  14. The only reason vidcon is “so apologetic” is because they saw how many more people know u now because of tanacon

  15. Tana I love you but this feels like a sell out. This company did you SO dirty not once, not twice, but 3 times. It had me so livid..I get you want a safe space to meet your fans but seriously… this company made a fool out of you. You’d be a fool to stand behind it now. If you had to fight and scream and be degraded to get here why do you want it? So many of your fans can’t make it there or travel there. To limit yourself to this one and only space to do meet and greets, the space that doesn’t give a fuck about you or us what does that say to all your fans? Your dream of being there has already been crushed. Idc how many times they apologize or how far back you wanna shove it in your mind it still happened and it’s fucked up. Don’t represent that shit.

  16. You should NOT feel bad for saying FUCK VIDCON cause they are shitty and I REALLY REALLY WISH U WOULD TRY TO DO TANACON AGAIN!!! They don't deserve your contribution. Honestly they are a piece of shit. They did this to not only you but. MANY YouTubers. I wouldn't give them another chance they are fucking assholes. I don't know why I'm so mad about this LMAO but I am! Im still fuck vidcon and all for TANACON. Try again!!!!! It was your first time trying to do it yourself. I think if you put more effort in finding a better team to create it that it would go well. Ugh I just want you to try one more time just to see if it could work out because vidcon don't deserve your presence!!!! At least try to do tanacon as well with vidcon. On the side on a different day . And maybe if it works out you can run your own style convention as well!! Cause I so don't support vidcon after what they did. Everything that happened with tanacon was trial and error and I just want you to try it out again … I'm so mad about this lol literally heart racing I dunno why LMAO I'm gonna take a break .🤦

  17. Tana: nevermind all the supporters who waited hours in line being sunburnt and dehydrated at my fraudulent convention – I finally got that Vidcon pass.

  18. Just because tana is allowed to be featured creator at vidcon there probably other vidcon issues that aren’t fixed yet with other content creators .like is that how much scandal you have to go through to have a panel at vidcon.

  19. Tana coughs like a 40 year smoker. The vid she did with Peck had him looking at her like my new baby is going to catch what Tana has and die.

  20. this bitch reminds me of the fake hoes at my school grown up that talk shit about there best friend but then they’re best friends again a few days later. girl wym “ive grown since tanacon.” cuz u got a bad rep 🤦🏻‍♂️. all those people got hurt at tanacon and here her immature ass is. smh :/

  21. Girl, You are smart you doubt yourself just like in Escape The Night. Like Ro said “you have so much potential.”

  22. What about Tanacon you made a promise you'd be making it bigger and better for years to come???


  23. 6 conspiracy theory vid (2016) :
    “i would never wear merch with my face on it! in just not that bitch..!

    this vid:
    wears merch with her own face on it

  24. why do these people think that these huge money making opportunities are the same as “growth”…

    these idiots on yourube think we are idiots for believing everything they say

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