iSeeMAH Quick tip Nyx Contour and Elf brush rave!

iSeeMAH Quick tip Nyx Contour and Elf brush rave!

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hi guys welcome to Seema’s quick tips I
just had a product rave for you actually this is a drugstore product it’s by NYX
or NYX it is the highlight and contour palette and that’s it there and it’s a
fantastic product now I’ll show you what it looks like now but the good thing
about contour this contour powder actually is the fact that the contour
color itself is more of a cool type of brown it’s got a gray undertone which is
fantastic for giving you the actual shadows that you’re looking for when
you’re doing a contour and there’s also an inexpensive brush that you can get
from elf cosmetics and this one works really well because
it comes to like a little chiseled point so all you have to do is pop it in the
powder like this and get it on the tips and then run it over the hollows of your
cheeks and you’ll get a nice subtle contour without working too hard let the
brush do everything for you these things are inexpensive at the
drugstore you can get them at your local Target CVS I think Walgreens also
carries it here in Canada I’ve seen NYX that we have the drugstore Rexall
that carries it always and getting you there get these at the drugstore easily
great contouring now I’m not crazy about the white side of the powder because
it’s a little bit chalky so I’ll show you but the contour color for medium
skin tones even a little bit fairer with a light touch is fantastic so that’s a
quick tip from Seema I hope you enjoyed that nice inexpensive product that does
a great job thanks for joining me today and I hope to see you again soon take
care if you like the look I’m wearing for the quick tip today then look at the
description box below and you’ll find a link for the other video where I do this
look thank you


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