Kylie Jenner | Before & After Transformations | Plastic Surgery UPDATED

Kylie Jenner | Before & After Transformations | Plastic Surgery UPDATED

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Kylie Jenner is one of the most talked about
young celebs these days and some may even call her THE biggest influencer. She’s already recognized by Forbes as a
billionaire and at the time of this video she’s only 22 years old. Add reality TV and social media star, entrepreneur,
model, AND mother to that list and then you get Kylie. The girl’s got it going on. So we’ve already done a Before and After
video on Kylie here on this channel but that was awhile back and with Kylie and Travis
recently posing for Playboy I figured it was time for an update (Photos playboy 1&3). There’s always more to uncover about Kylie. Speaking of Kylie and Travis – fans were
panicking recently due to a mirror selfie and a caption Kylie posted thinking that the
two broke up. All because there wasn’t some framed photo
of them in the background? (IG mirror pics 1&2) Kylie put those rumors
to rest by posting a pic of them (Photo story 1) and in plus in the couple’s interview
for Playboy they revealed they’re stronger than ever. (photo playboy 1)
Kylie said: “We think the same and we have the same
goals and passions in life. Besides the fact that we have good chemistry,
we have a lot of fun together. You’re my best friend. Through all the ups and downs that every relationship
has, we evolve together through them and keep getting stronger.” Today Kylie’s fame keeps growing and she
has 146 million followers on Instagram at the moment (@kyliejenner). The girl’s a big deal. Although there’s lots we could talk about,
we’re not gonna be focusing on her success or relationship with Travis in this video. It’s no doubt that since the early days
of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kylie has changed a lot…you could say she looks
like a different person. Although looks DO usually change as you get
mature Kylie’s aren’t all natural as we know. What’s going on guys and girls, my name is
Kara and this series we have titled Before & After. Today we are going to look at Kylie, how she’s
transformed over the years, any work she’s had done, and any new changes or rumors since
the last time we did a video on her. I can’t deny that the girl keeps looking
amazing. I’ve done other celebrity transformation videos
here, and we’ve also been doing some house tours and definitely covered Kylie’s gorgeous
mansion in Hidden Hills, as well as her sisters’ houses. We’ll have links to those at the end of
this video. I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. As always, if there is anyone else you want
me to document, let me know in the comments down below. Now, let’s get into this video. FACE/COSMETIC WORK
Let’s start with Kylie’s face. It’s clear, the girl is gorgeous and on
top of that has some bad ass makeup skills. Which is probablyyyy part of the reason her
makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics is so successful. Kylie was a cute kid too but she hasn’t
always looked the same. And when Kylie started to change the public
definitely noticed and she got called out for having work done. Kylie’s lips are infamous for changing her
look because as a kid, they were noticeably thinner. (Photo lips then) At first she denied rumors
about getting fillers but it was clearly hard to hide so she opened up on Keeping up With
The Kardashians saying “I’ve had temporary lip fillers. It’s just something that I wanted to do” Kylie has said she was ALWAYS insecure about her
lips especially after a boy she liked pointed it out after they kissed. If the fillers made her more confident then
good for her. Around 2014 was the year Kylie’s lips started
getting bigger, AND BIGGER, and by then it was just plain obvious. But at least she came clean about it so she
didn’t have her fans running around thinking that’s what naturally happens when you’re
a teen. Kylie told Complex magazine that like many
other things the injections can get addicting, saying:
“When you first get them done, you’re like, ‘Oh, it could be a little bit bigger on that
side.’ I’d go back and be like, ‘They went down’
and think they could be bigger. But I went too far. It was very painful.” So fast forward a couple years after and Kylie
said she stopped with the fillers and was letting her natural lips basically come back
and do their thing. Posting a pic on Instagram where they looked
more natural, a follower pointed this out in the comments and she said she “got rid
of all her filler” I don’t know if that means she dissolved
it or she just phased it out but doesn’t really matter now anyways. She enjoyed that natural lip look for about
5 minutes, but soon enough she was back to famous pouty Kylie. At least she told everyone on her Instagram
stories. These days, Kylie’s lips are still extra
plump Kylie has been accused of getting more work
done as well because she looks soooo different from the early days. But time and time again Kylie has denied it. She told PAPER mag
“People think I full went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face which
is completely false. I’m terrified! I would never. They don’t understand what good hair and
makeup and like fillers can really do. It’s fillers I’m not denying that” And I don’t think she’s just talking lip
fillers. You can get fillers ALL over your face these
days to switch up your look and smoothen things out. It’s been said that kylie’s chin and cheek
shape looks different too which I can definitely see (photo chin 1) BUT I don’t think any
changes are drastic enough to be surgery. I think it could be angles and fillers in
different areas of the face but that’s just my opinion – im no expert. Look at pictures of before and after and you
guys can be the judge. (photo chin 2) I think that another thing which maybe Kylie
had done is Botox to lift the eyebrows a bit which does change the look of your face too
(Photo eyebrows) But I think her eyebrows look great and suit her. (Photo eyebrows 2) Finally there’s been speculation that kylie’s
gotten a nose job too because it seems to look sleeker than it used to (photo nose before
and after 1). Although her nose does look petite im not
convinced that she got surgery (photo NOSE before and after) It could just be good contour
or even fillers to make it straighter (photo nose 2) what do you guys think? BODY
Let’s move on to Kylie’s bod. So the girl made headlines this summer because
of some of her posts. Firstly when she was launching her Kylie skin
line a sexy body pic she posted on her Insta got fans worked up . Kylie captioned it “Summer
Body” and people went off saying it’s all fake or that she paid for it. It’s clear that Kylie’s body is to die
for and she bounced back so quickly after having baby Stormi. Of course the girl is still really young so
it makes sense but I also don’t think she really works out so it’s kind of crazy. I think the main mystery here is Kylie’s
curves. She seems to have the Kim K thing going on
with the perfect hourglass figure that appeared out of the blue Some other recent Kylie posts recently showed
off that growing booty . I can’t get behind this one being real I’m sorry but I don’t
think her fans can either On this one photo on IG the comments held
nothing back (Photo butt comments) so everyone is already convinced that its fake. Other posts Kylie has made just show how obvious
it is I mean how do you go from pretty much flat
to perfect curves? (Photos butt before and after 1 & butt 2)
It’s even so noticeable when she walks but at least Kylie’s working it If I had to guess, Kylie did a Brazilian Butt
Lift or fat transfer where they relocate fat from other parts of the body to the hip and
butt area. It wouldn’t be “fake” in that case,
just the curves would be. What do you guys think is the butt all natural
or did Kylie get some help? And then there’s Kylie’s boobs. I’ve never really paid attention but it
does seem like Kylie’s also gotten breast implants. In the past the star has said it was simply
just weight gain, that she’s gained about 50 pounds over time but usually it doesn’t
work like that – as in, giving you perfect boobs and butt and leaving the rest of you
thin. If we look at photos of Kylie before (Photo
boobs before) they looked a lot smaller. Then almost all of a sudden they were bigger. (Photos boobs now 1 & 2) Not only that but
I think they have that look of being too full and round to be natural – but that’s just
my opinion. (photo boobs now 3). I’ll let the jury decide (photo boobs now
4). I know that Kylie has also been accused of
some photoshop fails like this one photo she took recently with her bestie (Photoshop fail
1 & 2) but most of Kylie’s canges are clear in vids too so I don’t think those can be
faked. So what does Kylie have to say about all of
this? To date she hasn’t admitted to getting anything
done but fillers, and she’s replied to a Tweet in the past that accused her of being
“more plastic than Barbie” stating: “Well, I haven’t done anything except my lips
but nobody seems to believe that, so I don’t really care.” And she really shouldn’t care. Everyone will keep talking about Kylie whether
she got work done or not and she looks amazing. Someone as successful as her really doesn’t
need to pay any mind to negative comments and probably doesn’t have time. HAIR / LOOK
Kylie’s hair has also changed a lot recently. We know the girl loves to experiment with
wigs and I think she helped make them pretty trendy. You cant even tell theyre wigs that’s for
sure. But Kylie also seems to go back and forth
between dark hair and blonde with her real hair too. I cant decide which I like best on her. (Photo blonde hair 1 & dark hair 1) On one hand I think Kylie’s blonde hair
makes her stand out from her sisters and gives her a different type of glam look so I love
it, but her dark hair is so natural and suits
her perfectly too But no matter what colour Kylie’s hair is
she always has some killer extensions. I seriously loveeeee Kylie’s hair. Do you guys think Kylie looks better as a
blonde or a brunette? Let me know in the comments. So clearly Kylie has changed a lot over the
years – I would even say the most out of her sisters. Since the girl is so famous its no wonder
that she has a ton of people speculating about her appearance and work she may or may not
have had done. This year, fans decided to make the comments
mostly about her butt and body it seems, and how its definitely not all-natural. Kylie’s body looks amazing, especially after
having a baby, but I do think she got some help from plastic surgery looking at her chest
and her hips and butt area. Kylie’s still infamous for her plump lips
and even though she let them go natural for awhile it wasn’t long before she got back
on the fillers. Clearly they make her more confident, and
they’ve kinda even become a signature look for her after the growing success of her Kylie
Lip Kits and makeup. Whatever work she has or hasn’t gotten done,
the girl looks super hot and it really doesn’t matter. LIKE – She’s only 22 and she’s already
a billionaire. Kylie’s definitely not going anywhere that’s
for sure. I think we’ll just have to keep up with
Kylie and see what’s next for her. COMMENT SECTION
Ok guys so now it’s time for me to read out some of your comments from past videos! On our Before & After vid of Dove Cameron,
Unicorn2005 commented saying (Photo comment 1)
“This is such an underrated topic, Dove Cameron definitely got plastic surgery and
nobody talks about it” I agree Unicorn the girl has clearly changed
SO much since she started out in Hollywood – but whatever shes done she does look gorgeous On our Khloe Kardashian house tour, Jeigh
Pee said (Photo comment 2) “KHLOE is my favorite”
Same here – I’ve always liked Khloe the best. AND on our new JLO Before & After, Catherine
Hall commented saying that JLO is body goals (Photo comment 3)
Totally agree with you Catherine. I think JLO is body goals no matter what age
you are. Aright guys and girls, that wraps up this
video here on Before & After. If you wanna talk more about Kylie’s transformation
you can hit me up on Instagram (@Kara_Emi). What work do you guys think Kylie has done
aside from her fillers? Let me know who else you would like me to
make a Before & After video on and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye!


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