Kybella Double Chin Removal Treatment Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Kybella Double Chin Removal Treatment Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

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I was not aware that I was self-conscious of my chin until it started drooping. My name is Angela and today I’m getting Kybella injections. Two years ago I experienced some trauma in my life, I lost a loved one, I moved across country — the list goes on. Experiencing all that in one month’s time really took a toll on my body. And I think that now I’m on the other end of it two years later and I can see that that had a direct impact on the way that my face looks, particularly around the chin. It almost kind of feels like for the last two years I haven’t looked in a mirror. If there’s a change that I could make today that maybe is a little quick fix, I would do that. Otherwise, I will literally be stuck here doing these neck exercises for I don’t know how long! It’s not gonna work! I’m going to ice you a little bit. Okay Just so that I can numb you and not have you feel it. This is not normally part of the procedure. I am fortunate enough to go see the world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Liotta. She is a boss queen! I am Dr. Dara Liotta and I am a facial plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Kybella kind of fills a little niche that we didn’t have a good answer for before. It is an in-office, non-invasive treatment that can be done in 10 minutes using a needle and an injection. Even though it’s a non-invasive procedure the results of Kybella are permanent which is another great thing about it. Kybella is deoxycholic acid which is very similar to the acid your body releases to break up fat. I don’t know anybody that has ever had this treatment done. Is this real? Or is this hokum? Dr. Liotta! Help. A. Girl. Out! It’s feeling really exposed at the moment. Kybella will pop those fat cells. And once the fat cells have been liced and removed by your body, you don’t grow new fat cells in the area. So whatever results you get from one treatment of Kybella, two treatments, four treatments of Kybella, it’s all permanent. Each treatment is very specialized and customized to the patient. I am not afraid of needles, really. But this area under here feels like it might be sensitive. Okay, you’re brave! You’re not even gonna feel it because you’re numb. You okay? Mhmm. Pain or no? Uh-uh. Awesome job. (Off-camera) Will you be pinching all of them? I can try not to. Don’t screw up my Kybella treatment! (Off-camera) No, if you are then I’ll move! Oh, I can feel that burning. Oh yes. Yeah. Are you okay? Yeah, no I’m fine. It’ll come — it’ll be better and better. Great. Ta-da! That’s it? That’s it! No way! That’s it! Really? You did it! Cool! It’s been eight weeks since I had the treatment. The treatment itself lasted just a few minutes. It’s very, very, very quick. I didn’t find it more painful than just a pinch with some soreness, just like any other shot. (Off-camera) Oh, this color combo! When I first did it, the swelling was lasting a really, really long time. It looked like I swallowed a potato. I thought, “Is this going to be forever? Am I never going to see the results of this treatment?” Then after six weeks, the swelling started to go down. The fluid started to go — I don’t know, wherever the fluid goes. Then I started to see a noticeable difference in my jawline, which was awesome! Oh yes! Honey! I think that I would definitely do another treatment just to see if I could see a really noticeable difference in it. Thanks for watching! To subscribe to Refinery, click here. To watch more videos, click here.


  1. "Three years ago my relative died, and I moved across country, therefore I have a double chin." No bitch. It's called McDonalds and sitting on your ass all day.

  2. I do understand creativity and eagerness to do some thing new but dude editing that injection and all that stuff made it scary which I think you never wanted to do .becarefull in future

  3. Shut the fuck up bitch you have little to no double chin. I’m in a healthy shape and I have a double chin of a fatass and I’m only 16 so it can’t be an age thing

  4. I couldn’t even finish the video with the sound effects. Like why do they keep doing that?? Aren’t they reading the comments that we HATE IT

  5. All these people calling her fat and lazy would not be doing so if this a video of her breast augmentation. you people are fatphobic af and it shows. focus on what makes you happy and maybe you will be less miserable with your lives.

  6. They rlly need to stop those slo-mo, water-related, creeky-related, dramatic sound effects cos it clashes terribly with the pop background sound in her interview. Some of it sound like they belong in the starting theme music of hannibal tv show

  7. My biggest fear is that the doctor is actually an assassin and just sticks the needle all the way through my throat.

    There’s something wrong with me

  8. 5 minutes a day of face fitness combined with face massage is free and not less effective…there are a lot of tutorials on youtube

  9. Guys as long as she feels more confident that's what matters.. I know that the results aren't all that noticeable but to her they are she's happier looking at herself and that was the point of getting that little surgery to us it looks like a waste of money but to her is was well worth it so can we not point that out and let her be happy with her personal results?

  10. If you pause on the before and after, you can see that her jaw is more curved and noticeable in the after pic. But, her head was tilted forward in the before and tilted back in the after to make the results seem more than they are. If she had gotten more injections later on then I can see it looking better, but with one there was a very minuscule difference. Glad it made her more confident though. ^_~

  11. Idk I kinda feel like permenantly removing fat cells from your body sounds dangerous. I'm pretty sure fat cells can alert your body in a symptomatic way if something were wrong. Idk. I wish people could stop being so judgemental and realize the human body is a well oiled, intellectual machine and is perfect the way it is.

  12. I don't see any difference at all. But those sound effects made me feel like I was watching a sci fi movie — Ugh. Guess that's one procedure I won't be having done.

  13. What a load of crap this video is. No after shots means it didn’t work at the doctor or whatever she was really childish. Wouldn’t trust her anywhere near me.

  14. I think I’m the only one who likes the sound effects of this channel I found it satisfying and almost like asmr and when it’s clear close up photography u really get to see the perspective of what’s going on everyone needs to stop hating

  15. Why does the look like the infamous judge who met her kindergarten friend in courtroom who was accused of some crime?

  16. i've got it done myself. Several sessions actually. I can say it works and its really not painful at all.
    Scale of 1-10 this is like… 1 ish… 0 if you ice the areas long enough before the injection.

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