1. This is a great tip and it actually does work, but I don't see the video as an actual representation of the tutorial. It doesn't look like the makeup artist is holding the brush flat against the lid as he describes. He's putting the eyeliner on with the pointed tip of the brush, not the side. 

  2. Come on…I am not doing liner on another person but myself so trying this with my eyes closed is out of the ? How about showing a demo that has MUA apply 1 eye and then  model apply 2nd eye ? Seems more educational unless I am expected to only apply to someone else.

  3. Awesome tip, I have the 209 and only ever used the tip, using the side of the brush gives me a much better line.

  4. Love this. And she gas hooded eyes like mine. Please please do a natural hooded eye look for day. Green eyes.

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