Les bases et top coat favoris

Les bases et top coat favoris

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Hi all, I’ll show in this video how bases and top coats work. I’ll also share with you my favorite brands. Let’s start with the base. You will have to put them before the varnish. You should never forget to put the base. They help your nails from being discolored for example You can apply a colorful varnish, such as red or black. It won’t damage it. It is also a polish that will not have the same properties as a varnish color. The base will not damage your nails. And it doesn’t have much toxic and chemical products as in the nail polish. It will allow your polish to adhere even more and to last longer. And it protects your nails. There are various types of bases. Hardening bases, anti-streaking bases and anti-yellowing bases. Let’s have a look to the bases that I have. I don’t really have a favorite brand or must have brands. There’s no difference. According to me all bases are the same. Regardless of the base, my varnish will always stick up to 7 days. I have different bases. There are bases like these that can strengthen your nails. Then you have the anti-yellowish base. It will leave a special effect on your nail. The nail polish will look bright blue in the UV light. It will remove the yellow aspect of your nails in the light. Revlon base is highly liquid. I use it when I do not have much time. And because it dries very quickly. I use it very often. This one is very liquid. I use it when I don’t have too much time. When my nails are a little damaged like in winter, or when they split. So I have apply a very thick base. It will strengthen and harden my nails. However, it dries more slowly. But it’s up to you. I have no preference for the base and therefore, I have no brands to advise you. That’s it for the bases. In the second part of this video, we’ll talk about the top coat. The top coat protects your nail polish or your nail art. It is not just a nail polish, it has many qualities like to keep your nail art up to 3 or 4 days. But it depends on the activities that you have. Whether you wear gloves or not for washing dishes or for cleaning. You should take this into account. It must also shine your nail art for 3 to 4 days. It must not tarnish or have scratches or nicks on it. It needs to have a glossy look and be smooth like the first day. Another important thing is that it must make your polishes or nail arts dry quickly, at least on the surface. It is more useful than a nail polish because it dries faster. It is often annoying because we don’t always have enough time to wait for half an hour With a good top coat, in 10 minutes, it is dry. And you can get to your normal activities. Not gardening of course, but you can handle objects without damaging your nail art. There are several top coats. Let’s now have a look at thick and liquid top coats now. I have three top coat that I like. My favorite is the dry fast that many of you know. It was elected as the best top coat for several years. It is really great. It is quite thick. It is very pasty, a little bit old now and is nearly finished. Then we have the wet glass top coat. You can find it on the NDED website. I put all the references in the video’s description if you want to have a look at them or to purchase them. The third thick top coat is the Poshe. I love these three top coats. They are the best among those I have been using. There are probably others but these ones are great. I highly recommend. Note that the wet glass is the cheapest. Thick top coats are used on decoration or relief. What I mean by relief are very large rhinestones or glitter powder. Glitter powder is a almost rough on the nail. It doesn’t feel nice on your nail. Same for studs, fimos. They are really big. I use thick top coats mainly I make design relief on my nails because they are quite expensive. And they are quite hard to find. So I don’t use them much. Only for the design on my nails. But you can eventually use them for simple nail art design. However if you wear your nail varnish for only 3 days, there’s no need to use a dry fast top coat. With the fast dry top coat my nail art stands for 10 to 15 days. That’s it for thick top coat. Let’s have a look now to liquid top coats. Revlon top coat is very liquid and even makes bubbles when you shake it. You can also have the Polishield Orly top coat. I use theses top coats for everyday polish. Like for a quick nail polish layer that I want to last for only 2 or 3 days. They are really good top coat and are very bright. They help to make the polish last but when it comes to nail art with relief like to apply fimos, big rhinestones or glitter powder, it will not hold firm the relief. It will be rough or you will feel your rhinestones on your nails. And finally they will blow out. Same with the fimo, it tends to peel off. Same too for the pillows. These top coats are recommended 2D designs, like a one stroke painting Or for a few lines done with nail polish. but not for large rhinestones. They won’t hold on. As effect, it will only look glossy. Revlon and Polishield Orly are two brands that I love. They are my favorite for the liquid top coats. I do also have a top coat with no special brand. That I use to call the “rotten” top coat. It is a top coat that takes time to dry. And I find it quite good to put my rhinestones I apply a drop and I have enough the time to grab my rhinestones and to apply them. It is quite convenient rather than the Revlon, which dries very quickly. With Revlon, at the third spangled it is already dry. We’ve done with top coats and bases. Feel free to dilute the top coat if it is much too thick. To dilute any top coat, base or nail polish, you need a special diluent. Never use acetone, solvent, alcohol or water. Some girls even told me that they use water as diluent. And finally when you apply glitter nail polish like The blue Opi from Katy Perry’s collection or the last China Glaze released I suggest you to put a thick top coat. The glitter polish becomes dull when it dries. So to awake the sparkles of the glitter, you need to apply a coat of transparent varnish. Last advise, I suggest you to have both a thick and a liquid top coat. The basic top coats can be found at 1 €. They are appropriate to put rhinestones. Here is it for this video about bases and top coats. All references and the links are found below in the description if you want to purchase them. Feel free to share this video on Facebook or on your blogs. And join my Facebook Fan Page. I hope you enjoyed this video. Until next time!


  1. This happened once before to me, and it ended up being fixed later on. I wonder if it's too soon to be watching it after she uploaded it?

  2. Yay! pile ce qu'il me fallait pour m'acheter une nouvelle base (la mienne sèche tellement vite qu'elle sèche complètement mes ongles et après ils se dédoublent!)

  3. Coucou, je commence dans le nail art et je ne sais pas quel top coat épais prendre… le quel me conseillerais tu pour débuté stp?
    Le site nded ne retient de commandé sur se site car 11euro et des poussière ça fais chère pour des frais de port ? Non ?
    Et pour le site nailsupplies.us je n'ai pas trouvé les frais de port . Est-ce que tu c'est combien c'est ?
    Merci d'avance 🙂 Bisous

  4. Coucou, j'aurais une aimée savoir quel produit me conseillerait tu pour mes ongles qui se dédoublent ainsi que pour les fortifier. Merci
    Bisous 🙂

  5. Ah, ok I think she is talking about recommendations of different types of top coats if I am not mistaken and her favorite polishes haha I hope I am right. Happy Holidays , Merry X-mas Tartofraises1 .

  6. Coucou! Dis j'avais une question, quand je pose certains de mes vernis, si je met la couche de top coat (j'utilise un top coat sephora) ça me fait des petites bulles.. Comment je peux éviter ça ? Est-ce que tu sais à quoi c'est du ? au vernis, au top coat ? Parce que c'est pas avec tous mes vernis.. xD
    Merci en tous cas pour tes vidéos !!! Et bonne continuation ! Bisous

  7. J'asore ta video ,mais tu norai pas une astuce parce que mes ongles se dédouble 🙁 et es ce que le disolvant et les vernis abime l'ongle?

  8. @w0nderlandq Salut, moi j'ai la même chose avec mon top coat Sephora, plein de petites bulles et avec les autres top coat rien du tout! J'en ai conclu que c'était du à ce top coat là en particulier… pas assez bonne qualité! Dommage!

  9. @lancelot62134 je te conseille de lire ma rubrique manucure sur mon blog, je donne plein de conseils pour ça merci !

  10. @MelleSaarraah c'est cher parce que ça vient d'allemagne et que c'est livré en express par DHL, mais le site est tellement peut cher qu'au final tu y gagnes quand même (si bien sur tu ne commandes pas qu'un seul produit…).
    les FDP de nail supplies sont de 16$ pour env. 7 vernis

  11. Pour dilué des vernis en fouillant dans des forums j'ai trouvé l'huile d'amande douce. J'ai essayé et le resultat est super, les molecules ne st pas cassées et le vernis garde tout son eclat =D Bisous

  12. Merci beaucoup pour le CC button XD Joyeux Noel et nouveu annee!
    I hope I said this right it's been years since I studied Canadian French 11.

  13. Merci pour ces infos très utiles! Bonne fin d'année et tous mes vœux pour 2012 avec plein de belles créations pour nous enchanter!!!!

  14. coucou cela n'a rien a voire avec les top coat mais je voudrais savoir ou tu achète tes vernis kleancolor ? merci d'avance et bisous <3

  15. Moi j'aime bien, mais tu as des ongles beaucoup trop longs donc parfois ça peut faire assez vilain ! Bizoos 🙂

  16. j'ai un top coat mavala mais je n'ai pas de base … depuis que je met du vernis , je n'en ai jamais mis ! j'ai les ongles strillés , es – ce pour sa ?

  17. Salut ! Merci pour ces conseils !
    Moi j'ai un soucis, mon top coat fait baver mon vernis !!!Pareil si je passe le pinceau deux fois au même endroits ! Donc gros soucis pour les décos gachées …. Est-ce que tu laisses sécher longtemps ton vernis avec d'appliquer ton top coat ou bien c'est simplement mon top coat qui doit être pourri ??
    Merci beaucoup si tu me réponds ^^

  18. Bonjour. Je sais que la vidéo date mais quelqu'un pourrait me dire si on peut utiliser les mêmes bases et top coat que pour un vernis classique, vernis permanent ou gel UV ou existe-il des bases et des top coat spécifiques pour chaque technique ? Merci de vos réponses.

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