LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup Collection look

LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup Collection look

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hi it’s Charlie today I’m going to show you how to achieve a new look from the Fall collection by Chanel I have to say it’s my new favorite let’s begin first I use a blush to illuminate my face what I like to do is to mix it with the powder so I go back and forward with my brush this way I can achieve more of a natural look see this way we get a perfect amount of the color on that we cheeks let’s move on to the eyes I’m gonna use the new palette from the Fall collection and I’m going to mix the three different shapes together it’s going to be really beautiful but you have to remember to follow the order once it’s done I put it all over my eyelid just like that see what I do is I blend it right by the crease perfect now I’m going to use this new pencil and throw a thin line over my upper lashes it’s going to intensify our look for my lower lashes I use a slightly more reddish color it really does bring out the eye color huh to complete my eye makeup I’m going to apply some mascara I like to use the tip of the brush to go on my inner the outer corners it’s going to enlarge my eyes see this way I created a little wing for a night out I love to use this product what I do is I just take a little bit of this beautiful creamy eyeshadow and I put it over my eyes see it adds a little shimmer to my makeup well how incredible is this look I’m not done yet let’s continue with the lips I outlined them with the pencil this way the lipstick won’t fade away as a final touch I dress up my lips remember to start in the center I love the scholar now there is another tip to get a perfect shape use a little bit of foundation on your brush and just go over it right on the both sides to clean it up see there it’s perfect now how do you like this fall makeup from my nails I use eleven you wash persone with gel coat this way it’s going to last longer I’ll be back soon with more looks from Chanel bye


  1. pls mention the all products in description box no doubt makeup is stunning but we are not satisfied with incomplete video

  2. Makeup industry job is done well when they hire those Japanese skin looking woman to promote their Ads or with woman who had clear skin …job well done perhaps …

  3. are you going to show le teint ultra tenue fluid make up? i find it kind of fast-dry, any tips? I like your tutorials, simple and clear

  4. Wonderful presentations. Natural beauty can shine through all skin types, and ages love how the beauty within glows.

  5. Muy bonitos y muy buenos , los cosmeticos channel son muy buenos , y antialergicos los recomiendo mucho !!!!😍😘los amo….❤❤❤❤❤

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