Koyvoca | BH Cosmetics | GRWM [CC]

Koyvoca | BH Cosmetics | GRWM [CC]

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I’m here at the Zion he’ll retreat I’m
getting ready this is their first night and I wanted to vlog this weekend I’m
gonna work on my makeup okay got this new BH Cosmetics concealer
foundation palette I really don’t need to put on a lot of makeup because I did my makeup already but I just got this palette and I wanted
to touch up and I have my setting spray a I’m going for like a you know the
grey lipstick look I really like the grey lipstick so this is not grey but
this is a mill Brook by Nicka K and so I got this and I’m going to use a
grey highlight to get the gray lips and I already did my eyes. I just used one
color. oh I’m wearing my earrings that I made. I also have some Koyvoca I’ve been using their brand I like their Brand this is their concealer. I’m going to put a
little bit on my areas that I’m trying to cover I’m sorry you guys can’t see me good. Let me see if I can remedy that I’ll be back okay I was able to Remy,
remedy the height situation so this is my first time kind of showing my makeup
or whatever I do is not that much Its not all technical. I don’t contour and all that you know I’m just going to walk through a little bit of something my lips are a little chapped My lips are pink because my BH Cosmetics came
with a free came with a free matte lipstick and I tried it out but I didn’t
have like a highlighter like a lip liner I tried it out. I didn’t really like it. I’m
gonna give it one more try but I’m going to use like a lip liner when I try it again I probably have to speed this video up. So anyway, I’m going to be using my Koyvoca. Can you see that? just on my I didn’t bring a lot when you’re traveling
sometimes you don’t bring all your brushes that you need because I didn’t
want to carry too much I’m going to just just on my little spots that I’m trying to cover. I’m not sure how I got that scar, but I’ve been trying to work with it it’s by my nose I’ve only
had it for about three years I believe I’m not sure I’ve tried to use lemon to
kind of fade it. I scratched myself by accident and it left like a mark okay so
in the BH Cosmetics palette I’m going to use this color. I don’t know if they have names over. My upper lip I like to cover [nose sniff] My allergies I really like this brand the this Brand I really do. I’ve been using it for about two months I started off I bought the
powder and I love the powder I’m going to buy their powder again but I’m going
to buy the darkest shade and the shade next to that dark shade to kind of mix
together because it is the right powder they’re darker shade that they have but
it has like a red undertone. I think that I have a little bit of yellow
undertone a lot of times companies have that red undertone but I may have some
red undertone but I think I’m more like a little bit of yellow
I didn’t want to look too red but I really like to concealer. I’m
using a little bit under my eye and my upper lip You won’t see that if you see like
a little shine because I will be putting on my powder. I’m only using my fingers because I’m pushed for time and I to finish I have like a dark spot right their now I’m going to use their powder I love their
powder is it the color deep medium the brand name wore off but I’ve been using their powder. I love their powder and one of the things I love about their powder
is this the way you can turn this like this and then you can turn it this way. anyway let me put, how do you guys keep powder from getting on your clothes? I put my outfit on
I’m ducking down a little bit Because I don’t want to get any on my clothes. I
love their powder I love their whole brand I have their powder their
concealer I also have another concealer it’s it’s it’s a [Drop Product] ‘I’m making a mess.” their orange color
corrector which I’ll probably use that tomorrow see because you can still see that spot. I hate that I’m trying to cover that spot you guys
when I get through I’ll look good don’t worry. Mom how much time do I have? [Mom’s Voice] “Now I’m looking in the folder , and it says 6:30 p.m. I thought it was 6:00 o’clock.” “I don’t Know” o’ its 6:30. I was talking to my mom she’s here with
me. Yes I’m going to get rid of this little area here I just wanted to put a
little bit of that Koyvoca – corrector because I’m trying to cover this spot I’ll
show you guys my final look, but I went and grabbed my foundation which this weekend
I’m going to be using fit me matte. I love their Dewy but I didn’t bring the dewy I
bought the matte one and I also brought Black Radiance
I love this color mixed with that color I’m not going to mix it right now but I
like to mix it. I’m going to take, actually I’m going to take. I’m going to use that okay I’m just going to put it over that
corrector and I may not be able to get it as straight as I want it, and that’s okay
because because flaws are good. Flaws make us who we are we’re not perfect. Okay so
that’s the 360 fit me matte pore less and actually I’m going to set it, I got this
new brush from Target it’s an ELF concealer brush and that’s what I’m
going to set this powder on my nose these little brushes really come in
handy I’m going to set under my eyes as well. My nose, my upper lip, my forehead,
for whatever reason I like the baby brushes. I put it in the different areas
I don’t want to shape my eyebrow’s I’m just going to let them be. lately I’ve been
doing that just letting them do what God lets them do. I’m okay with that you
know what I’m learning? How to strike different poses I’m not the greatest at
posing. I just lined my lips. I’m doing something different I told you guys I was going for gray.I was going to be using Nicka K, I switched it up I want to do something different
I’m actually going to be using AOA studio color in blogger and I already
lined my lips A girl has the right to switch it up sometimes oh okay, I want to put a little bit of blush.
Smile tonight I want to brighten the room with my beautiful god-given smile. Give a little extra help to the smile this is actually an eyeshadow that I’m
using as a concealer I do that all the time this is a pearl by Sephora its old. It was an eyeshadow and I turned into a blush. To end this off, I’m going to use my handmade setting spray that I made to set everything Getting myself together for the retreat I think
it’s going to be a fun weekend. I’m I’m very excited this is one of my favorite
retreats to go to okay I’m not sure how I want to style my hair but I know I want
to wear it down actually did my hair yesterday I’m not sure if I want to have it like coming up here and
just let this Hang We’ll see, I’m going to go get some a hairpin
I was going wear gold hair Why am I clapping? I was going to wear gold hair
pins but I don’t think I am. I’m just going to use like oh, the lighting in here. Okay! this top is so cute. My hair keeps getting caught in my earrings. Chinning! so we just finished the big group
session we’re in our room just hit the Netflix and chill we’re
actually gonna go back out because they’re about to have hot topics juicy
topics so we want to go to that and I wanted to show you guys my swag bag that
they gave me with my food. Stay tuned I’m gonna show you


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