jade west “victorious” makeup transformation tutorial! liz gillies

jade west “victorious” makeup transformation tutorial! liz gillies

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we’re going under there’s nothing we can
do the final hour for we let it go dude hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we’re recreating the
iconic Jade West from season 1 of Victorious I did this a while ago just
the hair look over on Instagram and Twitter and lift gillies actually saw it
and retweeted it so that was really exciting and you guys have been asking
for the makeup look so that is what we’re doing today and I hope you guys
enjoy it I had a lot of fun with this look and if you did it makes you give it
a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture looks I love doing it different
iconic characters and a big part of each transformation is definitely the brow
the brow shaper can really transform a look so I’m working with Benefit Canada
and I’m showing you guys how them you think it’d be precisely my brow to get
this arched kind of sharper shape because usually I go for more of a
fluffy brow look so I hope you like all the tips in this video and before we get
started be sure to comment down below in your favorite Victoria’s character and
no hating on Tori this is a hating on Tori free zone so let’s get started got
these lighter blue contacts in and an out my playlist and to start am using
the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base priming moisturizer I love this it
has a light uplifting scent and it’s very moisturizing I already applied
before hand and I’m topping up on some of the healing blemishes that I have
some dryness around them Jade is so fair I’m taking my favorite concealer at the
benefit boink a CLIs concealer in the shade 1 and I’m mixing in a product that
I’ve been using forever the body shop lightening drops this is
perfect for very fair skin if you need to adjust any shades for you and the
concealer on its own is very full coverage and adding in some of these
drops thins it out a bit and amusing as an all-over foundation the can
is lightweight and doesn’t cake or settle into any fine lines and since I’m
so pale and have totally full coverage right now no need to also add a
concealer so we’re gonna go right to setting i also added this mix on my
shoulders and my face looks so pale right now but after it’s a natural
bronzer it will all come together for the powder I’m using this limited
edition packaging but it’s the easy of all she loose powder I’m not gonna try
to pronounce all through squirts and this again is great for super pale skin
I never could enjoy the banana powders even when I had a tan so the mix of
pastels is brightening and lightweight and really works for me and I’m using a
couple high-end products that I love and know will look great up close on camera
but I’ll list some alternatives in the downbar as well the best matte bronzer
for pale skin is the benefit hoola light I love this for winter it gives a bit of
dimension to the face without being as harsh as a contour shade so I’m bringing
in some light contour for higher cheekbones a rounded chin and across the
forehead and down the sides of the nose lightly by the way you do not have to be
super fair-skinned to do this Jade look you can do the eye in the lip and match
your own skin tone of course and for the nose contour I am so sad I always use
the Kevin Kwan for my nose contour and I bought two and they both have broken
when I’ve traveled like without dropping the powder it just kind of shatters so
it’s so expensive I don’t even know if I’m gonna get a new one because of that
but it was a little too warm for my skin when I was at this white so I’m gonna
add more of a gray shadow to deepen up the contours start by bringing a rounded
exaggerated crease shape in a half moon to beneath the head of the brow and then
fade downwards giving a bit of definition to the bridge now for the tip
of the nose we want a rounded tip add two lines there and then at the bottom of the nose I’m
creating more of a triangular shape pretty easy and this was a little extra
but I extended my nostrils a bit to create more of a downward tilt at the
bottom of the nose for blush go with a pink it’s nice to add a pop of color to
such a blank canvas and this is the target clay blush in fearless and Jade
usually wears a pink or corley gloss so this will complement that too it’s rare
I don’t finish off the scanner with a highlight and this is the charlotte
tilbury beauty light wand clearly I love this it’s at the very end of its life
and it gives a natural glow when you use it sparingly and I love it on the nose
tip next up brows my favorite brow pencil ever is the benefit precisely my
brow you guys have seen me use this typically to create a lot of volume
because that’s my favorite way or wait favorite way to wear my brows but you
can style your brows in any shape you want with this fine tip I’m using shade
5 here and I wanted to do the earlier seasons because Jade has a bit thicker
brows and flashback to Hawaii benefits global brow expert did my brows
and this was also with shade 5 of the precisely and we just went with a really
light stroke here so in comparison I’m using a heavier hand for a deeper shade
and I love to keep my brows natural so instead of plucking to get her shape I’m
itching in a similar shape with the product and this is waterproof smudge
proof so it’s a great for all-day wear and then I’m going in with the benefit
concealer to lighten up the hairs that I’ve skipped over and polishing off the
top of the brow to give them more of a sharper strong appearance for eyeshadows
in the earlier episodes Jade seems to wear a really dark smoky eyes until I
feel like the team found the style that worked best and continued the rest of
the seasons with more of a classic to find eye with lots of liner and outer
lashes which is the style I’m going with today you’ll only need a few shadows a
bright matte all over the lid I’m patting this because it just felt really
weird with contacts in using a brush and also apply this to the brow bone deep enough the crease with a warmer
brown sometimes there was a bit of grey on the lid or teal even a bit of pink in
the crease they switched up the eye looks but I think this will just give a
classic Jade to keep it more simple and focus on the liner now with the contour
shade apply again in a bit of a Halfmoon shape under the eye put the shadow that
has more Sheen to it apply in the inner corner and underneath the bottom lash
line liner time I’m going in with an old fave because I’m most comfortable with
using this after so many years this is the Mac brushstroke liner I love this
type of applicator and here are some quick liner tips I like to plan out my
wing first and in this case the liner is applied in a medium line all the way to
the end of the lash line and then you just have a small flick and then from
the flick once I have created that I’ll drag it to the center of the eye and
then work on creating the line from the tear duct inward and I like to have my
elbow on the table it seems to really help with stabilizing and then dot under
the bottom lash line too and I will fix that wobbly liner don’t you worry
and add a brightening liner in the waterline here I use the Revlon so
fierce a final liner to quickly a fix up that wobble these are the best drugstore
liners they are so creamy and easy to use and then apply some mascara and let’s apply some outer corner lashes
okay I loved this brush on clear duo glue I always use the classic ones in
the tube and this was just so much thinner of a product didn’t make a mess
so I vote with this glue and again with the Revlon final liner and let’s make a
little faux piercing I use two Urban Decay liners to fill for a little silver
stud and then I added a shadow underneath with black liner to make it
look a bit more realistic and for more of a real look add more contrast with a
bright pearly liner for more shine for the lips I kept a stronger Cupid’s bow
and Jade’s bottom lip is smaller in width in the top so you recreated that
shape a bit filled in with one of my favorite deeper peachy shades a by
Charlotte Tilbury this is called Corina Starr and sometimes Jade wears a natural pink
lip so I’d go with something like pink in the afternoon by Revlon and then I’m
fixing up the shape with some concealer add a peachy gloss like this buxom shade
and voila if you want a bit more dimension sometimes I’ll add some eye
shadow to the finished lip look and there’s the final Jade look let it go
I hope you enjoyed this Jade West makeup look and for the hair I didn’t do
another tutorial because I did already do it over on Twitter and Instagram but
you just curl starting from about these shoulder length away from your face with
like a medium sized bond and then for the color it’s easiest to find those
hair extensions that already are colored I know that you sass the show but if you
want to do something quick you can head to the drugstore and get the color ISA
sprays I wanted to demo it again but they were out of blue everywhere so I
just had these hair extensions that I colored from the Billy eyelash look and
then I added some purple and it made it a bit more cobalt honest clip them in so
we can always do clip it’s you can color your own hair temporarily that’s what I
would recommend and the clip ins are obviously easiest so you joined and for
an outfit and everything I picked up this necklace because I thought Jade
some necks had a bit of a Victorian Flair and I personally loved that so
this is just from a sauce and then black nails of course and lace long-sleeve
shirts like this one are also really perfect to get the look so if you try on
this style be sure to tag me over on Instagram I’d love to see you guys
switching it up and featuring you in my videos so here are a couple of my
favourite pictures and last thing before I go I do have a second channel where
I’ve been posting quite a few vlogs so if you want to check it out be sure to
head over there it’s called Jackie blogs and I have a trip to Hawaii with benefit
Canada which was amazing and a lot of other fun stuff so check it out and I
will see you guys in my next one


  1. I love that you included so many helpful tips with the look, from the concealer thinned out as foundation, to the liner, to how to recreate Jade's iconic fashion! Well done! 🖤💙

  2. HOLY MOLY JACKIE!!!💙💙💙This is sooo beautiful!! I love the eye look so much.. This is my kinda style..you are so talented my sweet friend.. 💙💙💙

  3. Hi Jackie I’ve been watching ur videos for a while and I LOVE ur tv character makeup and hair recreations! I was wondering if u could do makeup and hair tutorials of the girls of legacies on the cw bc I’ve been so obsessed with legacies but I’m not that talented with doing makeup and hai

    It always amazes me how she can make this tutorials. Could u make Sofia Vergara's Makeup and hair tutorial from modern family?? Seasons 1 though

  5. I never clicked on a video so fast!
    Jade was the best character from the TV show and I really liked her look 😍
    Could you do please a tutorial on Nina Zenik from Six of crows! It’s a character from books but the tv show is in making and I think with your talent you will be able to create it. ❤️
    (Btw the whole Grishaverse – books are amazing so if you have time definitely read it 😊)

  6. OMG – i love Victorious. I used to watch it everyday. 😍 Also my mom loved it. 😉 you did a very good job, Jackie. 👍 i love your look – you look just like Jade. 😁 greetings from Austria 🇦🇹😘

  7. I like transformation looks. I would like see a fallon from dynasty look. Can you do other characters from the show like tori, cat, Trina?

  8. This is one of my favorite tutorials of you! I have been waiting someone to do a tutorial on Jade ever since they put Victorious on Netflix. You did an amazing job! You look so much like her!

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  11. Hey Jackie would you consider Mary queen of Scots from the show reign. Idk if you’ve seen it but she has such a natural, rosy, fresh, beautiful look and id love to see your take on it. X 💕

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