LIGHT TRAVELING: Packing in carry-on for 2 months

LIGHT TRAVELING: Packing in carry-on for 2 months

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Ciao. Today we’re going to talk light
traveling and packing. Most people can probably wrap their heads around packing
only and they carry on for a weekend or a week, but I do it all the time. And since
we’re living tomorrow for a trip to go to Thailand for two months, then I thought that
would shoot this video and show you what I’m packing for that particular trip. So I hope
you can use my tips and get inspired on how to do it yourself. Because it’s really hot
in Thailand right now, I’m going to be mainly
packing very lightweight clothes. And it’s all going to fit in here. First, the perfect
dress for doing tropical travel. Then I’m going to bring a long-sleeve blouse, this
top. Then I have a T-shirt, my shorts. Everything is very lightweight. A basic white
tank top and my skirt. Basic cotton top. It goes on the side here. A one belt.
This packing here is a two-sided packing cube. And one side actually comes waterproof.
So if you have a wet towel or a wet bikini or
a bathing suit or something, then you can put
it in here, and nothing else in your suitcase gets wet. Let’s zip this up. The only thing
that doesn’t fit is just the T-shirt for sleeping is my pajama. So I’m just going to
roll that out wherever it might be best. In this cube, I have my underwear and my socks.
And I usually bring four to five pairs of each. One thing about underwear, make sure
to pack the thinnest ones. One, it takes up less
space. And two, it dries a lot quicker when you’re on the go. This one is for my
swimsuits. And I bring a fast-drying towel. It’s not very big. I just bring this one in
case I need it. And I have needed it a few times, so it comes in handy and it goes in
here every time. I bought this Eagle Creek packing cube. And I don’t use it as a packing
cube. I use it for my laundry. It doesn’t weigh anything. I never, ever bring more than
two pairs of shoes unless I absolutely need to. So what I’m bringing on this trip is
these shoes. And they are for walking, hiking. They hold up really well. I’m going
to put them down here because I’m going to wear them on the flight. The other pair I’m
going to bring are my sandals. I make sure that whatever footwear I pack goes with
everything that I packed clothes-wise. And these are very practical too because they
don’t take up any space. I have some papers. Everything that I need for work, I print out
beforehand. And if I need to print out some more stuff, I’ll find a printer over there
somewhere. Band-Aids, a stack of playing cards. I always bring a journal. I’m a
journaler. I love writing all my thoughts down. I use it for notes, everything. So this
one takes up space and weighs something, yes. But I go nuts without a journal. So this one
comes too. My iPad. I have everything that I
read on here. So the clothes are all over here. And I’m going to put my computer in
here as well. I like to keep it in here, where I know it’s safe. It won’t slide all
over the place. Obviously, I need my camera bag. Most of the time, I put it in here. A
lot of the time, I carry it just around my shoulder. So I’m sure that… Because I need
it all the time, so… But it fits perfectly right here. I usually pack one packing cube
with all of my chargers. Chargers and my external hard drive. And then I have this
little guy. It’s an external battery. And I
use it mainly to charge my phone. It’s an old
phone, so the battery doesn’t always last that long. So I bring this in case I need
to use my phone as a GPS or something. I like
being organized with cords because cords all over the suitcase drives me nuts. Next up
is my tripod. It’s very small and lightweight.
It fits right here. It’s being used for the camera right now. So obviously, I can’t
real-time pack it. But this is where it goes. And it fits perfectly. Mounting things for
camera and GoPro. I get really tired in my head from flying because of all of the
machine cabin noise. So I’m really excited to
test out these noise-canceling headphones. Toiletries. I bring these two. And this one,
I have all of my makeup, my toothbrush, everything that’s non-liquid. In this one,
the liquid stuff. My scarf, my trusted friend. I use this for everything, going to
temples or catholic churches when you have to
be covered up. I can use it walking from the beach if I need to cover up a little bit
more. So I can lie on it, spread it out on a
beach. I also use it on the plane. Now I can actually use it as a blanket. And it does
make a difference if the lights are bothering me. I use it as a pillow. I never go anywhere
without one of these. This stuff, sunglasses, obviously. International driver’s license,
some money, passports, vaccination cards, and
my wallet. This is a day bag that actually folds into itself. Everything that I need
with me on the plane and easy to reach goes in here. The rest goes here and up in the
overhead compartments. It’s very lightweight. It’s waterproof. It has this little pocket
here. And I use it for things that I always bring. This little plastic container. It has
a sleep mask, my small headphones, and earplugs. I never go anywhere without this
kit. It’s my survival kit. And I always know where to find it, right in there. Chap Stick
for dry lips on the plane. Motion sickness drugs, which I use all the time. As you might
have figured out by now, I get motion sick on
planes, on trains, in cars, and on boats, everywhere. I always bring a little roll of
small bags just in case because it makes me feel a lot more secure knowing that I have
this within reach. And it’s also very, very practical. In here, I can keep a water bottle
or a Coke bottle or something. And in the big
compartment, I usually put my camera bag, my
pashmina. Yeah, that’s about it. What I pack varies a little bit from trip
to trip, but the basic things are the same. So
I hope you can use my tips and get inspired
on how to do it yourself.


  1. Great tips! I may have to try those packing cube as your suitcase looks so neat! 

    I, too, wear my athletic shoes during the travel time.  If I am taking jeans they are also worn during the travel time since they take up too much room in my suitcase. I have traveled for one week with a carryon and one personal handbag (larger size) and didn't even wear all the clothes I brought with me. It can be done.  My handbag stores all my electronic devices, snacks, light sweater, and other essential items.

  2. @tina it depends which kind of trip it is. If it's an active trip or a very relaxed destination with beaches and stuff I usually only bring the day bag. But if I'm going to a big city I bring a nicer bag too or in stead of the other day bag:)

  3. Thank you, Maria : ) NP and I really enjoyed the video! The smaller bags inside is a brilliant way to stay organized…  We always end up in a enormous mess (4 family members in one bag) ..we got to try it next mini trip! : )

  4. Just a note: you don't have to cover up your hair when you visit a catholic church! I'm catholic, I know 🙂

  5. I really liked your video.  Lots of good tips.  I would have liked to see you put the items in your small day bag.  You probably have even more room in your suitcase!

  6. I know how your feel, I also get motion sickness everywhere and carry my medication with me and some bags. I use to grab the airplane white bags (I think I have a collection of them!) and though thanksfully most of the time I don't use them, it makes me feel secure if I know I have them with me.

  7. Aah, lucky girl! Presently I'm able to fit a 4 day trip in my carry on. I'm working on getting to one week, perhaps two, but I'm afraid anything beyond that is too ambitious for me, a bit scary even… Thanks for sharing, your video is inspiring…

  8. girl those are indoor soccer cleats lol but great video I'm going to London for a week going to try and do this!!

  9. I commend you on being able to pack so incredibly light! I am in shock that this is all you are bringing for a two month trip! Are you planning on buying a ton of stuff when you get there and just purchasing additional suitcases while there? Last time I went to France for two months I bought five of the largest suitcases aloud on commercial airlines and also two mid size bags.  One mid size bag is just for shoes and purses and and the other is just for cosmetics.  The full size bags were filled with dresses, suits and such. I really need to take some inspiration from you and learn to pack like you. I'm not sure I would be able to do it!  I was surprised to see that you were only bringing two pairs of shoes, and that one of them was a pair of Indoor soccer cleats! You must be planning to play a lot of soccer while there? Not even a single pair of stilettos? Love and light honey and happy travels! XOXO

  10. @One Girl One Suitcase brilliant packing!!! I love how you have all the travel cubes to organize that would really help.

  11. man this is great. we've consistently downsized but not this small. we're headed back to new zealand in a few months so i think i'll make it a point to downsize even more.  do you have any videos that show what your tripod looks like? which areas have catholic churches where you need to cover up? ~regina

  12. Great video, glad I found your channel. I am going to Thailand for 2 months so this was perfect. My questions: How much does all that weigh? I am flying China Southern and the carry on weight limit is 5 kgs. My laptop and camera will take almost half of that! Okay, maybe not half, but still a good percentage. I suppose if I keep my camera out of my bag that will help.

  13. Ewww, don't pack shoes unless they're at least in a plastic bag. DIRTY shoes get anything they touch DIRTY. Gross…

  14. But you always have to pull your laptop out to go through security. It doesn't look very accessible in there. Same with the bag of liquids.

  15. I keep a puking bag with me too!! 🙂
    I'm horrified I might get sick in public, so I pAck two freezer bags with 2 folded paper towels at the bottom. You never know.

  16. I pack almost the same things for a week as I do for a month or two…except going home to see family in the winter…That's like winter coats and boots lol we take checked luggage for that…

  17. the first thing for packing light is the bag it looks like you got the wrong one to start with wheeled carry on , no good if your going from plane to trains and bus the bag to go with is the red oxx sky train no wheels 3 in 1 bag 45L carry on bag can put all that stuff and more in it more like a roc sac.

  18. Your advice is pretty sound for slender young people who can travel light and are going to warm places. I'm neither slender nor young. I'm elderly, overweight, and have mobility and health issues.

    I also prefer more modest dress(meaning larger clothes on both counts and NO bikinis) . Also, I must bring a substantial amount of medications and toiletries. Nevertheless, I can still pack for a week (more if washing facilities are available) using packing cubes, an additional backpack and intelligence. I'm still amazed how much I can get into one cube. Instead of putting all my tops in one cube and all my skirts/pants in another I put whole outfits together. In summer I can get two outfits into a cube–including accessories, in winter (sweaters needed–I get very cold) I can still squeeze one outfit together with socks and scarves. I still make sure they all go together and can be swapped around in case the weather (or my mind) changes. Two pair of shoes–of course.

    Do you know anyone who put out a video of packing for the aged/disabled? The more tips the better.

  19. Thanks for the tips! We're planning a 3 week motorcycle trip so very limited packing space. BTW, have you tried natural Gravol for your motion sickness? It works very well and doesn't have that sleepy side effect!

  20. We love Amcatch Packing Cubes Organizers Eco-friendly Set, because they are made from 100% recycled polyester. We so consider the enviroment. You can buy them on

  21. You guys need to have this bottle. I just received it fast from amazon and cant wait to take it with me for our next trip 🙂 Really cool thing, love the collapsible style and the soft material is just amazing. If anyone is interested you can get it on amazon in US. Worth the money. Called GB-Ottle by Giant Beez …

  22. In Thailand the clothes are sooo cheap, you don't have to bring to much clothes. Tshirts are $2 , maybe just bring swim suit, shoes, toiletries and dinner clothes . If you are going to dress like a bag packers, just buy it there and throw it away before leaving

  23. Why not bring a bigger bag so you don't have to wear the same clothes? Checking it can't be to much money? Just curious?

  24. unefficient…. there is better ways to light packing…. I go with double things in a similar trolley. Check out tutorials on how to do it, the ones type "army packaging" are really worth it

  25. I love how simple your packing video is! I've been looking for a good carry-on only video and this is perfect!

  26. Omg how does she pack clothes for 2 months in one small packing Cube???Wow props to u girl,I take my whole house with me for 1 night lol.

  27. I only take a carry on too, but for two months in Thailand I would take an extra couple of pair of shorts and flip flops, so my leather sandals don't get ruined by getting sea water or rain on them. I think the vast majority of people take far too much stuff and hopefully see by your video they really don't need to x

  28. I tend to way overpack when traveling, so watching you pack in such an organized, minimalist way was enlightening for me, thank you 😉

  29. Thanks so much! I loved your tips. We will be making our second trip to Europe next year traveling from Switzerland (Zurich, through Chur, Bernina Express), through Italy (Como, Milan, Verona, Venice), then hopping on a cruise ship around Croatia and Greece. I purposefully chose a ship that does not have "formal" nights- but still am having a tough time grasping the minimalist style. I am quickly learning to forego my favorite pieces of clothing (jeans, heavy cottons) for ones that are lightweight and versatile.

  30. I watch all of these packing videos but not one tells you how to make room for feminine products ie tampons and pads

  31. so my only question is how do you take out you electronics that you have tucked away when you have to go thru security? You packed your laptop, money, passport. so do you open up your entire luggage just to get that out? that seems inconvenient. please let us know!

  32. I remember when I first watched this video. I was shocked, amazed, impressed and inspired! I keep coming back to this video for inspiration and motivation when I need to pack light. Going (back) to the UK for 17 nights in December and flying hand luggage only with Ryan Air and this video is really helpful!

  33. Wow your tips are awesome! Heading off to Morocco and traveling all the way from Costa Rica, so this video has definitely given me some clever ideas to pack lightly.! Thanks for sharing

  34. Th e beauty of going on a long trip,, and the hard work ,, you and I have put into it. Tears and years ,,of loosing our

  35. Enjoyed your video, and enthusiasm, thanks. 2 pairs of shoes is excellent advice & a batterycharger for your old phone is essential. Many airlines expect you to be able to demonstrate electronic & electrical items work or they will confiscate them!!!

    You don't mention the weight of your carry-on bag. It's important. I have surveyed 59 major airlines and it is vital to measure & weigh your cabin bag & personal item (2nd smaller bag)
    to ensure they meet airline carry-on allowances. For those living in the US it is important to understand that American carry-on allowances are some of the most generous in the world and it is easy to be caught out.

    If you are changing airlines the lowest airline carry-on allowance applies.
    Airline carry-on allowances are converging around 7kg (15lb) and they are constantly changing

    Happy and safe travels, Ciao.

  36. This is def not for people that like fashion lol but I love packing video bc I get something from each video I watch.

  37. I take south west to down New Jersey shore for month what's best amount for exactly 1 month? there be washer dryer. how much did you bring of shirt and jeans?

  38. It is possible but you won't be able to bring suverniers back home all the way from tailand I mean you don't get to fly to tailand everyday

  39. And suggestions for bras? As a woman with a larger bust size, going without a bra is not an option. And any good one i have is big and could take up room.

  40. Soooo I am trying to get emergency to-go bags on the ready… I have purchased packing cubes for many members of my family. .and I have followed up by sending them a link to video that shows how to pack… I used to link other you – tuber video but this is by far best one.. and I love your tips on why you take those specific items… I have since added a lightweight blanket. Now because I'm putting together an emergency bag not a vacation bag I included food & water rations for 3 day minimum. ..thanks again for tips

  41. Have you tried to use a rucksag instead of a suitcase? I think it's more practical to be able to put it on a shoulders so you could walk anywhere? That's how I do it.
    And another question: how about flight back-end if you buy/ get something else, how do you bring it back-di you but an extra bag? I have a foldable bag with me so I could put it in the luggage. Do you do that?

  42. I used to write a journal, now my journal is on TripAdvisor. I write reviews of hotels, sights and eateries. Fun, easy and digital.

  43. Jesus heal her motion sickness in your Holy Name.
    My little sister gets motion sick 🤒 walking and on swing sets hehe
    Great tips thank you!

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