JOKER Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

JOKER Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

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Hey I am Magda and today Ill show you how to do the Joker makeup. What will you need in this tutorial is blue, white and red face paints. When it comes to accessories you will need precise brush and sponge. I also have used blue and black eyeshadow. If you are using water based paints dont forget about the water! 😉 Perfect brush for this kind of details you will find at art suplies shop. On the lower lashline I am using concealer so its going to be my eyeshadow base. Im using black eyeshadow only on my lower lashline, as Im adding it Im trying to blend it out. Im doing this extension guided by my lashline. Im adding black eyeshadow constantly because I want it to be intensive and rich. Im blending the eyeshadow towards upper inner conner. Put a black eyeliner or pencil on your waterline. Now its time for a face. Im using here oil based paint, but you can use whatever you have. If you are going to go out with this makeup, make sure to set it with some powder. Im putting my paint on face with brush and then Im blending it with sponge. Im paiting my whole face and then with precise Im adding more paint on brows and some parts that needs it. Im using my porous sponge, because I like the texture it gives- but you dont need to do it. Im using blue paints to draw traingles under my eyes and above my brows. Im outlining and then filling it in. On one side we need to make tear drop, so we are going to wet our brush and we will place brush on our triangle. Moving your head to back should help you. For brows.. my suggestion is that you dont forget that they are round. I did the “instagram” brow sadly.. but I fixed it later so it looks fine. If you have matt liquid lipsticks its gonna do fine if not better, it will stay longer on your face. Im again adding black eyeshadow to intensify the color, as Im adding it Im blending it lower. With blue eyeshadow Im using fluffy brush, Im trying to pat it all over triangles. And when I do it I try to do a “cloud” around triangles. Im dong it on upper triangles as well. Im blending black eyeshadow up and down my nose. My upper and lower lashine Im paiting with white paint. Now you can paint your nose, but you dont need to do it perfectly. Im using brush to make edges rough. I try to disperse the red paint all over my nose and cheeks. I think it looks great. Outline it and then fill. Im starting to shade and outline my lips with black eyeshadow. Using clean and fluffy brush Im blending black eyeshadow. And then Im adding more eyeshadow and blending it again. Im using rest product on the brush to contour my cheekbones. Again using my porous sponge I am adding some white paint all over my chin. You dont need to do this step, but since its Halloween Ive did put some fake blood on my lips. If I were you I would use hair colouring spray, but I couldnt find the color I wanted. So I have used and mixed two paints (blue and yellow) and Ive put it on wet hair. I hope you liked it! If you did and will recreate this makeup pleease tag me on instagram. Take care, and thaanks for watching!


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