Jeffree Star REACTS to Kesha’s NEW MAKEUP Line

Jeffree Star REACTS to Kesha’s NEW MAKEUP Line

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Kesha rose just announced that she’s dipping into the world of makeup and Geoffrey store has some comments to make about this debut What is it my people it’s your boy any Lalwani of what’s trending here to give you? Everything about Kesha rose and Geoffrey star for more videos like this Be sure to hit subscribe and like for all those updates for all your social media news daily Geoffery stars had quite the year from launching a new palette with Shane Dawson – even debuting some of his own collections with new launch The conspiracy collection in joint collaboration with Shane Dawson difference pretty much taken over the beauty Empire it seems like and Even with the debut of the conspiracy palette Geoffrey and Shane have announced There’s a restock coming soon after selling 1 million pallets in just 30 minutes Yeah, 30 minutes alone. The two of announced that there will be more pallets available in the near future Now this whole thing I call like the makeup revolution You see like a lot of people coming out with their own lines and know we got Ke$ha Coming out with their own stuff the racing health singer also recently announced her new album titled high road We’re just her forced to you album to date and would be coming out in January of 2020 now, ok She dyed her hair a little Darker moment a little like black Brown little little style to change all of her handles to act Ke$ha Rose Don’t know anybody else caught that oh and she even featured herself on her own album Nobody else see that just mean or Twitter Okay But the real big deal to talk about and all of this shenanigans is the makeup She has this makeup line coming out and is yet to set a date but the video looks pretty juicy animals I have some very very very exciting news. I have been working on an extra-special makeup line Just rest I think beauty is all about what’s inside your soul and just an aura in a skin suit But I do like to decorate it. That’s what this makeup is about. Perfect. It’s not real and normal is boring Did you get my makeup? I just want you to play catch. They said she like always wanna get into makeup, but like hasn’t But this makeup is edible. Did I mention? It’s edible. I know it’s not actually at a bother. I just keep saying that okay scratch that it’s not edible No, it smells really good. It smells good. That’s out of it. But she even got some love from Jeffrey star himself saying, okay I love Cash’s music. So I can’t wait to see what the packaging looks like Of course Jeffrey and Kesha do actually have some mutual love for another dating back to 2011 where they had a little Choreographed moment dance battle for the single take it off. Oh no end of the day I can’t wait to see what Kesha’s makeup line looks like and fans now understand everything that goes into a makeup palette or even a Makeup line. Thanks to Shane’s new series Which follows the nearly seven-month process from start to finish? Creating a makeup line is no easy task and catches fans are excited for her new venture. So give us the gossip Give us your input. We want to know what to think about Ke$ha and Jeffrey’s or even given some love some support Are we excited for Keyshia? I’m excited for Ke$ha. So I hope you are too for more videos like this Be sure to leave a comment down below and subscribe and follow along with our website What’s trending comm be sure to also catch us on Amazon fire Roku and Apple TV just search sports trending


  1. Jeffree star halloween mystery box 2019 is the best so far…watch this video to see the items!! ICONIC!

  2. What about the time when jeffree star accused james charles of…. was it a pedophile, predator, and rapist? Wheres the content and proof of that. Instead he and shane launched a pallette and not uploading the other content. How is it ok that a thirty something year old can make accusations against a nineteen year old of vile acts, spill no facts, but spill a pallete? Who will follow in these footsteps?

  3. Yea yea yeaaaaa!!!!! I freakin love Kesha!!! I cannot wait for this!!!!
    Pretty sure I saw on Twitter it was releasing December 3rd <3

  4. After all Kesha has gone through, it's awesome to see her expand beyond just music and art, now to makeup! So amped up for the release!

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