Is UKRAINE really sooooo CHEAP?

Is UKRAINE really sooooo CHEAP?

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What’s up everybody? Welcome back to
another tip Thursday with me Conor Clyne this is the Tsar Experience
and today I’m speaking to you from city garden in the center of Odessa, Ukraine
so recently I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and vlogs here on YouTube
talking about how cheap Ukraine is and a lot of these price comparison saying it’s like
third or maybe a quarter the price of say the price of going to London, New
York so in this video in this Tip Thursday I’m going to be giving you my
personal experience and show you what it’s really like here in terms of the
comparison of price between maybe the kind of countries you’re used to
traveling from especially if it’s in Western Europe and here in Ukraine if
you want to be a baller so cue the intro! Welcome to my humble abode
here in Odessa now if you’re a regular on the channel you know that I normally
stay in furnished apartments I rarely stay in hotels I just personally feel a
lot more comfortable with that I like anonymity to be honest and not
having staff around so much what I look for is a comfortable apartment in a very
central location if I’m in a new city I don’t want to be travelling and commuting
in and out if I want to check it out and have fun in the city of course so here I
would say the prices in Odessa off season are incredibly cheap bear in mind that
if you’re in the high season like July August it’s not going to be this kind of
price I would say that price in Kiev is maybe double of Odessa offseason so to
give you a little bit of range I would say that Kiev is probably about
one-third the price of renting in Western Europe and here in Odessa is
probably one quarter one fifth even off season now when it’s a high season here the price
is really triple right which is normal because this is a very touristic city of
course and there’s just so many visitors during the summer months. At the moment off
season you can get a really nice Airbnb apartment in the city center and it cost
like 20 to 25 euros I would say now if you were in Kiev it would be more
expensive it will be will say maybe yeah 40 to 50 euros a night in the city
centre so that gives you a very good comparison about how much it costs to
actually stay here short term of course if you rent longer term you negotiate
something and get that a lot cheaper and then paying per night and if you stay in
hotel is probably pretty comparable maybe a little bit more expensive if you
go for a hotel option especially if it’s a very nice hotel so I’m feeling a
little bit hungry let’s go and check out the food! So eating out in Ukraine is indeed
probably about half to one-third the price depending on the level of
restaurant you’re eating at compared to Western Europe or North America now
you do have of course traditional Ukrainian food here I have some
delicious vereniki but it’s not just limited to traditional Ukrainian food
… in fact … thanks … there are lots of other nationalities and cuisine from the
former Soviet Union like Crimean Tatar, Georgian, Russian cuisine as well of
course as Azeri cuisine so you get a great array of options plus you have of course
Italian other European and of course Japanese and sushi is really popular and
even on top of that if you smoke shisha, hookah just as good as you’re gonna get
in the Middle East! Bon appetit! Now I’m very rarely at
the supermarket but if I do go there it’s normally to pick up some local
alcohol and here in Ukraine it’s so much cheaper than you’re gonna find in
Western Europe or in Northern Europe in particular never mind North America but
this is for example as a bottle of Shabo it’s a local champagnskya or
sparkling wine and it’s probably about 3 to 4 euros like four five US dollars so
you can’t go wrong with that especially if you’ve ever been drinking in
Scandinavia then you’ll see a whopping difference So if you’re a regular viewer of my Instagram stories you’ll know that I am
a coffee addict everyday I’m here working in nice cafes where I get the
best coffee and that’s the quality here in Odessa in Ukraine it’s just as good as
you’re gonna find in other countries. You can go to specialty cafes and the price
is probably about two thirds that’s about one third cheaper maybe maybe up
to half price that’s a little bit rare then you’re gonna find them cities like
Amsterdam, London, Paris probably a bit more expensive in New York and cities
like that. Fifth coffee of the day! So next up is transport now not all of you are
gonna be on an electric unicycle you’re gonna have to pay for your transport as
you go around in Ukraine now here in Odessa there is no metro there are
metros in Kiev and in Kharkiv and actually also in Dnipro. The Metro in Ukraine costs
around yeah around 10 percent maybe of that in Western Europe yeah metro is
extremely extremely cheap here now if you take a flight for example I would
say that the cost of flights here internally it’s about 50 percent what
you would expect to pay in say North America and West Europe in general it
can also be quite affordable in general taxis are also around I would
say 25-30 percent of the cost of Western Europe maybe even a little bit cheaper so bon voyage! Safe travels! [‘Bon voyage!’ in Russian] So you’re probably wondering
how much does it cost to be a baller to enjoy that famous Ukrainian nightlife
especially here in Odessa in the south of the country which is so famous during the
summer now if you want to go for cocktails
I go to nice places you’re gonna have an amazing time you’re gonna do that for
just a fraction of the cost of like going to San Tropez for example are
going to Nikki Beach in Miami these kind of high-end places here in Odessa
you can have the same quality same beautiful girls actually I think they’re
more beautiful here and everything’s gonna cost you probably 20% 25% of being
at the very high end so if you go for something that’s not quite as high-end
probably still gonna be about a third to a half the price but at a very very
top level the quality can’t beat it if you’re more interested in getting to know how you can be a baller a high roller in the east of Europe
then click the link below the video in the description got my own free training
course there afterwards you can also look at hiring me
to coach you and how you can have this spectacular Tsar Experience when
you come to places like Ukraine or Belarus or Russia alright see you later
I’m gonna order you’re drinking and hit the nightclubs! So if you haven’t watched my 5 reasons
never to date a Ukrainian girl and then my sequel video 5 more reasons never to
date a Ukrainian then you really need to go ahead and look at those 2 videos
gonna link them up in the cards about videos down the description below when
the reason for that is that financially speaking Ukrainian girls could be your
biggest expense while you’re here now of course I have a 5 reasons to date a
Ukrainian girl and I gives you the positive things about dating in Ukraine and dating Ukrainian women but so many foreign guys come here to Odessa in
particular and leave financially a lot lighter than than they came and that’s
because in addition to scammers and problems like that here in Ukraine men
take the lead there’s no going Dutch you’re dividing the bill you are the one
who decides what to do you lead and then you pay the bill and as a result of that
when you’re going out and if you’re going out dating a lot then obviously the
cost of things like entertainment restaurants all that ends up costing you
double at least double if not more money maybe it even it’s up to costing you
triple so just bear that in mind that if you come here and you’re planning to
date Ukrainian girls it may be significant cheaper than being in
America or being in France or being the United Kingdom Germany those countries
but if you end up paying for two people or even more maybe she invites or
friends or something then it’s gonna end up costing you the same price ultimately
when you go out and when you are partying and entertainment and food so
just factor that into your budget it may and turn out to be a very expensive
decision to come here if you get scammed of course I have personal coaching if
you’re planning to come here and you think that you need help to avoid those
kind of problems you can just write me an email at [email protected] also you can reach out to me on Instagram my Instagram handle is
TsarExperience so your buddy Conor is looking out for you make sure that
you’re careful and be wary financially with Ukrainian women! So have you been to Ukraine? Have you
traveled in this region in general? How did you find the price here compared to
what you’re expecting compared to where you used to travel and maybe even
compared to where you’re from let me know in the comment section below this
video we’re creating this amazing community of people who are really interested you
guys out there passion about travelling Eastern Europe so definitely drop me a
message with your opinion and personal experience If you enjoyed this
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amazing evening so I wish you all до свидания! До побачення! See you in the next


  1. Good point about dating and paying. But even in the West who really splits the bills on the first date or so? Maybe I'm just behind the times but 'going dutch' seems to be for actual couples or two people just meeting up as friends. But in the U.S. at least the guy pays for the first couple dates or so. Unless he's with a real feminist who will slap him down if he asks about it LOL. Although even many of THEM still want a guy to pay. So yeah, dating in the West is actually considerably more expensive, at least for the first couple dates. And of course, again, an awesome video. And yeah, Ukraine is so much cheaper than the West. And even more so when you rent for a couple months or more.

  2. It was my experience visiting Odessa a few months ago in August that your approximations are accurate. The problem I had was that flying to Odessa was about $600 more than a flight to Paris so any savings I had in one week were eaten up in the cost of the extra miles.
    Now if you are staying in Odessa for more than a week then the savings add up.

  3. Where can I see a video about a Swedish village in Ukraine?
    I can not find it on the channel Conor Clyne – Tsar Experiment.

  4. I love all your videos/vlogs about Odessa. I am from Canada. Yes, there is a huge price difference. As people travel to many destinations and find their paradise, Odessa is my paradise. Because of the culture, way of life, community and society. There is no other place in the world i would rather be, than in Odessa.

  5. What would happen to a tourist that smoke some weed there If you get problem with police. Would it be same as for a ukranian citicisen?

  6. Hi Conor! I have visited Ukraine 5 times, but I still do not know Odessa, I am surprised that it is even possible to find cheaper prices outside the capital, it is logical to think, but it does not stop surprising me. Thanks for this useful video!

  7. Next time when I'll see you in on a street will say hello. Too bad I'm not living right now at hometown! Anyway good video!

  8. its not cheap. the only cheap thing is local human resources. I know because i live here. I know its a tad unethical to say but if I had enough money (or rather when) I'd be doing my business here exploiting extremely cheap (but skilled and qualified) labor force. Thats basically what oligarchs are doing, extracting super profits (cheap 200 dollars a month workforce + govt subsidizing your enterprise, covering all expenses from budget = destitute citizens' pockets). that'll fly ofc only if your friends with the corrupt authorities, first n foremost our piece of shit president

  9. "I'm hungry. Let's get some food!"…. climbs up ladder to roof. I thought you were trapping pigeons up there or something :)))

  10. I've been visiting Odessa and Ukraine since the mid 90's not long after separation from the Soviet Union. I've been going to Odessa almost every other year for the last 20 years. It has really changed for the better to say the least. Yes, you are right about prices in general, although some restaurants are definitely more expensive if they cater to tourists rather than locals. Street food and coffee are definitely the cheapest. I like to get my coffee or cappuccinos from the many little coffee trucks everywhere in Odessa. Personally I avoid the alcohol and party crowd and all the potential problems that go with it. My experience in Ukraine has always been great, which I why I return so many times. As for dating, yes the man pays for everything and the western man should definitely budget accordingly. The women there are quite amazing but I never date one I meet in a bar. My next trip will be in spring to Kharkov and Kiev. Can't wait.

  11. If you are a foreigner you will always pay the bill not because it’s their culture but because you’re a foreigner ( consider it like a foreigner tax 😂)
    The moment your pockets get empty all those kind people you know will treat you otherwise (not saying all of them are bad but unfortunately most of them )
    the sad thing about this country everything is about money and i mean everything , money can even change the law

  12. I have been to Kiev to date five times. Oddly, it is significantly cheaper to fly to Kiev from Texas than to western Europe, ($600 vs. $1100) even with connections in Europe. Kiev is a great city, perhaps not as resort like as Odessa, but still with plenty to see and do and quite inexpensive. Conor is correct though, if you plan to date, you need to be prepared to pay. It is not just that you will be paying for two, you will also be paying to impress. A beautiful Ukrainian woman wants the best, if you don't want to give it to her, then you should choose a 7 or 8, not a 10. Same as anywhere.

  13. Odessa is not that cheap. If you want more economical travel elsewhere inside Ukraine. Try Ternopil for cheap for example.

  14. coffe being just 33% cheaper than in London, yet salaries are like TEN TIMES lower. How is that even considered cheap?Imagine Londoner receiving only 10% of his current salary and paying just 33% lower for coffee? It would be outrageously expensive, nobody would buy it because it would be super luxury.

  15. Odessa July 2019. I was just at the train station to find something really interesting: A ticket to Lviv {11hour ride} would cost from 300 to 800 UAH. {10-30 eur} The cheap ones were sold out a month ago… Strange system innit? Tram and trolleybus – 5 UAH. You actually pay cash to the driver when you get off. No tickets involved. Cool. There is some trust and benevolence embedded in the society here…Crammed minibus-vans 7UAH. I wonder whether there is the lines' system to be seen on the net. Best rooms are at local airbnb's substitute called -no silly ads, upsales and promotions I dislike airbnb website for.

  16. Hello Conor, I will be in Odessa and I would like to meet up with you for some coaching. I tried to look you up at but nothing happened. If there is another way to reach you will you send it to me please.

  17. Love the Kadorr Spa in Odessa!! Massage, facial, and mani/pedi for my wife $100 FOR ALL THREE!!! Try THAT in LA, Western Europe or anywhere!! ❤️Одесса !

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