Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition Unboxing and Swatches!

Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition Unboxing and Swatches!

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Hello everyone, welcome back Today we are unboxing Kylie’s 2016 Holiday edition lip kits My first time being so close to the camera… The reason why I bought it is basically… Because of the hype it had on Instagram and Youtube From beauty bloggers to…everyone else, basically And the more I see them, the more I wanted to try (good marketing strategies!) Taylor R is a huge fan of it too, I’ve seen it so many times on her videos So I just had to give it a try Kylie’s products were so hyped in the beginning there were even Ebay auctions that sold them for crazy amount of money But now, you need to know this KylieCosmetics restock pretty frequently now So everything is very much in stock So there’s no need to pay extra on auctions for their products any more And its web store offers free international shipping on orders over $60 So as long as you have a credit card that works You can go buy them yourself I made a mistake of buying this with a shopping service Oops It’s the Burgundy palette, since I’m such a huge fan of red eyeshadow I used it for today’s makeup I actually really really love this palette There are a lot of great colors in it But I’ll talk more about this palette in a later video “Battle of the Red Eyeshadow” XDDD Let me tell you how I made a mistake in using shopping service to buy this There was so much hype around this palette when it was first released Looked like that it would go out of stock very soon I was scared of not able to get it, so I turned to shopping service So it’s original price is $42 and my SS charged me $65 I didn’t even check the original price before placing my orders Only to realize that… That this palette was almost never out of stock afterwards and the original price was just $42 So I was like Well the international shipping KylieCosmetics offers is kinda problematic too They give you a tracking but the tracking says nothing more than “label created” even after I received the package it says “waiting for items” this whole time In other words, it doesn’t work at all I think the website says it takes about 1-2 weeks But my package, maybe because it was caught during the holiday season, took a month to arrive I was very anxious over it since the tracking doesn’t work, I was worried that it might get to the wrong address or what not But anyway, it’s here, finally Let’s open it When I first got the package I wanted to open it so badly I had to pull at my own hand “Don’t open it! You have to do an unboxing video!” So I waited till today. Am I not the greatest? Ooops, should say the whole thing in English The box has the signature Kylie melting thingy design Let’s see what’s inside Noooo my mini set is broken on the side It’s ok First I saw A greeting card The entire holiday edition features the color silver So everything is shiny silver (translating it into Chinese) [Explaining to Chinese audience why it’s more sensitive to say “Happy Holidays” in stead of “Merry Christmas”] And then we have the summary of my order I forgot the price so let me see No price?! So I got the 4 pieces set and the mini set And since the US launch time is early morning here in China I had to set an alarm to wake up at 4am It wasn’t “that hard” to get I think one of those two sold out in around 15 minutes It’s not that hard, honestly It’s nothing compared to AP at its greatest SO here is the Mini Kit It has six mini-sized liquid lipstick Since the full-sized ones have a lot of products Someone on Youtube did a test with it and found that a full-sized liquid lipstick has around 120 coats in it which means that it’ll last you four months if you wear it every single day So yeah, it’s hard to use it all The minis are great because they’re smaller and cheaper So you can pay less money to try more colors You don’t really know if the color is gonna work for you until you try it on, right? So it’s great to try more colors And if you like it, you can then buy the full-size But this time the mini set doesn’t include any new color except for Angel Where’s the colors Yep so Angel is the only holiday new color here We’re not gonna swatch them today Let’s do this one This is the Full-size 4 pieces Holiday Kit And all of them are new colors So let’s open it It’s very pretty! So here we have it I remembered them all! Yay! Normal Kylie lip kits have black tops and black melty things too But the holiday edition uses silver instead of black We should start with the lightest color Otherwise the dark ones will change the lips color Let’s try this one first This one is called…Noel! [explaining what Noel means] So Noel is a golden gloss I took off my sweater, it’s too hot Let’s try it It’s actually golden gold Let’s see GOLDEN LIPS Even though it’s a gloss It’s very pigmented The color is very obvious I think this will do It smells like other Kylie lip kits too A strong sweet, candy-like scent Let me see I’m back! I changed into a black sweater It has gold embroidery that says “moon light” I think it’s from F.i.n.t Bought it a few years back I think the gold lips are pretty unique I think it would go well with simple outfits If you are wearing bright Christmas colors already (like I did in the beginning of the video) Since gold is not a real color….? Is it? Anyway it looks a bit busy So I think it looks better with simple outfits of solid colors, maybe with some gold accents the golden lips will complement the otherwise basic outfits really well I feel so bad for all you beauty vloggers out there You have to constantly zoom in for the details And refocus I can’t be a beauty guru, too much work, god Anyway since Noel is a gloss, it doesn’t dry out Yeah if you touch it you’ll get golden things on your finger It’s pretty comfy to wear, and it’ll be perfect for holiday parties It’ll add something extra for your holiday looks Next one! It’s a pink version of Noel Let’s try this one on Ok I just removed what it’s called…?…Noel I want you to go to your favorite beauty vlogger and tell her/him how much you love her/him Because Anyway, let’s try Cupid It’s sticky The texture is very similar to that of Noel This is one dip I’m gonna take a second dip since the upper lip is not fully covered I think I got Cupid on I’m not too good at it but the color is really pretty It’s not as pink when you wear it Since it’s a gloss and doesn’t cover everything It looks like this As I said, it’s the same texture as Noel But since it’s pink I think it would go really well with Harajuku street style such as fairy kei and decora Like Kyary Kyary wait no Yeah I think it will go well with cute, pastel fashion or street pop fashion So I decided to wear this sweater from Swankiss to match Cupid It’s of pastel blue color It has cupcake print with pink, lavender and red I think this color is very easy to wear as well It’s girly and pink but also has that little extra shine Next we are trying Angel This color is also included in the mini set This one has the most signature Kylie matte liquid lip kit texture That means it’ll get completely dry and has a 100% matte finish I used a couple of Kylie lip kits before, the color lasted very well and in terms of dryness, I think it’s not too bad It’s dry but it’s just a very thin layer so it doesn’t feel like you had stickers on your lips But as you can see, Kylie Cosmetics is an American brand and it follows American aesthetics They usually make colors that American women are fond of such as all shades of brown and beige And rarely do they have girly and cute colors So Angel is actually very light and pink compared to other colors from Kylie’s line But now that I see it It’s kinda like a sausage meat kind of pink with a little grey Let’s try it! A regular lip kit would include a lip liner of the same color So normally you outline with the liner and fill in with the liquid lipstick But since this comes with the 4 pieces set, it doesn’t have a liner For unexperienced people like me, it’s a little difficult The color is nearly dry My first thought is Not girly nor cute at all As expected this is definitely a color the American girls will like It’s not very light I saw other people’s pictures and worried that it would look purple It has a tiny little hint of purple but not obvious It’s very pigmented, same as other Kylie lip products I think it’s pretty nice overall Now it’s completely dry, this should be the final color The outfit I chose for Angel is actually a JK uniform It’s from a Taobao indie brand I really love the fabric, it’s so soft and the colors are beautiful It has a good student/senior student kind of feel Since Angel is matte and the color is not that light I feel that it’s almost good for serious occasions such as going to work, meeting or school That’s why I chose this outfit Last we have Blitzen I didn’t know what that meant at first And while I was listening to Christmas songs Blitzen is one of the reindeers Santa has Rudolf is the most famous one, but Blitzen is one of them too So Blitzen is a purple-ish…kind of… It’s basically purple Let’s try it This is unacceptable Oh my god this is so hard Very hard to apply evenly Ok now I got Blitzen on It’s mostly dry This one has a distinct texture from the others I think some Youtube beauty vloggers mentioned that Kylie’s darker colors are not as good as lighter ones Darker ones are harder to apply It’s true! If it’s just a thin layer, it’s not dark enough But if you apply a thicker layer, it’s hard to get it even And you can almost see the strokes Of course, I’m not too good at this But it’s just really hard for me I guess it looks ok from afar, but close up it’s pretty much a mess I guess it’s real then, the darker ones are not as good The color is a true deep purple/purple-wine very gothic kind of color The application is a pain though And my lips feel extra dry, perhaps since I had to re-apply and there’s more product on Yep, very dry I don’t hate the color, to be honest But the application I guess I don’t like it But once it’s dry it doesn’t come off at all Ok so here’s the last one, Blitzen And while I was filming Another package arrived! I placed my order again on Black Friday And I got it today, on Christmas eve So about a month to arrive πŸ™ Since everything was 20% off on Black Friday I bought Leo lip kit, which Taylor uses a lot But today let’s try on another lip kit from the holiday collection So here’s the packaging of the holiday lip kits a silver box with a little white ribbon on top Because it’s designed to be a Christmas ornament that you can hang… like this, on the trees The packaging is pretty cute, with silver box and white details Let’s open! Since this is a lip kit, it comes with a liner same color as the liquid lipstick Merry is a slightly darker red [Here I address the common misspellings of the phrase “Merry Christmas”, apparently it’s kinda hard to spell for my Chinese audience…skip to 21:40] I was hoping for a pure red lipstick Now I have mixed feelings Does this count as bright color or dark one? I hope it has the same consistency as the brighter colors I hope it’s a real red color that’s perfect for Christmas Let’s find out By the way the lipstick is really hard to remove It lasts long, and it’s hard to remove Ok now I’ve changed into my favorite red sweater this year (it’s from Dazzlin) I think my lip color has been tinted by Blitzen a little I think now they’re slightly more purple than usual It’s…kinda weird But nevermind Let’s hope that Merry will deliver I hope it matches my sweater! As I said, it comes with a liner Now let’s outline the lips with it Ok it’s done The liner is pretty nice, very pigmented and glides right on God I’m so blinded by this ring light Now I see a shadow in the shape of a ring light everywhere Beauty guru is hard work, man Now let’s fill it in with the lipstick Please make it work, it’s the last one From the color I can see now, it matches with my sweater Don’t know how it looks when worn You can do this Very promising I think in terms of how it applies, this goes between Blitzen and Angel It’s not as easy to apply as the lighter colors, but definitely not as bad as Blitzen Or maybe because I improved Now let’s wait till it dries I love this color, this is the shade of red I was looking for But maybe I should have put on more product? It’s not covering my lip color completely I can still see a little bit of my lip color underneath Ok now it has dried I really like this color, this is what I expected It’s a little uneven But it’s acceptable I’m ok with it, and I might work on my lipstick application skills This is Merry, as in Merry Christmas Ok so that’s the unboxing and swatches of Kylie 2016 Holiday Collection 4-piece set plus Merry lip kit [That’s the end of the video! I was talking about a giveaway that I’ll be doing with my Bilibili subscribers till the end] Thank you so much for watching it on Youtube! Happy Holidays, and hope to see you again soon


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