Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You | MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You | MAKEUP TUTORIAL

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Hi guys! Today I’m showing you this look inspired by
the Kelly Clarkson I Don’t Think About You Video. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Maike
I am a makeup artist, I make youtube and beauty….youtube? Beauty and makeup videos on this channel,
so welcome and if you think you might be interested in things like this then you can subscribe
down below, I’d really appreciate it. Let’s get started right away. n Welcome to the close up of me. Ok guys, I know I look terrible alright, my
skin is going crazy it’s dry, it’s oily it’s pimply, you know, I just don’t really know
what to do um I’ve tried my best and I’m gonna try and cover this up with this Kelly Clarkson
makeup look. I’m starting with my eyebrows. Her eyebrows are pretty natural so I’m gonna
keep them natural as well. This is the Perfect Brow Pencil in Taupe from
Anastasia Beverly Hills and if you want a brow routine, I can definitely do that for
you but I’m not gonna explain in detail now what I’m doing because honestly it’s not that
complicated and yeah but if that’s something you want to see, then I can definitely do
that for you, just let me know in the comments down below. Now I’m gonna move on to the eyes. I have already prepped my lids with the MAC
Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, not Painterly this time, Soft Ochre and obviously I’ve already
done my foundation and set my foundation. For some reason today my eyes are creasing
like insanity. I don’t know what’s happening, I think it
might be also because I’m super, super tired, but just maybe and my skin, I’m just having
hormonal issues, so yeah maybe that’s why. First I’m gonna start with a fluffy brush,
this is the 227 Luxe Soft Definer from Zoeva and I’m gonna go in with Omega from MAC and
I’m placing this above my whole entire crease. Ok wait actually I forgot someting. She has quite a sharp edge so I’m gonna use
some tape to make that edge happen. It does kind of go into her under smokiness
of the under eye, so don’t put it exactly at the corner of your eye but a little bit
next to it. Alright continuing. I’m putting this color all above my crease
form the inner corner to the outer corner and on the outer corner I’m blending it upwards
towards my eyebrow. And to make sure this is a super blended look
I’m taking a clean very large fluffy brush. This is the Eye Blender from Bobbi Brown and
I’m just gonna diffuse this even more. Now using this small shader brush I’m taking
Shroom from MAC and I’m placing this underneath my eyebrow and now taking this fluffy brush again I’m
gonna blend these two together. Her look is going up quite a bit to the eyebrow,
so don’t be afraid to really pack on that transition color. I don’t have the exact kind of color she has
on her movable lid, it’s a kind of very light, very shiny gold tone, so I’m gonna use this
gold shimmery tone from Make-up Atelier. Using this small, this normal shader brush,
the 234 Luxe Smokey Shader from Zoeva and I’m just gonna place this on my movable lid
underneath the Omega. Using another shade from the Make-up Atelier
Palette, this is a kind of light brownish medium brownish with a little bit of a red
undertone and I’m taking that same fluffy brush and I’m placing this on the outer third
of my eye and also pulling it a little into my crease. I’m finding this gold way too yellow so I’m
gonna take Marshmallow from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sugar and I’m placing
this in my inner corners and I’m also gonna place it above that gold eyeshadow that I
used. That makes it a little less yellow gold, so
I’m happy with that and also placing this in the inner corner and a little bit down
underneath my eye in the inner corner. Ok I’m taking an even darker brown, this is
Espresso from MAC. Again using that same fluffy brush. I’m just placing this in the very outer corner
of my eye. Ok I’m still not happy with the color on my
lid, so this will be the last one I promise, I’m gonna take the MAC pigment in Old Gold
and I’m gonna place this above the color that I already placed there. Ok that’s much better I’m much happier with
that. I think I said that at the last one too but
I think now I’ve got it. And I’m not taking this into the inner corner. I want that highlight to be there. Taking MAC’s Eye Kohl Pencil in Teddy I’m
just gonna line my upper and lower waterline with this. Going in with omega again, this one, and that
same fluffy brush, because I’m lazy and I don’t wash brushes I’m just connecting that
outer part and the bottom part of my eye oh my god I cant speak guys, I’m sorry ahhh and
I got it all over my contact lens, excellent. I’m just smoking this out all underneath my
eye. I just cleaned off this small shader brush
on a towel and I’m taking that medium brown shade and I’m also placing this at my lash
line. Alright now I’m gonna put some lashes and
some mascara and I’ll be right back. So the eyes are done, she doesn’t have a lot
of contouring going on, she has more of a bronze look, so I’m just gonna use a tiny
bit of this contour color from the Ma…Smash…Mashbox? Smashbox contour kit. I’m using the Sigma Small Contour F05 for
that and I’m just. placing a tiny bit of that underneath my cheekbones
going up to my ear. By the way I don’t have a beard, I got my
lips done two days ago and they got really, really swollen and blue. So yeah, I’m placing a little bit of this
on my forehead as well to make it appear a tiny bit smaller using this small fluffy brush,
this is the 231 Luxe Petite Crease from Zoeva and I’m just contouring my nose really just
a tiny bit. She has very bronzed cheek and just a tiny
bit of rouge so I’m gonna use this face contour kit from Sleek and this brush, this is the
101 Luxe Face Definer and I’m placing this where I would usually place bronzer but pretty
much on my cheeks, blending a little bit upwards towards my temple, also a little bit on my
forehead. Now I’m just placing a little bit of this
MAC Peaches blush with an angled blush brush, just on the apples of my cheek… cheeks,
not just one cheek. Today I’m doing two, I know that’s crazy. I’m gonna line my lips, wait, highlighter. Almost forgot I’m taking that same highlight
color the Marshmallow form that Anastasia Beverly Hills palette that I used before and
I’m placing that on my cheekbones and pulling it a little bit up. Now lips. I’m taking this MAC contour pencil in Subculture
and I’m gonna line my lips with this. This is the first time I’m contouring my new
lips, not contouring, lining my new lips and I just messed up there, but I was going to
say before I messed up that this is just so much easier now. I mean they’re still swollen, so it’s still
gonna go down quite a bit, but I had really scarred lips and with this it’s just so much
easier and I don’t have to overlain that badly. It always, I mean it look ok in photos but
it just looked terrible in real life so I never did it in real life. I’m just using this random small synthetic
brush and this MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew. I have made my already pornographic swollen
lips more pornographic, but I’m kind of digging it, I have to say, I don’t hate it. Now she has a little bit of a shine going
on on her lips, so I’m using this MAC pigment in Tan and I’m mixing it with a little bit
of this lip gloss in Crystal from Bobbi Brown. This is just a sample size and I’m just placing
this in the centre of my lips. Ok and that is the Kelly Clarkson look done. So I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did,
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see you next time, bye bye!

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