Kylie Jenner: From Lip Kits To A $900 Million Fortune In Just 3 Years | Forbes

Kylie Jenner: From Lip Kits To A $900 Million Fortune In Just 3 Years | Forbes

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I think I struggled for a minute with finding something to do on my own and what was I gonna do I knew I was passionate about makeup but I didn't know I could have fun every day doing my job I'm Kylie Jenner and I am the founder of Kylie cosmetics I had an insecurity with my lips when I was younger so I turned to makeup to help me feel more confident I went to the makeup store and I just like I didn't even know really what colors I was picking I was just like I want some lip liner that looks like the color of my lips because I just want my lips to look fuller but I could never find a lip liner and a lipstick that matched or even the right color that was perfect for me so that's where the lip kit started I was so focused on like formula and color but everything else just kind of fell into place I put so much love into everything that I make and I make sure everything is perfect and something I would personally use so then when I see my fans have it and they love it and their reaction that's what's the most exciting to me starting a company on my own and it being so big from the beginning there's not a lot of room for mistakes every company has mistakes they learn from them and they change them but it's probably owning up to those from the beginning and just being honest and changing them in front of everybody I'm the face to my brand and I take responsibility for everything that happens I haven't learned everything from my mom yet that I know that I need to she teaches me something new every day about everything she is my goals and I'm just each day I'm like trying to take it all in she's definitely been a huge part of the success of Kylie cosmetics if I could give some advice let's do something that you love if you're building something from the ground up like do something that you're passionate about so you just have fun every day and you love what you do you


  1. It amazes me how much negativity people have towards this young lady. You really need to ask yourself why are you so miserable. We should celebrate success and be inspired. Yes everyone has a different path. Some have to take the stairs to get where they want to go. Either way I’m happy for Kylie because I’m happy with myself. God bless. Just remember the energy you give is the energy you will receive.

  2. she should've addressed her lip job… nothing to be ashamed of…lip fillers n liquid lip … she def made both popular…

  3. Kylie Jenner is not a billionaire, she was only put on this list because they claim if some were to buy her company they would by it for 900 million. Which, makes no sense because the company has only sold 650+ million dollars of product.

  4. A Self- made person is someone who knows the hardship and cruelty of the world before hitting success. They start from rock- bottom and climb up before truly reaching the real AUTHENTIC accomplishment unaided. Sad how some idiot magazine society like Forbes defines this person as a "successful self-made" billionaire. The audacity. #ShameForbes

  5. Kylie saved all her money to start this make up line all on her own. Of course her mother help her and supported her through it all. But this was all kylies idea and now she is richer than rich. $$$

  6. Attracting shallow, silly, pointless, ignorant little teen zombies to your "products" is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Your story is good for ratings. The advertising world is a 24/7 reality now because of smart phones.
    That makes you a symptom of the cyber world reality that we live in now……
    I hope that you reflect on that truth from time to time…………………….

  7. She isn’t a billionaire. Her true net worth is $300M and this story is made up for magazine sales and Kylie Jenner her engagement. It is a lie.

  8. Why do people like to undercut other people's success? Kylie got to where she is for a reason. YOU are making jealous comments for a reason.

  9. Im reading the comments here, and i just feels funny. I mean whatever it is that we complaining, she still gonna be rich and work everyday.

  10. Well, there are approximately 300 million Americans. So, 1 bill dollars divided amongst 300 million persons, is about $3.33
    cents. About half of that 300 million, is female, so say $6.66 each …. 150(6.66)=300(3.33) …
    If you can make $6.66 from each female selling "lip kits" ,
    or whatever, you too can become a billionaire.
    6.66 – an interesting number. 6, for the number of sides in a hexagon … shape
    of a honeycomb, or hidden geometry in the Seal (star?) of Solomon ….
    (Not sure why some call that symbol, the Star of David,
    given that the Star of David is probably another way of saying, Star of Bethelehem)…. )
    …. 0.66 …. There are 66 books in the KJV Bible…. So again, 6.66 – an interesting number.

  11. i don’t necessarily think she is “self made” but also, she did make her company and even tho she had a lot of help getting to where she is now she still made a brand and it sold.

  12. Just because she is a girl and a successful one people throw hate on her. If it was a guy and was listed the youngest billionaire then only appreciation no matter what kind of family he is from. Why don’t people just take things positively,,she did something which is loved is not her fault to be born in that family she was to be born for this life and she made it so spread positivity not hate…. a time will come for everyone then you will realised how it is to be hated then you think of it….. make life easier for everyone and be happy

    Kylie ♥️

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