Isha Foundation- A glimpse

Isha Foundation- A glimpse

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Speaker: Isha Foundation was established by Sadhguru
in 1992 as an entirely volunteer run, international nonprofit organization
dedicated to cultivating human potential. Sadhguru, a yogi and visionary humanitarian works tirelessly towards the physical,
mental and spiritual well- being of all. Isha Foundations activities range from powerful
yoga programs for inner transformation, to much needed outreach projects,
for society and the environment. The foundation is headquartered at the
Isha Yoga Center in the south of India, and at the recently opened Isha Institute
of Inner Sciences in the United States on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. At the core of the foundations activities is the distilled essence of the ancient science of yoga, referred to as Inner Engineering. The Inner Engineering programs are conducted
globally in a variety of settings, touching people from all economic and social backgrounds in an equally powerful way, from the villages of rural India and Africa,
to the world’s major metropolitan cities. From the executive leadership retreats to the programs in the prisons of South India and the United States, people everywhere have been
deeply touched and transformed. Sadhguru works with the world’s preeminent
leaders and institutions to foster peace, global understanding and international cooperation. His vision and understanding of modern
social and economic issues have earned him the reputation of a speaker
and opinion maker of international renown. Isha Foundation’s mission is an endeavor to
create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress. The transformation experienced in Inner Engineering
programs has inspired many into action to improving the living conditions of the neediest and
to preserve the environment for future generations. Action for rural rejuvenation is a rural revitalization
program, offering medical care, community rehabilitation and human up-liftment to more than three-and-a-half thousand
villages in rural southern India. The project recently expanded its activity
in Africa in Sierra Leone. Village games and inter village tournaments are organized for community joy, reducing addictions and promoting social bonding above
caste, creed, religion, or economic status. Isha Vidhya the foundation’s education initiative aims to provide affordable, high quality school education to children in rural areas, so that the native intelligence of children has the opportunity to bloom. The uniquely designed pedagogy promises to produce confident, English speaking, computer skilled youth, capable of productive participation in the economy, while preserving the identities
of their origins and culture. Schools are currently operating in four districts
in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, with over 1000 children benefiting from
this new approach to education. “Project GreenHands”, is a massive public reforestation
effort aiming to plant one-hundred-and- fourteen million trees. The project seeks to inspire people around the world to keep this planet habitable for future generations, and establish a culture of care of the environment. Since its inception in 2003, Project GreenHands has mobilized over one-and-a-half million volunteers to plant over five million trees. With its active and dedicated volunteer base,
the foundation’s activities, serve as a thriving model for human empowerment and community
revitalization throughout the world. This approach has gained worldwide recognition and reflects in Isha Foundation’s special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council
of the United Nations. Superscript: ‘A world full of Love, Light & Laughter.
Its time has come. Let’s make it happen.’ – Sadhguru


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